Thursday, 28 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Hunra Al-Qamar

The sun is shining through a glistening haze of sand. The TV is filled with noise from a cartoon show as my two little brothers play in their room, while mother is cooking. I have to go and ask her this burning question.
"Is it true your family box will have proof?"
Mother frowns. She keeps stirring a pot of vegetables, beans and eggs. It smells nice. She looks at me with fiery hazel eyes, but they're not as yellow as mine.
"No Hunra!" she snaps. "Leave it!"
I understand this is a touchy subject that mother really doesn't like. It concerns her own father so I leave her alone.
After dinner, my brothers played in the back yard. I went to the library, and searched around the family archives section upstairs. I found my mother's wooden box family treasure and it was locked. Lucky I had a copy of the key cut and didn't tell her that.
Inside was bits of paper, letters, beads, coins, medals and a small book with a flowery velvet cover studded with stones.It had old writing and was a diary made by my mother's father when he was young. It's true then. He was a werewolf.
He mentions changing at night on a full moon, and becoming a large wolf predator who chased animals around Cairo. He writes that he was nearly shot at. He also mentions a very interesting thing too that is so fascinating. He says that he's a descendant from a priest who served Anubis in ancient times, and that he too was a werewolf, as were other priests of Anubis.  Yes, I understand it all now. It explains my mother's fear of the subject. Her father was a werewolf and it used to frighten her. Now her daughter, me, has inherited this ancient trait! But I don't want to frighten mother. I will protect her and my brothers.
I'm Hunra and 16 years old. We, my mother and two brothers, live in a small house in Cairo, Eqypt, within the City of the Dead. There are tombs all around in the neighbourhood. At times, the animals are frightened away by ghosts and creepy energies. It could be just me that scares them! I'm not sure. Unlike grandfather, I don't intend to hunt animals. I prefer mother's spicy homemade dinners.
Being a werewolf and a descendant of an Anubis piest must keep the bad spirits away from my home. I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, a huge international club for werewolf women and girls. I wanted to talk a little about my life, but not too much to bore you. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Cara Lunar

Hello, my name is Cara and I'm a 30 year old werewolf. I work for the local herald press as well as for Moontimes, an underground paper of the supernatural.
"This isn't acceptable!" growled my editor, "you can't write this filth!"
I'm stunned to say the least.
"What's wrong? I've written facts really..." I said, before he interrupted me.
"A girl is missing! And all you've done is made a joke out of it! Her parents would sue the paper!"
"They won't," I snatched the sheets of my hard work from him.
"You can bet they will!" he fumed. I just stared at him.
He made it clear. I sadly threw it in the bin (in front of him, but I retrieved it and put it away in my satchel to type for the Moontimes paper instead!).
I draughted a letter to the MP, Marielle Ice, who may understand.
Later I was talking to a colleague, Rainbow, who's also a witch.
"So you're saying there is more to this missing girl?" she asked as we sat down in a cafe run by a family of werewolves. No one knows this by the way.
A waitress came and Rainbow ordered a black coffee. I ordered a red tea (stewed with deer blood).
"Yes," I replied. "that girl Indigo was vulnerable. She was targetted by local villagers and they shot her one night. Since then it's all been covered up."
"So she's been found dead?" Rainbow is shocked, like I know she would be.
"Not everyone knows this, but the top police do. My research found the guilty party of hunters who went out to get her."
"So that was a creepy consiracy? why?"
"I can't really say," I told her because she won't understand. My friend is not a werewolfalthough she's open minded and believes in the supernatural. I haven't told her what I am though. It might freak her out.
Months ago, a girl named Indigo was living in a student dig when she was killed as a wolf, during a full moon. Us werewolves know what happened, as did her parents, who are werewolves anyway but to the public. She died in her wolf's body, so Indigo as the human was never found, she's still a missing girl. In my report, I didnt mention that she was a werewolf. I wrote about the brutality of hunters that were stalked and shot her.
Then the MP responded. She is an alpha werewolf, who brought in laws for us werewolves to decriminalise us from hunting both animals and people. I understand hunting people is wrong and brutal. Yet we can't hunt animals now. We can't even defend ourselves. Many werewolves are being killed.
In the eyes of the law, we don't exist. In the eyes of religion, we're demons who should be destroyed. 
I hope she can do soemthing. A non-affiliated werewolf MP like her in government is immune, dangerous and powerful. If my report can't reach the public, and can't go to the wider werewolf community, perhaps I can forward it to the MP? I don't know if I can trust her but she's the only chance we have.
I finish my blood tea and think of writing about the werewolf couple having had their four babies removed by social services. I must do something. I'm a journalist and a werewolf. I believe in the power of freedom of the press. If I can't reach the public, including other werewolves, I need to let you know. I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, an international werewolf group of female werewolves. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Indigo Fury

Something moved in the library. It smelled of blood and oranges:The scent of a benign spirit. Oh, it must be the Grey Lady of the Moon House. Yes she passed me with a veil of ice cold air, and a dense unhappiness that made me feel distressed at the same time as sick.
As a werewolf, I can't help the dead. I don't like being in company of ghosts either, it's chilling not to mention disturbing. But I set up the night vision camera, reluctantly, and press PLAY so that it might catch the resident ghost in her walkabout. I promised to do this ghost hunt for my university project about parapsychology although this was getting too much. I wanted to go home so that I can transform in private.
I feel so cold! I bend over and fall on the floor, to be my wolf self. There I am, Indigo. I'm 21 years old and a student. They think I'm a geek.
The spirit must be watching this. Once I'm the real me, I forget the research and leave the bloody house. I run through the woods, and make my way onto the main path so that I can go home.
The house isn't far now. BANG!
I fall as a sudden terrible pain shows inside me and I can't go on running anymore. I can't get up. Then I saw shapes, and men wih rifles, come this way, aproaching... I can see them... they shout.
"We've shot a wolf!" I hear. They sounded pleased.
"That will be the end of the sheep slaying, damned beast!" snarled one man when he came to me.
They think I'm dead...
I can't breathe anymore... I can't see them now...
The darkness is cold. I've never felt SO cold!
I woke up... inside a room. The men have gone. Gone? But where am I?
Then I stir in my giddiness. I'm sat on a bed, wearing a long white gown and there are sapphires in my hair. Where am I? Was it a dream?
This woman in grey holding a candle enters the room.
"Hello Indigo, wolfgirl, how are you feeling?" she asked.
"Who are you?" I don't know her!
"Oh but you were here nights ago with the camera, hoping to film us for your project," said she.
"Yes, that's true but it was tonight, or last night..." I couldn't remember.
"No, it was five nights agom Indigo," she said. "You were killed outside by hunters."
I won't bore you with all the feelings going around my sore head. It was true. She explained how I was shot dead by those men, and my body was still in wolf shape, unrecognisased by friends, known by family. As spirit I've returned human.
Grieving my death, I shapeshift into a spirit wolf. My project was basically over. I found her, the Grey Lady, but there were more spirits that lived here. I ran from the house, and entered the woods, howling as a ghost wolf. I feel sure hunters could here me. It made them feel cold.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Sandra Echo Amber

The house was very old. It was built centuries ago during the reign of Richard II. The house was very grand in its day. Now it was a wreck.
I must be the first in my family to come back to this place in more than a hundred years. The original home, den of the Amber family. Once, we were nobles, a landowning family with some authority over the town of Echo, South England, Wessex county.
I understand it was haunted, yes. People reported seeing ghosts in the windows and in the back garden. I checked it out. The garden was full of weeds, but there was a rusty swing that hasn't been used since Victorian times.
I could smell the scent of foxes, mice, bats, squirrels and hares, but I decided to leave them alone. I went to inspect all of the the rooms and it was beyond repair. No way I could afford millions of pounds on renovation, but I could have parts of it demolished and conserve the front? Maybe I should.
Yet at the front the house was so fairytale looking and pretty. It was set on steps with big poplars and yew trees. The house was chocolate coloured bricks, frames and panels. The windows were narrow with stained glass. There was a round window in the top tower and the front door was arched by marble and twisted jasmine. In my wolf's shape, discreetly as can be, I explored the house and its gardens, front and back.
As I returned indoors, I became fixated by a very weird bloody smell. It was awful, and hot. Something brought the fur on my back sticking up. I was feeling under threat. A cold breeze touched me and I it was followed by a murky dark bloody aroma like death. I wanted to get out.
Then I saw flickers of light across the walls. They were on the dusty old portrait paintings of my ancestors! Their eyes were all glowing! Unnerved, I rushed outside and hid in the bushes. I waited, and as twilight moved across the sky, I was a woman again. 
I went into the house, and noticed that the eyes of my ancestors on the portraits were still shining and glowing! I took one picture off the wall and found nothing behind it. I dropped it on the floor and left. I didn't want to go back inside. It made me change my mind about getting the place demolished. Perhaps the idea made the ancestors angry because they were all werewolves too. I shall leave the house alone, and one day I may go back if I feel like it.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Izel Coztic Cuetlachtli

Hello, my name is Izel. My family name is double barrelled and means "Yellow Wolf." Why? You may ask. Well it's like this:
I come from a long ancient tradition of shape changing. My ancestors could become wolves, not just when it's full moon, but during any moon and in the daytime.
When the sun is fullest in Summer, or when the blood priests came to get someone from the city for human sacrifice, my ancestors turned into wolves then.
Sometimes when threatened with fire from the angry guards, my ancestors turned into wolves only to escape. It's said the wolf people, along with the Spanish conquistadors, toppled the Aztec empire that haunted everyones lives.
My grandfather had an old book and its pages were so ancient that it might dust if opened. It remains closed.
Now my work in the science field has helped me to carefully X-Ray this very old book the past few days, page by page.
It was written in small pictographic letters of early Nahuatl language 900 years ago. There are details that interest me more than others.The animal people, including werejaguars (interesting) and werewolves, were respected. Males were incorperated into the Aztec armies. Females were treated as princesses. The deceased werewolves often died in their animal forms. It's why many unearthed wolf skeletons were found under Aztec, Mayan and Inca ruins are always covered in jewels.
If the ancestors were respected as much, why would they assist the brutal Spaniards into destroying the Aztec empire? It didn't make sense to me. This is only word of mouth, not on record. No Spanish writer mentioned werewolves and other werebeasts.
Besides that mystery, I've got one of my own. As I said before, I'm capable of turning into a wolf in the daytime if I choose but as the day wolf I'm also made of fire. I singe whatever I tread on but only if I shapeshift in the daytime.
At night, as wolf I glow as a bright moon. Why am I able to do this? No other person in my family is made of fire or glowing after their transformation.
The old book doesn't reveal secrets to me, but deepens the whole mystery further. I've no idea. I'm off now to give this book to the museum and perhaps someone else, more skilled than me, can once and for all decode the Nahuatl better than I can.
((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Lucy Ghost

Dear Fenrir's Daughters,
The moon was full and my eyes glowed red. Like a flash of lightning, I transformed into the pale beast thing and went outside. I vanished away into the woods, howling. I remember eating a wild hare. That was it.
'm the only werewolf in the village that I know. Orphaned as a child, grew up with a foster family, then sent here to live with an uncle who died some time ago now. At 29 years of age I'm single and live with my pets, some exotic fish and a ghecko. I work in a coffee shop as a waitress. Sometimes I go at partying at weekends with the few friends I have, unless it's a full moon, then I can't go.
No one knows what I am. So I felt gobsmacked when I came across a pile of dead hares during my lunch break. It wasn't because of me. They all had their necks snapped. I couldn't smell another werewolf, and the culprit didn't smell like a wolf, fox, dog, or even a cat.
There was a lingering human scent. I noticed that a house close by had flickering movements by a window. The upstairs window had a shadow of someone watching me. I backed away, then returned to work. Later that afternoon I passed the house on my way home. The dead hares were gone now, and I could whiff their scent trailing off into the front garden of that house. Something about that house interested me. I saw a shadow pass another window upstairs.
That night, I went out as a werewolf during the second full moon. The house was still very much a mystery to me. I wanted to go and see it. I noticed the house looked empty and I could tell nobody was in there except an owl in the garden tree, and some bats in the loft.
I hit upon perfumes and dead rabbits swirling in a scent path from the house going up into the village square. I kept in the shadows unseen.
The scent led me to a restaurant and so I waited. Some twenty minutes later, a couple exited from the restaurant, both smelling of perfumes and dead rabbits. It was the same scent. I followed them and watched them go into that same house. After they went inside, I sneaked into the garden and went alongside their house to the back garden enclosed by a high wall and yew trees. I found broken bones of animals in a corner near the embers of a bonfire.
On the grass was a doll in a black dress covered in pins. Then I realised the couple were probably witches and used animals for sacrifice. So I ate some of the grass in the garden and I vomitted over the witch doll so it would destroy any remaining curse.
Returned home and resumed my human self. I realise the woods need proper protection and my only request is to be given authority over the nature reserve. I want to protect the wildlife from humans, so that they can't be allowed to hunt, poach or kill animals.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Wendy Terror

Hello, I'm Wendy and here is my story. The wine was off again and not replaced. The fruit in my room is mouldy. The maid hasn't bothered to run my bath. Another maid didnt put curls in my hair, nor painted my eyes using the finest belladonna cosmetics. I wore gold leaves around my neck the finest silk gowns of the season. It's silver with tiny crystals. But what am I looking like this for?
I meet fiance, Nestor, in the patio garden, as cold mist rises above the surrounding forest. I can see the white villas and temples now. The mountains are coated in ice. I want to go there tonight and feast on a corpse. Nestor's evil mother won't allow him to spend time alone with me anymore.
She wants him to marry the fairest island's Princess Talisha with hair redder than the sunset. She wants descendants with red hair, the sign of magic. She won't look at me over breakfast as I nibble on bread and fish. It's tastless and I barely touched it really. The hag in her purple dress and black ringlets stands with her back to me, as she stares off into the distance, talking only to Nestor as though I wasn't even there.
I can hear the cry of birds, alerted by an eagle approaching. Nestor coldly touches me and then links arms with his mother, as they go off to ponder and cry under the dead lemon tree.
I feel so much anger now. They're plotting to kill me. I won't let them do this. I am the beautiful one. Not red hair! I'm Wendy, and a descendant of Cerberus.
That night, slipping into my wolf self, I head off into the coldest night from the palace, and make my trip to the mountains. There, as the full moon rises big and bold as a brazen naked goddess, I howl. My sound echoes and I scare all people in their houses. Then I come to the end of my journey, and it's sunrise. I return to my human form dressed in a tunic and fur cloak. I see the island in the distance over a vast sea. There are many trees over there, tiny lights, towers and scented smoke from cook fires. I can't reach the island but I want to kill that red haired princess so much.She's my rival.
I make the long tiresome walk back to the mountain. Another night gone. Another day gone. For weeks, months, all gone, wandering up to the coast and looking at the island.
Then in my room, a huge wolf manifested. It was grotesque with three snarling heads! But it was so intelligent and stared into my eyes. It knew me. He communicated with me telepathically. He showed me that I've actually been dead for years. I was killed by exposure and my body was found in the snow near the mountains one winter.
I remembered that I once travelled there in my wolf's shape, and after resuming my human shape, I wasn't able to cope with the freezing temperatures. For some reason, I continued living in spirit, not realising I was dead. No wonder Nestor and his mother didn't see me.
My story is chilling, because it happened four thousand years ago. I now operate in darkness, hunting for the dead, who wonder across the earth with the intentions of harming the living. I'm part of the Fenrir's Daughters, for life and death overlaps. Now I'm immortal like my ancestor Cerberus. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Bailey Shadow Fen

I have to leave this house or I will go mad.
It's long windows spattered with rain. The wind howls, and it's freezing cold. I drift in my long nightie carrying just a weak candle, passing endless locked doors. The house is so dark, without any electricity. My master refuses to change. I feel sick of him. He's kept me as his prisoner for years, since I was small. My big sister died here in this creepy old castle. I come to the little balcony and see nothing below except mist across the top of a bottomless chasm.
There are no stairs, no bridge, no balloon to lift me over to the other side.
The castle sits on top of a tall slender moutain, like those of the Tianzi but definately not as beautiful as those.
Master arrives home at midnight just to catch me in the full transformation into a wolf. I hate it when he watches me change shape. He always commands that I stay here on the floor and he beats me with a whip. As a werewolf, I'm ashamed to say that he terrifies me. Master is just evil, a wizard, a tyrant, and so willing to destroy me.
He should get a silver bullet. He won't do that, because it's way to easy. He starves me for days leading up to the full moon, and then when I change, he beats me. I'm often covered in blood. He only feeds me snacks, never a proper meal. I've not had anything cooked for years. I miss rice and noodles. I miss meat, fruit, jellies, milk and bread. He just gives me nothing but sweets that make me very ill.
I've chewed the wax of the candles out of hunger and he beat me.
The moon goes red, and the landscape far below is frosted and snowy. I lunge at him, out of pure animal instinct. My human logic has gone. I can't take it anymore. I go for his neck, and he dies instantly. My thoughts do not become human. I'm a very hungry and angry shewolf. I escaped the castle, and run by the stupid guards. They won't chase me.
I go down the slope down the spralling steep path down, down, into the forest. Then I run for miles and miles into the night forest, unafraid of tigers and different other beasts there. They won't come near me. I'm the monster.
I plan to live far away. My name is Bailey and I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, a massive haven for werewolf females. I'm twentyfour years old. Now finally I will try to become independant and live freely. And I shall hunt and eat freely. 

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Tammy Violet

My name is Tammy and I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, a vast worldwide club for all girls and women who are werewolves.  During the full moon I become a wolf but ever other time I look human with strong wolflike senses. It's why I'm good at my job and I work for the Criminal Investigation Department in the police force. My colleagues don't know what I am but they like what I do. I've been good at tracking down criminals.
Now I came across a mystery that was a reopened cold case. More than twenty years ago, a teenager went missing from home. She was an eighteen year old girl named Ashleigh. None of her old school friends knew where she was. Investigations ran cold when it came to a dead end.
Now Ashleigh's mother passed away last week, and a new lead emerged. The half brother, Jack, now in his twenties, mentioned that his sister was going to away to live on the beach in Newquay. Interesting. The last photo taken of Ashleigh shows a smiling girl with short chic blonde hair. Did she have a friend in Newquay? A distant relative? Well, my colleagues found no evidence of this either. I visited Newquay and looked around the train station first, knowing that Ashliegh could've walked here twenty years ago.
I needed something else. I wanted a personal item of Ashleigh's not touched by anyone else. There was only a teddy bear in a plastic bag obtained from her mother's old house. The toy smelled of Asheligh, identical to her old bedroom and smelled bad, similar to skunk cabbage.
I traced the smell from the bedroom, to the old walls of the streets in York, the signature on cobblestones, then the treck to the railway station. It stopped there. It meant she'd boarded a train. I visited Newquay a second time, following the scent. Her brother had been right. I tracked the smell to the street, then it went dead. It was just a paving stone. Her scent stopped right there, so I knew she might've got into someones car.
It took months of finding out through old records that she reappeared in Brighton, briefly as a tenant in a board house, but not appeared on the electoral roll, and never opened a bank account or claimed welfare. I found that this old lodgings house was a car showroom today, and the former owners dead.
I managed to follow her  scent up to the town centre, and strongest along the beach.
No other average person could do what I've done. I've followed my powerful sense of smell here and it helped me track this girl's old whereabouts even if it was so long ago. Yet her horrible scent carried with it something dark, which I failed to look into. It was the smell of death, and in order to smell like that travelling across the country, she would had to have been dead!
I returned to York and visited the mother's former home, now empty. I went into Ashleigh's old room and picked up the teddy bear. I used my hair grip to tear open the stuffed animal, and there inside it was a crumpled skirt, soft paper and red hair. The skirt, bear, tissue and paper belonged to Ashleigh but not the strands of red hair.
Eventually, I discovered Ashleigh. I say it in sadness. In Brighton, ten feet under concrete of the car showroom, was her body. She's been buried in a plastic coffin filled with water and placed in an underground water well. I knew then that the killer wanted to conceal her scent from dogs and I gathered that this murderer was a werewolf!
Ashliegh had been gorged to death, her limbs half eaten, and her heart removed. The killer would smell of Ashleigh forever, so it wasn't difficult to track him down in York. A middle aged man with red hair turning grey. He didn't suspect in a million years that a werewolf would enter the ranks of policing. He was a lone predator werewolf in England but unfortunately not the only one. He was arrested and will be punished by the crown court and then by the alpha werewolf, Marielle Ice, cabinet minister.

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Grace Vilkshimmer

The snowflakes were like flowers made of ice. It's hard to imagine them becoming deathly cold bringing poverty and fatalities. I grew up in a small Lithuanian village beside mountains and a lake, filled with fish. My ma and pa used to take me there to go fishing, sometimes paddle in a boat, or to drink when we were wolves each full moon.
Now this lake was frozen over. The winter had been terrible each year. Mostly the elderly and babies perished in the winter months when it was too freezing cold. None of them could afford any fuel to keep warm. I tried helping some people with giving away (yes, literally), ma's crotchet blankets and wool. I told people to insulate their little wooden houses with a bundle of wool, or failing that, roll up wild dry leaves into a cushion and place around the doors.
I advised them to make warm drinks and eat more. I tell them to ignore the health fanatics this time of year. What's important is staying warm and food acts as a fuel. Fat, carbs and sugar is the body's winter fuel. I catch fish for them, by having to dig a hole in the ice that way and sit for ages with a fishing rod. But I did this for the people who go starving and cold.
Ma and pa wrote letter after letter to the local government, pleading for funds to help people this dreadful winter. Our requests arrived in the form of a gentleman in smart black clothes, wearing dark shades so we couldn't see his eyes. His name was Count Kajus Naktis. He was very odd.
"Why the shades? It's winter," enquired pa.
"I cannot see very well in the snow," replied the count. He looked so gaunt and imposing at the same time. He was tall with broad shoulders, and his black hair was like PVC. He never smiled.
"Are you going to help the people?" ma wanted to know.
He turned to ma and replied: "No, I can't."
"Then why did you come here?"
"To observe you, the Vilkshimmers," he said.
They looked at him with wide eyes, and they were going amber with fury. I could sense familiar wolf fur, and anytime, they will transform through anger. I stood up hoping to distract them.
"You wrote to the government with accusations," said the count. "So far I've observed you as the well fed family who are pretty dominant in this isolated community. Everyone else living here is feeling vulnerable. There's been a high deathrate. I can't help but wonder if the pair of you might be taking advantage of the more weaker citizens."
My pa nearly hit him, and ma cried in fury.
"No!" I shouted and I chucked a stone on the floor to make it clatter.
Everyone looked at me.
"We care about the people living here. The fact is, my parents have been looking after them as much as they can. We need some help from you, sir!"
The count looked at ma. "Vilkshimmer, you have a strong minded child. I suggest you send her to school as it's the law of the land. She should not be home right now during the day at midweek. Why don't you send her to school?" asked the count, totally ignoring what I'd said!
I was sixteen and allowed some time off school to help the children and babies in the village. And today the small school was closed due to the weather.
Pa explained everything to the count. Then the strange official stood with his briefcase and opened it, shuffled papers inside and handed pa one sheet of silvery paper.
"Mister Vilkshimmer, you have until next month to pay for the costs of installing new boilers to the school and homes, as you are the voice of the community. If you don't pay, sorry. We can't help you."
"We can't afford that!" pa exclaimed when he read the statement. "Four million litas!!!!"
"Pay that with instalments, " said the cold hearted count. "Agree by tomorrow morning. Bring back this form to your nearest bank to sign the contract."
"If I agree to this, my family will forever be in debt!" Shouted pa.
When the count was gone, I noticed that he's left no footprints in the snow! I knew then that he was no official. He was a goul.
Ma and pa were busy argueing now. Ma said we can do this. Pa said it's no use. For some reason I couldn't tell them what I saw.
That full moon night I went out into the snow and became wolf, howled in sadness, while running to think over this horrible winter. I could tell that someone else in the village was dying tonight. I went over to the house of an elderly woman and I went through the door. I sat on the end of her bed and kept her warm. She was too weak to open her eyes. By morning the old woman was still alive. I helped save her.
The following day, the school reopened and I went to it. I might chat with the teachers. What more can I do to help in winter? The local government ignored my parent's letters. A spectral Count only wanted my pa's money. A vampire, that's what the count was. I'll do anything to protect my parents and the community. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Urielle Foxglove

There was a starless night. The distant mountains were ominous, with dark secrets forever lurking there. Now I want to tell you about an experience I had there a few years ago.
My name is Urielle, I'm thirtyone years old and in the Fenrir's Daughters international club. For a long time, since I was four, I understood what it meant to be of the ancient wolf clan. I knew that my beautiful ma was an incredible wolf some nights. As a small child, I loved both of her. My dad died so I never knew him except that the knowledge he was a wolf man.
When I was in my twenties, I was staying in a house a close way from the mountains. The house was really a student dig for rich kids, as it was very old with a tudor style, and a beautiful big garden complete with statues and hiding places. Yet the mountains were close by.
Local legends of trolls, frost giants, witches and dragons all supposed to live in these mountains. For centuries, people mysteriously vanished when they were going off in the direction of those same mountains.
I didn't want to go up there but my friends did. Just a small hike but nowhere too high. I went as far as the base of the mountains, freaked, then turned back into town. My friends didn't linger, they came running and said they saw giants. These friends are werewolves by the way, and should've known better than to trespass on a darker things territory.
They didn't believe in myths or folklore. The vision of giants scared them away. I started to wonder if they were drinking too much.
It was a winter weekend and I walked to the shop for some food, when I noticed a tiny boy on his own. He looked about aged four, standing in the street in rags and bare footed.
"Why are you out here by yourself?" I asked.
He just stared at me with veru vivid bloodshot red eyes. I could smell ice, blood, death and vomit coming from him. Idiot me wanted to be kind and offer him food. Then he ran away.
I went after him as he was going towards the woods.
Yet I couldn't keep up with this frail small child. He managed to outrun me. That was strange.
I found myself by the mountains, and he was running up the slope. Oh no! I started running on all fours and I became a wolf. Still I couldn't keep up with the tiny boy!
Then what I saw stopped me dead. Before my own eyes, the boy turned into a man with glowing red eyes. He spat something in my direction that burned into the snow. He opened her mouth to show me very unhuman fangs, then gave the most earth shattering scream like thunder. The ground under my paws shook. Soon rocks came dropping down from the mountain. The man was getting taller and taller.
I instantly ran off quickly down the slope towards the woods.I didn't want to look back either. Sometimes I wonder if this is what happened to those missing people? I don't want to think about it anymore. Today I keep away from those evil mountains but one day I'll leave this vile place.

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Fallon Garnet Fang

The wind was wailing as I attempted again to bring back power. All the lights went out and electricity was gone. Perhaps the pylon fell down, I wouldn't know. I lit many candles and switched on the battery operated heater. I need to keep my old gran and five year old twin brothers warm. My parents were away, and left me the sole carer of the small family for two weeks.
I was allowed time off school so I could do temping in the cotton factory. Someone had to cook and clean the house, take the kids to school and care for gran who was very ill. I was always worried about gran especially at night.
She transformed into a wolf once a month, but she stayed in bed as a wolf, and was even frail then. My parents posted gifts like boxes of toys and chocolates. They were busy enjoying a second honeymoon in the tropics!!!
The night of the winds knocking out the energy, I put an extra fleece on gran, who was now in her werewolf form. She stirred and continued sleeping, noisily breathing as though it was hurting her.
I covered my brothers in double blankets. I became my wolf shape, and was too worried to go out and leave the family by themselves. I didn't want anything to happen to them while I was gone. I stayed indoors, planning to take a nap when these nasty guests burst into the house.
Two strange big male werewolves. One was dark with cold blue eyes. He bared his teeth at me. He was not happy, and I felt scared of him. The other had pale streaks who came up to me and just stared deep into my eyes. Their auras were red as blood.
I couldn't help but feel sick. I wimpered and got down on my belly, lowering my head. My tail was limp. Both circled me and occasionally nipped at me on the shoulder, side, neck, face. Sometimes they bit me so hard I cried out almost humanlike as the blood trickled down from the wounds. I must've passed out because I woke up the next morning. I was covered in blood. My little brothers were crying, and gran was next to me. The strangers had left.
I told them what happened.
"I heard nothing. I'm so sorry," Gran cried.
It was horrible. I got the first aid kit and put plasters on my wounds. Each night, I didn't just lock up the doors and windows, I put tables and chairs across. Luckily the guests didn't return but when my parents came home, I told them about this. They went white. But they wouldn't say what was wrong. They admit that they want to sell the house and move us all to the city. I hope we never see those horrible werewolves again. 

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert. 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy 2016

Happy New Year!
I've considered making plans for this blog. I intend to turn "She Wolf Night" into a blog full of my fictional writings such as the Fenrir's Daughters stories. I also plan to do more stories and build up on creative stuff here.
It was what I originally planned to do when I created this blog almost six years ago.
Anything to do with my research on fairytales, monsters, mythology, gods, goddesses and magic will be posted on my other blog "Storm Valkyrie" from now on.
You will still always find all my archived stuff here but in future I will use the two blogs for two different types of posts.
I hope some of you have liked reading my posts and stories.
Enjoy the weekend and let's look forward to a cool year.