Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Ginger Snaps

"Ginger Snaps" is a 2000 film starring Emily Perkins, Katherine Isabelle and Mimi Rogers. It was directed by John Fawcette and this film is a Canadian werewolf film. It's the first of a trilogy of Ginger Snaps horror films about two sisters, Ginger and Brigitte.
Ginger is the older sister, who is dominant over Brigitte. They both have a morbid hobby of taking death make-up photographs and having a blood pact. They live with their docile and aloof parents. Dogs are being found half eaten in the neighbourhood. A vicious predator responsible lurks in the woods. While the sisters try and get back at a school bully, one night during a full moon, Ginger is attacked by a lycanthrope.
Later, she bleeds and grows strange hairs on her body. Everyone thinks it's a normal part of growing up, although Brigitte suspects something terrible is changing about her sister. Ginger is no longer who she was.
The film is probably a 8/10 because of the special effects and tension.
Most funniest part: Werewolves on dope!


Friday, 23 March 2018

Wolf women of House Stark

This post is for Rayne whose birthday it is on Sunday.

The women of House Stark of Winterfell are a wild lot of noble ladies with wolves in their blood. House Stark is based in the north of Westeros, and is part of the Seven Kingdoms. The Stark banner fatures a direwolf. Wolves have always been connected to the Starks, physically and spiritually. The huge castle of Winterfell is surrounded by two large walls, has its Winter Town, crypt and godswood. Winterfell is a stronghold capital in the north. Winterfell is set in the north-east of Westeros, near the Kingsroad. Outside of Winterfell is a forest called Wolfswood, northern mountains and a lake. Hot springs run beneath Winterfell that creates heat and warmth as the temperature is very cold outside in the north. The entrance to the crypt of Winterfell is guarded by stone wolves. It's where members of the Stark family are buried, and the crypts are vast. There are statues of the dead Starks with stone direwolves beside them. Of the present women of House Stark is Sansa and Arya, two sisters, daughters of the late Eddard Stark, lord of Winterfell.

Sansa Stark has been married twice. Her first husband was Tyrion Lannister, but the marriage failed and Tyrion left Westeros after accusations of murdering the late king Joffrey Baratheon. Her second husband was Ramsey Bolton, who is now deceased. Sansa is not a "fierce" woman but ladylike and has many feminine traits, similar to a Disney princess, but she is a Stark. She had a direwolf called Lady who was killed by Queen Cersei (the queen commanded the death of Sansa's direwolf even though it was Sansa's father who decided to do it instead of the royal executioner). Since Lady's death, Sansa has grieved the loss of her friend direwolf, but has often sensed her near in spirit. Sansa was initially a flower maiden who dreamed of knights and handsome princes but life changed her. Life had been cruel to her. Sansa is now the Lady of Winterfell and the direwolf banner is back flying on the castle. She's a survivor and a remarkable woman with courage and refinery.

Arya Stark is a younger sister of Sansa, daughter of Eddard Stark. She loved to fight, shoot arrows and play with swords. She has a more aggressive streak and a ferocious nature than her older sister. When her father died, she had no one to turn to but was cast into a place full of dangers, where she pretended to be a boy to survive. She made friends and learned how to fight properly. She willingly got trained. Her adventures are the most painful amongst the Starks. She had a direwolf called Nymeria, who is currently living in the forests of the Riverlands and in charge of her own pack. Arya is able to become Nymeria occasionally and has seen the floating remains of her dead mother Catelyn Stark through Nymeria. Arya is now at Winterfell with her family, sister Sansa and brother Bran.

Catelyn wasn't born a Stark but she became one after marrying Eddard Stark, and is mother to their five children, daughters Sansa and Arya, sons Robb, Bran and Rickon. This wolf mother was devoted to all of her children, and protective of them. However, she was cold and even fearful of Eddard's "bastard" son, Jon Snow (Snow is the surname given to northern children born outside of marriage because they can't have family names). Eddard told his wife Catelyn that Jon is his son from another woman he encountered during a war. Jon Snow is really Eddard's nephew but this is a well kept secret. Catelyn sensed something about Jon, but now it's probably because she felt betrayed by her husband and she is reminded of what he'd done. However, Catelyn was eager to protect Bran after his fall, and she took it upon herself to arrest Tyrion, accused of commanding an attack on Bran, then failing, and advising her son Robb after he became lord of Winterfell, then King of the North when Eddard died. Catelyn displays traits of a mother wolf and rejected the pup that wasn't her own.

Finally, on Jon's real mother, Lyanna Stark. Lyanna is the sister of Eddard Stark, who died before the other Stark children were born. She died giving birth to Jon Snow. Lyanna was a ferocious girl but had a soft side because she loved flowers as well as fighting. She stood up to her friends and was an excellent horse rider. She was rumoured to have been the mysterious Knight of the Laughing Tree, who was able to beat others at the Tourney of Harrenhal. She ended up being part of a romantic whirlwind with crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen. It's said that he fathered her baby son and that they might've married. Lyanna died in a bed of blood, is now buried in the Winterfell crypt and has a statue carved there of her image. She didn't own a direwolf but she was called the wolf maiden.
I dedicate this post to fans of the Starks as well as all those who love Game of Thrones, wolves and especially to the birthday girl Rayne.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Blue Moon approaching

March 2018 will see two full moons. The first full moon happened on the 1st of the month of March. The second full moon will arrive on 31st March. Two moons within a month are rare so it's called a "blue moon".
Ever hear the phrase, "Once in a blue moon"?
It's going to be an active month again for werewolves.
Names given to these moons are thus:
1st March full moon is called the Worm Moon.
The full moon on 31st March is the Sap Moon.
For further details on 2018 moon names:
Full Moon Nams 2018
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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning

"Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning" (2004) is the third of the "Ginger Snaps" werewolf film.This is different to the previous two films because it's set during the early 19th Century. It's directed by Grant Harvey and stars Katherine Isbelle and Emily Perkins.
Two sisters, Ginger and Brigitte, are wandering through the forest and both are riding on a horse, until they encounter a ghostly old woman in red. She's not really a ghost but a seer that warns Ginger and Brigitte. The horse panics and bolts away, and the sisters try to catch up, then Brigitte is caught in a bear trap. Ginger returns to the old woman and asks for help, while a hunter and scout frees Brigitte. He takes Brigitte and Ginger to a fort enclosed by a large wall, used by traders, where they encounter men who are on the verge of starvation because their food supplies will run out. Tensions are high, and there is a secret hidden inside a room in the fort that the sisters discover. It's also a place where they keep werewolves out, but something has happened to Ginger. And she can smell blood.
This particular movie is dreary and melancholic, compared to the previous two movies, as one can sense the vulnerability of the sisters and the fear they have towards the men, not at the werewolves.
I rate this film 4/10
Coolest part: Leeches
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Friday, 16 March 2018

The Ghost Galleon

"The Ghost Galleon" (1974) is part of the "Blind Dead" series of horror films about undead Knights Templars. Directed by Amando de Ossorio and stars Maria Perschy and Jack Taylor.
This third film of the "Blind Dead" series is different to the others because it's set at sea on a ship. It begins with a photography shooting of models, and glam glitsy women who smoke cigarettes and don't know anything about a missing girl, a friend of one of the models. The first half of the film is slow and uncomfortable to watch, as a rape scene intensifies and two girls are left stranded at sea on a small boat. A 16th Century ghost ship appears through the fog, and one of the girls is eager to get on board. The other girl sleeps on the small boat throughout her friend's screaming coming from the ship. When she wakes up, she goes on board the ghost ship to look for her friend, and also disappears.
The rest of the film picks up and gets more interesting.
I rate this one 5/10.
The most awesome part: zombie knights emerging from the water.
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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Return of the Blind Dead

"Scream so they can hear you"
Review of the film "Return of the Blind Dead" (1973).
"Return of the Blind Dead" is the third instalment of the "Blind Dead" series of horror films. Directed by Amando de Ossorio, starring Tony Kendall, Fernando Sancho, Esperanza Roy and Lone Fleming.
The film itself is one of my favourites among hundreds of others. Zombie films have never been so chilling, mystical and tense as the "Blind Dead" movies. The knights templars have come back from the dead to spill blood and get their revenge on the descendants who executed them centuries before. Scenes of great ruins is beautiful and adds to the rotten look of the undead knights. They ride dead horses, and they butcher a party of people celebrating in the street, who burnt effigies of the knights templars. Much of this movie happens indoors and a group of people end up locked inside a church where the undead cannot get in.
I rate this particular film 7/10.
Favourite part: Street party massacred by zombie knights.      
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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Wolves in Wolves

This is a lighter subject from me, Wolf Girl Night.
I felt like mentioning this after just seeing how beautiful it looks: Howling wolf statues called Wolves in Wolves. The city of Wolverhampton saw a display of hand crafted wolves last year, placed in various corners and squares.
The wolf pack are statues painted in a myriad of colours to represent the names of the wolves with their own unique decourations. The artistic game of finding 30 colourful wolf figures throughout the city, and it was a charitable event that proved to be a success. 

Look at the wolf pack
Statues of the wolves

Wolves art display in Wolverhampton
Wolf pack sculptures

More at Wikipedia info on this
Wolves in Wolves

Wolves in Wolves Facebook page

Since the artistic event the wolves have been given new homes. My favourite wolf statues are Aurora, Fenrir and Sacred.
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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Tombs of the Blind Dead

"Tombs of the Blind Dead" (1972) is a Spanish and Portuguese horror cult film, directed by Amando de Ossorio, starring Cesar Burner and Lone Fleming. It's the first of the "Blind Dead" series of horror films. The film is dubbed in English.
The opening scene is during Medieval times, and a woman is running away from knights templars. They catch her and carry her off into a castle, when they shackle her against a St Andrew's Cross. The knights torment the woman until she bleeds, and then they feed on her blood.
The next scene is set during the present time, well in the early 1970's. Friends, Roger, Virgina and Betty, meet up and decide to go on a train ride, but the sight of a castle on a hill makes them curious about it. The train drivers refuse to stop and informs the three friends that the train never stops there. Meanwhile Virginia doesn't like the way that her boyfriend, Roger, is flirting with Betty and in a moment of jealousy, she jumps off the moving train. She walks all the way up to the castle, to find that it's abandoned, ruined and empty. She stays for the night, but that was a very big mistake.
Virginia's dead body appears lying in a field. The police ask Roger and Betty what happened. Roger and Betty want to look for any clues so they head out for the ruined castle, and travel there by boat.  They manage to locate Virginia's shoes and sleeping bag. Roger and Betty decide to get help from a nearby smuggler called Pedro. 
The film is not disappointing. There are scenes of hooded skeletons and undead knights who ride on ghostly horses. A creepy graveyard where the resting knights wake up from death and feed on the living. An army of undead knights chasing the living, and many on undead horses. The undead knights feast on the blood of the living and a zombie Virginia makes a gruesome appearance later to frighten Betty.
I rate this film 7/10 for the scary and nightmarish scenes. There is a lot of 70's cheese going on amongst the living characters but the best parts is when they're running for their lives.
Most awesome shock: Zombie in the morgue. 
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Friday, 9 March 2018

The dire wolf

When we think of dire wolves, we imagine the oversized wolves in "Game of Thrones". Dire wolves (Canis Diris) are an extinct species of wolf that lived thousands of years ago. They were bigger, broader, more muscular and heavier than the grey wolves.  They had massive jaws and ferocious teeth but they lived only up to 8 years. They were capable of living in all types of landscapes, from chilly mountains to forests and deserts. The dire wolf species hunted as many animals as they could catch, no matter what size the prey. They could eat horses, bison, camels, giant sloths and even mammoths. They both snacked on carcasses and they also hunted. Dire wolves enjoyed crunching on bones as they ate. They were pack animals with their own hierarchies. They've lived on the Earth for millions of years until the Ice Age when they mysteriously died off. Dire wolves looked different to the modern grey wolf. Dire wolves had shorter muscular legs, and grey wolves have slender long legs. This means that dire wolves didn't run that fast as grey wolves, and might also have relied on their bulk. The brain of a dire wolf is smaller than the brain of a grey wolf. The extinction of the dire wolf happened roughly 10,000 years ago and the reason for that is still unknown. At this time, another species of wolf called the Beringian Wolf who was very large also became extinct. It's popularly assumed that the prey of these large wolves died out that caused the prehistoric wolves to starve. The grey wolf became more successful and known to be faster and more intelligent than the prehistoric dire wolves and beringian wolves. The megafauna includes the dire wolf, sabre toothed cat, mammoth, whooly rhino, ect and they all became extinct overnight. It's been theorised that megafauna was killed by the Ice Age or the rapid temperatures, sometimes lack of prey or vegetation. But then other animals survived. It's likely that humans were responsible for the deaths of megafauna because during the timeline of megafauna becoming extinct, humans had arrived in the locations.   

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Monday, 5 March 2018


The wolf watches everything
This Wolf is a reader and a viewer.
Okay these are film reviews made by the admins of "She Wolf Night". The list is not in any order, so just browse through them and click on the links to read our film reviews.
There will be other film reviews to follow, and so in future do please return to this page to find more new links added on here.


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(Blind Dead series)
The Ghost Galleon
Return of the Blind Dead
Tombs of the Blind Dead
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The Evil Dead (1981) 
Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn
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(Ginger Snaps series)
Ginger Snaps
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The Last Jedi

The Force Awakens

The reviews have been posted by the blog admins past and present. More reviews will follow soon.
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Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Night of the Seagulls

This is a Spanish-Portuguese 1976 horror film directed by Amando de Ossorio, starring Lone Fleming and Cesar Burner. It's part of the "The Blind Dead" series of horror films that I shall be watching and reviewing on this blog in the coming weeks. I've started to watch the series beginning with "The Night of the Seagulls". It's the fourth film of the series but although it has the same theme, each of the films have different stories and characters.
This film is Spanish language but dubbed in English.
"The Night of the Seagulls" has got to be one of the most frightening films I've ever seen in a long time.This is, in my view, a true horror masterpiece. I was impressed and scared at the same time. The eerie scenes, the creepy storyline, the sound effects are atmospheric and also tense.
I found this pretty nightmarish. The film includes the undead Knights Templars who kill.
The beginning of the movie is set during Medieval times when a band of rogue Templars kill a travelling man and then they kidnap his wife. They take her to a castle and sacrifice her to a stone effigy that looks like a sea monster. Vampiric crabs feed upon the dead woman so that the knights can eat them and swallow the woman's blood.
Then it's the present era and a couple arrive to a town by car. The town is just spooky, filled with ruined buildings and very unfriendly locals. It's obvious that everyone is hiding something. The seagulls are actively screaming at midnight when there is a procession event.
I rate this movie 9/10 and I plan to watch another from the "The Blind Dead" series.
Most scariest part of the film: Undead riders on phantom horses are coming for you.
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Friday, 2 March 2018


Its' been observed by a friend that the following happens:
The first day of March is always colder than it is on the first day of December. As I'm on the subject, it's been extremely cold the past week and for days it's been non-stop snowing. Winter is supposed to be leaving to make way for Spring. I've not yet seen a single flower of the season. I haven't noticed any snowdrops, daisies or winter crocus flowers yet. It's too early for the bloom of daffodils. Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough but the woods and fields are just barren, with only grey grass and bare trees. The conifirs are always thriving as they do because they're evergreens.
We've spent days clearing the snow and icicles off away from the den. We've had to shift big lumps of snow away from doors and gates. No one is enjoying it except for the kids. I haven't seen anyone really, not even people walking their dogs. The elderly are stranded in the warmth of shops as they feel too cold to leave them. Many don't have cars. I don't mind the lazy days or the meagre hunting except that it's a pain in the backside.
Another thing that my friend told me is how everyone is happy when it snows in December but when it snows after that month, the snow is very unwelcome. Nobody wants it. Go away snow and cold.
The curse of the Night King has entered the world from Ice and Fire, bringing the Long Night. Winter is here.
The extension of Winter could only mean one thing: the world is getting colder, not warmer.
I don't believe in global warming. I do certainly believe in global cooling and that we're due for another Ice Age. I don't want it to happen, believe me. The last Ice Age killed so many animals including the fantastic direwolves and mammoths.
Another observation that I've made myself is that Winter isn't natural. I don't think it should be, as the Earth was meant to be tropical. Well, it had been once, until some cataclysm shook the Earth so badly that it tilts and wobbles all the time now ever since it started many millions of years ago.
Also an odd fact: The snow can provide warm shelter if you know exactly how to dig into it and create a perfect cave within snow. The cold, not snow, kills more than snow itself but it doesn't help if there is both wind and snow.
Another observation is that early mornings are far more colder than other times of the day. Even in the Summer, when it's so warm and muggy, there is a temperature drop felt by some in the early hours. It's called the Dawn Winds. It's mostly an observation when only I've spent many hours awake. I don't notice it if I've just woken up in the mornings. To feel the Dawn Winds, you need to be awake throughout the night, and programme yourself to nap by noon. If you've worked nights, this will be easy to do and some are noticing it. The Dawn Winds are said to have their own colours, depending on the time of year and where in the world you are.
Signing off. Howls ^^