Saturday, 29 December 2018

The Wild Hunt

This legendary phenomena has been recorded throughout Europe for many years. It's led by a male or sometimes a female. The hunt consists of phantoms or beings that are otherworldly. It's often at night that this happens. It occurs with noise of blowing horns, howling winds and loud shreiks of anger.
The Wild Hunt is associated with Winter and the Yuletide season but has been known to last many weeks until Easter.
What are they? Some say fairies or demons. Some say gods like Odin or Woden. Also seen among the Wild Hunt has been Theodoric the Great, King Valdemar IV of Denmark, the Welsh Gwyn ap Nudd, archangel Gabriel, Sir Francis Drake, King Arthur, King Herla, Gwydion Fab Don, Herne the Hunter, Holda, Count Arnou, Wild Edric, Hereward the Wake, Count Hackelberg, Saint Guthlac, Jan Tregeagle, Herodias, the Fianna, Fairy Cavalcade, Berend van Galen, and many more. 
To witness the Wild Hunt would bring about doom such as plague. People seeing it alone might vanish into thin air, being spirited off, hunted and killed. The many names and nicknames include:
Wild Army, Furious Army, Wild Host, Herod's Hunt, Hounds of Annwn, Herla's Assembly, Hellequin, Ghost Riders, Chasse de Cain, Baiting, Wild Hunting Party, Dead Hunt, Old Army, Troop of Ghosts, War Company and so on.
Hearing the Wild Hunt itself has been widely recorded and reported throughout history. According to some scholars, this might be a natural phenomena viewed with superstitions. Yet people have seen the Wild Hunt itself and their visions were written down. Witnesses like medieval monks have counted between 20 and 30 members of the Wild Hunt and how long they appeared. Among the hunters are dogs and horses. People have often been wary of the Wild Hunt and stayed indoors to avoid being killed.
Places like Wistman's Wood in Devon, England, is where the Wild Hunt often appeared. Considering this is sacred territory and has been a hunting ground for the spectral assembly centuries ago, a lot of wildlife was hunted to extinction as today the only animals known there are snakes. It's full of tales of goulish hounds and sightings of ghost dogs.
Could this be video evidence of the noises made from the Wild Hunt?:
Strange noises
You decide.
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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Winter Solstice moon

Happy Yule!
The Winter Solstice is upon us and so is the full moon. A Winter Solstice full moon is rare and so it's going to be a special event. Also alongside the full moon is the Ursid meteor shower. A splendid display of a bright moon lasting a few days and glittering lights, so ideal for this holiday season.
Another name for this moon is Cold Moon.
Source link.
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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Tale of Tales

This is a 2015 fairytale film directed by Matteo Gerrome, and stars Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones and John Christopher Reilly.
Aesthetically pleasing with beautiful costumes and filmed at breathtaking locations such as the Castel del Monte, Castle of Roccascalegna and the Alcantara River. There are different characters with their own stories here and the film is based on the fairy stories by Giambattista Basile.
The theme is dark and almost brutal, cruel and vicious. Such as the Queen of Longtrellis who is so desperate to have a child that she devours a sea monster's heart. The problem is that in order to get the heart, a life will be sacrificed and a virgin has to cook it first. Both queen and virgin fall pregnant and give birth to boys who are like twins, and they grow up as good friends. The queen is disapproving of her sons' friendship with a cook's son, and has attempted to put an end to it. The boys are seperated but a sacred tree outside the castle behaves like a signal.
Many have found that the film has so many unanswered questions. I shall not attampt to explain it as that would be a SPOILER and I don't want to do that. I shall just review on the stories that are both entertaining and weird.
Another tale is almost like Beauty and the Beast except the princess doesn't love her new husband that she's forced to marry because he's an ogre. A mad king raised a flea as a pet and he shows it more care than he does for his own daughter.
Another even whackier story of two shy sisters living together in a cottage, when a king falls in love when he listens to their singing. He turns up at the house and tries to woo them out. Little does he know that the sisters are old hags!
Here is an extract from the book The Tale of Tales with the story "The Flea": 
Every animal loves its offspring; you alone treat your own seed with a contrary heart and nausea, you alone cannot stomach your own daughter! Oh, better if my mother had suffocated me...
A quote by the princess Porziella to her father, the King of Mountain found in The Tale of Tales by Giambattista Basile.
The film gets an 8/10.
Most favourite scene: The queen does a Daenerys Targaryen and chews on a heart.
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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

Fairytale meets thriller with this 1971 film. Directed by Curtis Harrington and stars Ralph Richardson, Mark Lester, Chloe Franks and "scream queen" Shelley Winters.
A wealthy window named Auntie Roo invites some well behaved orphans to her Christmas dinner party at her house. She comes across as kind and charitable, giving out presents, food and letting them sleep in different guest rooms. A brother and sister sneak into the house when they've not been invited but Roo is okay about that. There is a teddybear stuffed with jewels, a dead body, a shed with a guillotine, a dolls house which is a likeness of the big house. There are too many references to Hansel and Gretel so much that it forces the viewer to hate on Auntie Roo.
Very mad.
I vote this film a 6/10.  
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Saturday, 15 December 2018


Saturnalia is a Roman celebration between December 17th and 23rd. It's held in honour of Saturn, a god of wealth and agriculture. We have echoes of the Roman celebration today with the decourative tree, gingerbread men, giving eachother gifts, kissing under the mistletoe, sweets, role reversal in pantomimes, feasts, white candles, games, Santa's hat, music and wild parties.
The Greek version of Saturn was Cronus and he ate his own children. He's often connected with two women, Ops and Lua. Ops is the wife and sister of Saturn. She's an Earth daughter and her Greek counterpart is Rhea. Lua is a mistress of Saturn and she represents destruction and war.  
During Saturnalia, was the season of misrule, chaos and sexual violence, people in various communities ran riot. Animals were sacrificed. Some people have said humans were sacrificed but other sources refute that. Leaving human ritual sacrfice out, the celebration was when rules broke down only for that time, slaves were allowed to bully their masters, people could wear whatever they liked, many wore masks,  and people sang naked in the streets. People drank, ate and gambled. What they did only lasted for a short time and afterwards everything returned to normal.
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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Winter games 5

The season of Winter is cold and dark, so let's journey into Medieval Christmas Land game created by Wow Escape. Look for buried items and clues here in this grim and frozen place. There are puzzles that need solving, and shadows to be reunited with their objects. This game is cute with gentle background lullaby music.
This is a time when the Elf on the shelf makes an appearance. They seem so really nice but they can play pranks, monitor kids and do creepy things. Yes, it's really the parents behind all of that. It's a tactic for them to control their kids by using these little elf dolls to scare their kids into behaving themselves.
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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Winter Games 4

Another review of some Winter themed games.
There is a stunning internet game called Magical Snow Animal Escape. This is a large game as you progress on, searching for a way out because the theme is Winter and you're lost in it. Created by Wow Escape, and is a point and click outdoor type, set in the arctic. The puzzles can be very tough so buried clues will help if you locate them.The music is quite soft and there are some very cute animals all throughout the levels.
Okay slightly off topic now. A boy from a town in Colorado was successful with ending a ban on snowball fights. That means, snowball fighting outside with natural snow. There is a game called Snowtime Anytime for indoor snowball fights. There are 40 artificial snowballs that come in a tin. Apparantly they feel like real snowballs.
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Friday, 7 December 2018

Game of Thrones S8 teaser

HBO just released the teaser trailer to Game of Thrones, Season 8. To watch the teaser trailer for Game of Thrones season 8 visit HBO link Youtube here: Teaser trailer for Game of Thrones season 8
The entire clip runs for 54 seconds and shows a dramatic meeting of ice and fire on the map table in Dragonstone. I noticed that in the teaser, just after the wolf statue gets frosted, the scene then shows a carved dragon on the right of the table but on the left of the screen behind the table looks like someone is sat in front of the fireplace. It might be a blurry easter egg or it could also be only a trick of light caused by a reflection.The clip of the wolf statue frosting over as ice moves across the table, heading South, could mean Winterfell is caught in ominous Winter. As ice moves across the map, heading towards the Riverlands, statues of other houses get caught too. It could be the wrong angle but ice moves down across the Iron Islands on the table.
 South of the table, fire moves north across the map. The lion of House Lannister is engulfed in flames. The forces of ice and fire meet on the map at the Twins. Right there where both ice and fire meet, is a creation of obsidian. This hints that a new Wall could be made there in the Riverlands. Winterfell is going to fall (major clue in the name), the Lannisters will be at war against the northerners, and not fighting with them. Other houses present on the map represented by their sigils are pawns. The clearest houses are Stark, Lannister and Targaryen. Most of all, the teaser trailer is showing that there's going to be a massive war. This will be most epic. 
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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Winter games 3

A review of games for Winter. Wild Moon Christmas is a point and click game created by Wow Escape. It's one of the most beautiful escape games I've ever played. The purpose is to find a way out of this big dark forest full of Yule decourations and wolves. The puzzles tend to be complicated but this is always good. The background music is lovely and adds to the therapy of the game.
Another good point and click game is Polar Bear Cub Rescue, with snow just everywhere. This was made by Games 2 Rule. It can get a bit tricky sometimes so it's useful to write things down.
An old computer game with a cold Winter feel is Rune created by Human Head Studios. This is fantasy action and adventure, where you control the hero Ragnar, who begins training in the village, but all is cast into the sea when followers of Loki seek world domination. It's set in ancient times and there are gods and monsters from Norse mythology. I think it's totally enjoyable.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Winter games 2

This is my review of games in theme of the coming Winter.
Now there is a cool puzzle game called Wizard Christmas. You must find a way out of the vast Yule themed landscape, discovering clues and collecting items that will bring you further to the next level. It's got reindeer, elf girls, presents, trees, Santa, hidden objects and mind boggling puzzles. The eerie background music makes this Christmas land creepy enough that you want to get out. Wizard Christmas is an epic game, made by
To make your own DIY board game for Winter, try out Christmas Lights. The link for that one is here with details on how to make one and rules of playing it. Christmas Lights at Board Game Greek.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Winter games 1

During Winter it's fun to play games. I shall make a review of some games and other games all related to Winter. Firstly, a review of a computer game and details with link of a spooky Winter Olympics venue.
Now the computer game is an escape game called Sled Dog Rescue by Games 2 Rule. In that game, you must find clues to solve puzzles, collect missing objects and unlock portals. A dog is trapped in a cage and you need to find the key to release it. The puzzles are vague but clues are found across the level, with some absolutely beautiful wintry landscapes and snowy scenes.
Whilst on topic, there is the abandoned Winter Olympics venue in Sarajevo. The place looks very haunted with age and damage from war. To look at details with photographs of the site go and follow this link: Haunting pictures of the Winter Olympics venue
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Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Yule Cat

In Iceland there is a legendary creature called the Jólakötturinn or Yule Cat. It's a frightening story to tell children. The legend has it that a giant hissing cat lurks in the shadows of hills, and during Yule, the Yule Cat eats anyone who doesn't get any clothes as presents to wear at Christmas. According to some sources, the origin of the Yule Cat eating people for not wearing new clothes during Christmas comes from times past when people used to get rewarded for doing all of the dirty chores. If people didn't do their chores, they wouldn't get a reward, such as new clothes. So the Yule Cat favoured eating lazy people because not having new clothes meant they didn't get rewarded for doing chores. It's sort of a threat to tell people to do some work or get eaten by the giant Yule Cat. The creepy Yule Cat stares through windows to watch people opening their presents. If people got clothes as presents, the Yule Cat left them alone and move to the next window. Perhaps it observed everyone somehow, because cats are sneaky that way. The Yule Cat enjoyed eating all of the food as well as the poor victim. It's also said that modern people in Iceland are still afraid of the Yule Cat so they buy things such as pyjamas and socks as presents to keep that evil moggy away.
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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Initiation of Sarah (1978)

This 1978 horror film made for TV was directed by Robert Day. It stars Kay Lenz, Shelley Winters and Morgan Fairchild. Two sisters, Sarah and Patty are eager to join a popular sorority called Alpha Nu Sigma when they start college at the new term. Patty is accepted but the quiet and shy Sarah is turned down but her only option is to join the least favourite Phi Epsilon Delta. The leader of Alpha Nu Sigma is a cruel and beautiful Jennifer that makes fun of Sarah and tries to turn Patty against her. There is much rivalry and the leader of Phi Epsilon Delta is Erica. Sarah uses her telekenesis to strike at anyone who harms her and those she cares about. The entire film focuses on the spiteful nature of Jennifer but is she the sinister one? The film starts off as fresh and cheerful but turns dark.
I give this a 8/10.
Useless fact: The two sisters would've turned into animals but the filmmakers decided not to do it.
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Thursday, 22 November 2018


The Nattmara are female werewolves that are mentioned in Scandinavian folklore. Nattmara means "Nightmare". These Nattmara or Nightmares are associated with sleep paralysis, bad dreams and night terrors.
It's believed that they can slip inside keyholes and through cracks by turning into sand. This is how they enter peoples bedrooms and sit on the chests of sleepers, depriving them of air.
They often appear to look like willowy shaped thin women dressed in pale nightgowns. These Nattmara or Nightmare women have sickly complexions, filthy matted hair, predatory eyes and sharp teeth. Some versions portray the Mara with having mostly dark hair and long fingernails.
People think the origins of the Mara are souls of angry, lost and abandoned children who seek revenge. Others believe they're souls of women who've been killed, wronged, cheated or died in childbirth.
A strange custom or lost tradition advised women that they could give birth safely if they wear a placenta from a horse on their head. Then giving birth while wearing a placenta from a horse meant that the birth would be easy. However, there was a different kind of risk that the sons born from a woman wearing a placenta will become cursed werewolves. Daughters born will become Nattmara.
There is also a tale that a bunch of women with abilities in healing arts and midwifery skills turned into wolves on a fatal night. Those midwives were Mara in disguise.
The Mara are similar to the Banshees as they're omens of death.
If a dirty doll is left in the livingroom of a house, someone in the family would die of TB. To protect oneself from a Nattmara, leave shoes on the floor beside the bed, or nail a horseshoe on the bed board. This prevents the Mara from getting close as you sleep.
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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Wolf's Rain

This is my review of a Bones animation series called Wolf's Rain. Directed by Tensai Okarura, created by Keiko Nobumoto. It spans 30 episodes and tells the story of a group of wolves that live in dystopian future, where people struggle in cities. The wolves believe in a Paradise and are eager to go and find it. Despite the dangerous lives they have, the wolves are able to shapeshift into humans to avoid being caught by hunters. Among them, a white wolf encounters a mysterious girl who is the key to finding Paradise. However, she's the property of Lord Darcia the Third, a bitter elitist with inner turmoils, haunted by his past dead love.
I rate this 7/10. Overall, not a werewolf story but it's a moving work of sci-fi from the point of view of animals.
Comments: Get a tissue box ready.
The art used here is "Seeking Paradise" from designer Zack Loup.  
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Wednesday, 14 November 2018


One of the most darkest creatures of Scandinavian folklore is the Huldra. They belong to the Huldrfolk species of creatures. Both males and females are said to be guardians of the forests and mountains. They live in secret and hide away. The female Huldra appear like seductive beautiful women with flowing hair but they have features that are not human. They're said to have tails. If they turn their backs, they resemble trees with hollows. Stories and legends about people encountering the Huldra are a bit nasty. For example, Huldra can manifest in rain and storms, while seducing men in order to kill them. They can look like dairymaids but more striking and with enchanting beauty that men fall in love instantly, only to become victims. Women have also come under the spell of the Huldrefolk too. In some stories, the Huldrefolk are keen on human blood and will kidnap people, or send them to a darker place. It's been said that if a human marries a Huldrefolk, then the creatures lose their tails and become human themselves, only they still keep their magical abilities and connection to the forests and caves. They're also believed to steal human babies and replace them with changelings. Apart from the scary stories, not all are wicked like that. Some tales of Huldra and Hulder men are also kind and helpful. They have to be respected as one respects others. As the old saying goes, treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself. The same applies to Hundrefolk. If you respect them, they'll do no harm.
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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Legend (1985)

The 1985 film "Legend" was directed by Ridley Scott, and stars Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, Mia Sara and David Bennent. This is a moving fantasy that was loosely based on a Celtic fairytale. There are glittering sets and many magical creatures but the most sacred are the unicorns. An evil demon called Darkness sent goblins out to kill the unicorns so that the world is plunged into eternal Winter and night. The hero Jack sets off with his elfish friends to rescue the surviving unicorn and his beloved princess, who was held by Darkness. The entire film is eye candy with some monstrous scenes and light humour.
I rate this 9/10.
Weird fact: The unicorn is a deja vu from another film "Blade Runner".
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Thursday, 8 November 2018


This is a review of fantasy movie "Krull" (1983).
Directed by Peter Yates and starred Ken Marshall, Liam Neeson and Lysette Anthony.
Set in a medieval society on planet Krull, a prince and princess are deeply in love and want to marry, except that they come from two warring families. It's established early in the film that both agree to marry to build an alliance, and unite humans against the Slayers, an alien technological army that arrived in a giant spaceship called the Black Fortress. The leader of this Black Fortress is called The Beast. During the royal wedding, Slayers attack the palace and kidnap the princess. The film is mostly set on an epic journey as the prince is destined to locate the magical weapon called Glaive that will help him. He journeys with a patchwork of friends including a cyclops.
I rate this film at 7/10.
My favourites from Krull are the Fire Mares.
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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Jack the Giant Killer (1962)

Besides horror, this blog is also keen on reviewing fantasy films, like this old 1962 stop motion "Jack the Giant Killer". Directed by Nathan H. Juran and then produced by Edward Small. It stars Kerwin Mathews, Judi Meredith and Torin Thatcher.
The film has a load of special effects that are pretty good for its time. A princess is kidnapped by a sorcerer who uses dark magic. Then a young farmer named Jack saves the princess and wins a knighthood. This brings Jack into a longer voyage when the princess is taken once again and he sets out to rescue her, making new friends along the way. A vibrant film with plenty of magic and charm.
The scariest thing in the film was the storm witch.
I rate this a 7/10.
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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

A werewolf Samhain

A message from all of us lycanthropes:
Have a very scary but howling happy Samhain.
Be careful who you open your doors to on Halloween as not all those who come knocking may be trick or treaters.
If you're happening to be out there trick or treating, always be wary of the houses you visit. Stay cautious of the sweets you're given. It's safe to avoid eating candy from strangers. Instead bury the food or leave them as offerings for the dead. Honour your ancestors. Gifts will be for the spirits and nature.
If you go out on Samhain night, wear some pendant, talisman or stone, preferably made of black tourmaline and amethyst. These stones are believed to protect someone against evil entities and negative energy. While the veil is lifted, all kinds of things can appear. Place these stones in your rooms and inside your car, wear them or carry them in your pockets.
You might also check out a long list of herbs that also protect against evil spirits:
Most of all enjoy the holiday!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Suspiria (1977)

This horror film from 1977 is called "Suspiria," directed by Dario Argento, and starring Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci, Udo Kier and Joan Bennett.
Made with rich blood colours, the film is about a lavish dancing school hiding a dark secret. A strange mystery surrounds a former dead student. The story follows a new student from New York as she arrives to the mysterious Munich dancing school. She soon becomes dazed and can't perform in any of the dance lessons, so has to stay in bed. Other students end up full of maggots. A horror movie that feels like watching a fairytale, and it has dreamlike sets and a deep sense of vulnerability. The most unforgettable thing of all about this film is the music score by Goblin.
I rate this 9/10.
Are there that many shocks? Definately yes.
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Monday, 29 October 2018

Halloween the darkest holiday

The season of Halloween, also called Samhain by most pagans and historians, is here. It happens after the Autumn equinox and when the clocks are moved back one hour in a lot of countries. The moon phase this year for Halloween is the last quarter phase, but we experienced a Blood Moon last week. Interesting also is when the visible moon passes the Manger or Beehive Star Cluster, which is in the Cancer constellation.
Often we hear that Halloween is a time when the veil is lowered. There is a very old tradition worldwide in regards to this season being all about spirits and the paranormal. Kids have been dressing up in costumes for Halloween for hundreds of years. Today it's evolved as a fun event while in days passed, it was just the same but their costumes were a lot more freaky.
70 Vintage costumes that were creepy!
Enjoy looking at those ghastly costumes.
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Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Evil

For a gloomy night, "The Evil" is perfect to watch.
This 1978 horror film, directed by Gus Trikonis and stars Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet, Andrew Prine and Cassie Yates, is low budget and delivers. A couple buy a large old house with a few creepy gargoyle heads and a statue in the yard. It doesn't seem like much until hauntings begin. There is a basement with a locked trap door, certain to be the culprit behind unpleasant sulphur smells and a bad feeling. Friends arrive to fix the crumbling house but there is a ghost trying to warn them, and a dog that goes missing. Before long, the house turns upon everyone.
This film is atmospheric with the sounds of thunder and lightning. Although classed as a Horror, it comes across to me as a supernatural mystery thriller.
I rate this 8/10.
What was amusing: Wait for it.
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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

"Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell" (1978) is a horror film directed by Curtis Harrington. It stars Richard Crenna, Yvette Mimieux and Kim Richards. For a film on a low budget and made for television, it was tame in as far as it didn't have blood and gore but it was good. Often though people link Horror calibre films with only blood and gore, while forgetting that a film can also be Horror without that gruesome stuff. This film's scare tactics was mainly supernatural and at times psychological.
A strange man selling fruit and vegetables coaxes children into taking one of the cute puppies found inside the truck. Little do they know that the puppy is from a litter of demons, created by a male Barghest creature and an ordinary female dog. The puppy grows up into a gorgeous yet normal looking household dog but there is something "cold" about him. The dog named Lucky is actually a sinister hellhound in disguise.
Rate of the film is 7/10
Best scene: Lucky the dog running in slow motion.
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Monday, 15 October 2018

Hunger pangs

As I'm very hungry, I want to share some awesome looking werewolf cupcakes. I think they're just so adorable. I will post links on how to make these werewolf cupcakes.

Werewolf cupcakes from Duncan Hines instructions:

More werewolf cupcakes at Hungry Happenings:

Halloween party food. Delicious
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Monday, 8 October 2018

Creepy games so far

Here is my third night of making a post about scary games in theme for the month.
The most ****** up looking game I've played online is Creepy Toys House Escape by Games 2 Rule. A Point and Click adventure puzzle inside a very sinister house. If you're scared of dolls, then don't play this one. The background music is so weird and goes out of tune sometimes. The game is meant to be hard so that you never escape! Another Point and Click escape game is Frighten House, with puzzles all around a shadowy haunted manor house. Both games are awsome as well as tough.

A very sinister game to play alone is called "Queen of Spades" and is done during late at night. It means using a queen of spades card, a mirror, candle, red lipstick and a staircase. This one is highly dangerous and can attract negative entities.

Another creepy game is called "Årsgång", that originated from Sweden. This game is very old and today it can be played online and with iphones. People following the rules of this game have reported paranormal experiences as well as visions that some think are glimpses into the future.

Play safe.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Review of Horrify Forest escape game

Another October night creepy computer game to play.

This momth I will review some computer horror games to enjoy in the season. Now I want to review a Point and Click game set in a scary dark forest called Horrify Forest Escape, by Wow Eascape Games. You must collect items that you see in order to find clues and work out on puzzles. Whenever you collect something, dancing ghosts will appear. The forest is very dark and it's set at night. Sinister music in the background just adds to the haunting mood of the game.You're led deeper into the dark haunted forest as you need to find more clues. It will take you to some relics and magical objects. You'll pass brightly coloured numbers and pinned up messages, all that you should take note of. This isn't a cute kids Halloween type of game, as it's quite scary and designed to be hard. There are objects buried in obscure hiding places so you'll need to stay there longer to keep looking for them and you may also lose sense of direction. As you do this, you'll get harassed by a ghost.

Halloween and scary themed games that are dangerous.

There is a game to play with friends called Light as a Feather. It needs one person to lay down and remain very still while the others go around the person and chant "light as a feather, stiff as a board." Some have reported levitation working, but others don't. 

Warning: A game to avoid is The Showbox Telephone involves the craft of making something with a shoebox, string and a paper cup to make an old fashioned style phone. It's often mentioned on Reddit and is not something to play with at all. Don't even attempt to begin this one as it's totally dangerous and it attracts unpleasant ghosts.

This lycanthrope says stay safe and be cautious.
Howls ^^

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Spooky games and Vampire House

For this month I shall post some scary puzzle games that I will review. This one is a computer game called "Big Vampire House Escape" made by Big Escape Games. It's a tricky puzzle game filled with clues, hidden objects containing keys to open locked doors. While playing you can select to play the eerie background music or choose to disable it. The house is a gothic dark red coloured mansion and with a Halloween theme. A creepy ghost girl is spawned in every room. The idea is to get out of the house. Your score will be added to the clock.

Other stuff
Offline there are obviously some fun board games like these: "Midnight Party", "Fearsome Floors", "Gloom", "Zombiefide", "Arkham Horror" and "Castle Panic". And some examples that I've already listed on these following pages:
Board Game Geek Halloween theme games
Board Game Recourse 10 Spooky Board Games

Of course people want to connect with spirits and ghosts using creepy games such as the Ouija Board and Bloody Mary. These games are not toys and they're actually instruments and rituals that bring in sinister entities.

Scary results of playing Bloody Mary game
Scary Ouija Board experiences

Stay safe.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Spirits of Autumn plants

It's now October! This is going to be a dark post because I feel like doing one right now. This is a time when nights grow longer and the air gets colder. Autumn leaves change colour, fall from their trees and pile up along the ground. While Autumn is fun, colourful and magical, it can also be creepy.
It's harvest time and food becomes very important. A number of herbs and roots can be used to summon spirits or protect from spirits. Some with knowledge of foraging and kitchen witchery know the very plants to look for. Most use the Autumn plants for medicine. For those like me that are always learning about herbs and plantlore, I'm informed that weeds are vibrant after Summer. Weeds in the garden can be eaten. The sacred Hawthorn grows red berries that can help heart conditions. Goldenrod is a fiery medicine ideal for soothing pains. Rose Hips are a bright scarlet coloured berries that are both medicinal and healthy for Vitamin C.
Root vegetables are found full grown and the soil is rich. It's often believed that nature spirits focus on fruit, vegetables and other edible plants. Besides the wild flowers that give food, another source of food supply are the crops. Fields full of growing crops attract all kinds of supernatural entities. Fairies, phouka, land wights and goblins either consume corn and other foodstuffs or they help farmers work the land. Some are friendly. Some are not.
Rice is a crop with spirit attachments. The spooky game called "One-Man Hide and Seek" involves using rice in the game to begin playing it. A doll needs to be stuffed with rice and sewn with blood-red thread together. In order to wake the spirits within the rice grains, the player has to announce a few words according to the rules. Often people find no joy in this while many claim to have experienced sinister and frightening creepy paranormal things.
Some people have seen curious plants come to life. One such case involves a a man called Jennings Frederick from West Virginia who saw a strange entity. It resembled a human shape green plantlike figure that was disturbing. The creature spoke in human tongue and then it touched him with its stems that looked like fingers. The man also described the creature's dwelling. This incident later became known as the "Vegetable Man". While it may seem odd, it isn't the only story about vegetables in the world. In Asia there is a tale of the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, a type of cryptid and legend.
The Waqwaq or "Screaming Tree" is like the talking oracular trees. They were believed to grow infants along their branches. Other ancient texts described adult humans and animals that grew from the oracular trees. Many people of ancient times have recorded strange things about oracular trees crying, talking, reciting omens. They were: 
Mohammed ben Bâbichâd told me from what he had heard from one of those who went to Waq Waq: that there were large trees. sometimes with elongated rounded leaves that bear fruit like squash, but bigger, that have a human face: when the wind stirs the leaves, a voice comes out, and the inside fills with air, like the pods of the milkweed. If they are detached from the tree, the air escapes at once and they become flat and flabby like a piece of skin
The source is The Book of Wonders of India.
There is the protective nature of plants such as garlic, onions, turnips, radishes, apples and mandrake, ginger and especially pumpkins. Today pumpkins are used to scare off spirits. In the past they used turnips f they didn't have any pumpkins. These ward off evil spirits, angry spirits and unwanted entities. So when you tuck into your meal, remember that you're consuming Earth's treasures that are magical gifts. The carrots, radishes, potatoes and broccoli may even talk to you!
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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Astro for the month ahead

We're closing September of the Harvest Moon season with that time, as October fast approaches. October is a month of amazing astronomical events, especially on clear nights. The full moon of October is referred to as the Hunter's Moon. We'll be seeing the full moon on the 24th October. A link to the different phases are here: Moon Phase Calender
It's also when to expect some awesome meteor showers. This will be on the 8th, 21st and the 22nd October 2018. The meteor shower on the 8th is the Draconids or Giaconids, while the 21st and 22nd meteor showers are the Orionids. We'll anticipate more meteor showers following October as well but there is much excitement for the coming star shows.
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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Crazy spider season!

It must be said that Autumn is a time for spiders!
Yes that again. The least favourite thing about Autumn. Those creepy things have spun webs all around the garden and indoors! Many people try and put off spiders with putting conkers and nuts around the house, which is said to frighten spiders. That is just an old wives tale because spiders don't have any fears of conkers and nuts. What they don't like are peppermint sprays and noise. Dogs and cats often chase spiders away. It's long been believed that spiders are a lucky charm and they foretell a future with money.
Killing spiders has been considered very bad luck. Beliefs that spiders linked to prosperity, wealth and fortune is ancient as the hills. It was said that seeing a spider climbing up a wall can be magical, you need to say a wish and it will come true. Spiders that have made webs in the morning will bring nice weather. Spinning webs across your front door will invite friendships into your life. A spider put inside a walnut shell and then worn as a pendant can protect against plague. A spider on a wedding dress is a positive sign of happiness. Oh yuck. All of those beliefs are still recognised as truth! 
Basically most of us don't want any spiders indoors. Good fortune or no good fortune, they're not welcome here. Myth busting facts about spideeeeees.
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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Down a Dark Hall

As part of Back To School season, I shall make a review of the film "Down a Dark Hall". This is a 2018 horror, directed by Rodrigo Cortes and starring Uma Thurman, AnnaSophia Robb, Johdi May and Pip Torrens. The film is based on the 1974 novel "Down a Dark Hall" by Lois Duncan.
A problem teenage girl named Kit is on medication but still has major issues. She's sent to Blackwood Boarding School by her mother to get help. A reluctant and unwilling Kit ends up inside a vast gloomy school with just no other students yet, except her. When the others arrive the following day, Kit is surprised to know that there is just a few other students. The headmistress Madame Duret is very strict and keeps their phones, making sure they have only limited use of them to make calls. Besides the imposing and Edwardian appearance of the head, there is the unfriendly yet super strong Mrs Olonsky, the cold Professor Farley, the pianist tutor, who is son of Duret and the nice Dr Heather Sinclair. Kit finds that each of the students are possessed and so is she, while a section of the school is off limits. There are strange goings on.
While this film is very dark, with spooky moments and gets off with some jump scares, it doesn't have much gore. The film isn't about blood and guts, as it's a supernatural chill type of horror. Some of the landscape views of the outdoor forests shrouded in mist is gorgeous. The scene cuts that might be down to Kit's own hallucinations are a bit confusing to be honest.
I rate this film a 4/10.
Most eager anticipated section: Zombies.
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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Tiny scarecrow creep

It's September and harvest season so that brings me to talk about a creepy scarecrow. In 2005 there was a reported sighting of a cryptid that looked like a tiny scarecrow. This happened in the farming village of Huay Nam Rak, Chaing Rai province in Thailand. The picturesque countryside around the small village has luscious trees, flowers, crops and veggie patches. On one sunny morning of 31st August 2005, a farmer named Ti Kitkangbon had something moving across his fields of lemongrass and rice that was witnessed by several people. The first to see it was a cyclist named Sawaeng Bunratchasak, who said that it was between 8 and 8.30 a.m. that he saw a little figure, which he first assumed was a scarecrow but it was moving over a ridge and through the fields. The creature noticed the cyclist and turned to stare at him with glowing red eyes. Bunratchasak was scared, as he knew it wasn't a scarecrow at all but a living creature of some type. He informed people in the village of what he saw. More people went into the field and saw the creature for themselves. It was described as "70cm high", yellow in colour, a large head with big ears and big red eyes. The creature was able to float and appeared unafraid of the humans.
It was an encounter that attracted the police and media. It was soon believed that the villagers had seen a balloon in the shape of a doll that floated there from another village. Also others claim that a storm carried off a load of scarecrows and that the people of the village were seeing only one of the wind blown scarecrows. None of these scaptical views take into consideration that the people living in the village have seen the creature alive and have features that the scarecrows and balloon didn't have.
Taiwan is full of myths and legends about mysterious creatures that include the mô-sîn-á who are the goblins, fae and other "little people" creatures. Could one of those creatures have been seen at the village of Huay Nam Rak? It could've been.
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Monday, 10 September 2018


Karma is a witch.
Tamara is a 2005 horror film directed by Jeremy Raft, starring Jenna Dewan, Chad Faust, Matthew Marsden and Claudette Mink. This is part of Back to School season with a horror flick set at school.
Tamara is a shy schoolgirl who writes for the school paper, when her latest article just lost her reputation. Not only didn't she have friends to begin with but she caused aggro by reporting on the popular sports aces as having been on drugs. This girl isn't all as it seems though and isn't just a shy girl at all. She's a witch. And has a major crush on her favourite teacher, Mr Natolly. Tamara is happy when a call is made and it's her teacher inviting her to visit him at a motel. Little does she know this is all a set up. Her classmates think it's funny to get back at her for writing about them. It went horribly wrong though, and Tamara ended up dead and buried by her classmates. Soon she turns up in school as seductive and risen from the grave, with powers of teleportation and hypnosis. Her classmates are confused and stupid. She could easily control people just by touching them. A former friend stumbles across her book of spells and wants to reverse the magic to stop Tamara going too far. Already people have been brutally killed.
Tamara is a hybrid of "Carrie," "The Craft" and "Frankenstein Created Woman" movies. Carrie because it's about school bullying. The Craft because it uses witchcraft. Frankenstein Created Woman because of the shy girl teased by others who died and came back from the dead as beautiful and vengeful.
I rate this film a 6/10.
The most gruesome part of all was what a student did to himself with a knife.
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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Scary schools

It's Back to School season. For that I shall post about creepy schools. There are countless haunted schools everywhere so I will mention them.
Anteneo de Manila is a university in the Phillipines filled with ghosts and mysterious creatures. Although it's just over 150 years old, once run by jesuit priests, then used by Japanese soldiers during WWII. It's now full of sudents there to learn and study. Many experienced paranormal activities while there.
St Andrews University in Scotland is extremely haunted. The university is a Medieval place founded in 1413 that looks like a creepy castle. The ghosts haunting the university include: "Archbishops, Martyrs, Royals, White Ladies, Green Ladies, Grey Ladies, Blue Ladies, Phantom Monks and fishermen. A doppelganger, a phantom car, a ghost ship, mysterious skulls, a floating head, ghostly golfers, a phantom coach trundling the streets in the early hours, ghostly figures in black, an array of classical hauntings and an abundance of poltergeist activity to force the mind into admitting their reality". [sic].
Next is G-Burg or Gettysburg College, a beautiful school filled with hauntings. It was founded in the early 19th Century. The ghosts are often experienced by those at the college. Ghosts tend to be from the American Civil War era but there are other anomolies and strange goings on that could be felt and heard. More follow link.
Another spooky school with a Civil War background is the University of Alabama. Founded in 1831, it claims hauntings in and around the campus including the library. The university has a popular football team and it's own museum featuring dinosaur bones. Ghosts of civil war era soldiers haunt the location are well known. There is also a negative energy because of deaths that have happened there. Students have felt threatened and under attack by supernatural forces.
Before there was a university, there was a medical school that was mostly destroyed by an atomic explosion that claimed the lives of about 800 students and staff. It was about 600 metres away from the blast. Then Nagasaki University in Japan was made in 1949 and yet it's haunted with mysterious screams, crying and smells of burning flesh.
University of Cambridge in England was founded in 1231. Resembling a giant fortress, the university is extremely haunted. The whole of Cambridge is haunted. It's said to be haunted by famous characters like Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I. There are special ghost hunts and ghost tours going on there.
There is just too many creepy haunted schools.
You can read about others if you go to the following links:
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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Video of a dire wolf

There is a video circulating around the internet, showing a very big wolflike animal chasing a domestic dog. Many newspaper articles, (such as Daily Mail and The Sun), as well as numerous Youtube links posted the video and found the creature "mysterious". They're not calling the animal a common grey wolf or a timber wolf but instead called it a "Dire Wolf". Such a creature as the Dire Wolf became extinct roughly 12,700 YBP.
Also to add to the speculations already, it's said that the animal is a dogman cryptid. A dogman is a type of werewolf or wolflike creature with the body like a human or almost humanlike, but the head of a dog or a wolf, depending on the sources, witnesses and reports. Some dogmen are known to move on all fours like a regular wolf but most are bipedal, which is what many people have seen happen. That video footage reveals a half hidden animal, that gives chase to a barking dog, while the man filming the clip yells "Hey!" at the end just before you hear the dog shriek when it's close to the wolf. I shall call it a wolf for now, but there are many things about it that doesn't add up.
First of all, the video isn't really that long and pretty grainy to begin to examine. The dog appears small by comparison to this big wolf, but the dog itself is not a large breed of dog either.
The original uploader had cut most of the film. What we see is a shortened part. The original was showing the dog being attacked, but soon someone fired a shotgun in the air to frighten off the wolf. The dog survived with a few scratches. Now this is the story behind the video:
According to the page that I included in the link above, "Monstrous wolf chases dog in northern Saskatchewan" at Stranger Dimensions, the creature appeared around that location for about a week, so the man decided to go out and film it. The man is a fishing guide, with his dog named Skipper. The dog Skipper became frantic and barked at the wolf. Skipper was then hurled into the air by the wolf. Another fishing guide shoots with a gun to scare away the wolf.
The author of the article at Stranger Dimensions smugly wrote at the end: "So there you have it. It’s always interesting to see how stories shapeshift over the years, don’t you think?" Okay, the writer seems happy that the wolf turned out to be what they think is none other than a regular wolf and not a dire wolf, dogman or a werewolf. But that wolf in the video is NOT a regular common wolf. The wolf as described in the True Story at Sascatchewan is NOT a regular common wolf either.
Clues in the article that show how this couldn't have been a common wolf:

1. "The wolf had already been appearing in the area over the previous week. At first, it ran away at the sight of the camera, but later returned".
2. "Immediately, one of the other guides fired a shotgun into the air, and the giant wolf retreated... it did return a few more times..."

Now let me quickly tell you something about common wolves. According to scientific research of Kananaskis Country, wolves have changed their patterns to avoid humans (link to article posted below).Websites on biology, animals and wolves specifically inform the public that wolves are afraid of humans and avoid going near human places. 
The wolf in that video has been lingering around the site for a week. Even after gunshots were fired to shoo the wolf away, it returned "a few more times". People can say that it was after the dog. That in itself is still unique and strange because the dog is surrounded by humans and that wolf didn't kill the dog, but roughed it up.Wolves have been caught on tape at night dragging away dogs, although there hasn't been any humans in sight. Wolves are often masters of stealth.
What also stands out in that quote above is that the wolf disliked the camera. This must be said that supernatural creatures such as Bigfoot hate being filmed. Most animals don't like the flash of cameras but neither do some people. That camera doesn't seem to be using any flash photography or does it seem to be an old fashioned camcorder with noise and movements. It looks as if the film was made by a small device. Often wolves are curious about cameras and sniff them.   
Another very different event of a wolf approaching a dog ended up with a magical story as this one: What Happens When A Wild Wolf Approaches A Dog Common wolves such as the grey wolf and timber wolf have a bad reputation anyway and they're on the endangered species list. 
That wolf in the video chasing Skipper has been a very persistent wolf. It kept stalking and then returned to the site. It's very large in size and powerful enough to fling a dog up into the air, while humans watched! That wolf in the video was too close to the people, as wolves usually avoid people anyway. It's not scared of humans.The wolf didn't like the camera and was more afraid of it than it was afraid of the humans. This creature didn't behave normal for what we know of common wolves. This is about all I will say for now.  
Here are some of the links:
Video of Huge wolf attacking dog
The Daily Mail story
The Sun article
Kananaskis study shows wolves adjust habits to avoid humans 
Western Wildlife on wolves 

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Family hiding from werewolves

There is a story about a "pack of werewolves" who terrorised a family in Palmyra, Maine.
It happened one night, the Martin family were enjoying an evening at home during Memorial Day with some coffee. The head of the household, Eric, also an experienced hunter, had an injury at work that made him leave his job and move out into the area. The house that he picked was quiet, surrounded by beautiful forests and peaceful. His wife Shelley discovered the house first of all and she was going to care for her husband. Their older kids, Eric and Chelsea, helped out. Chelsea invited her boyfriend Nathan that weekend. They enjoyed going for walks with the dogs, and it was during this evening that Eric and Shelley sat on the porch, enjoying the coffee and first seeing the strangeness.
Dozens of shining eyes gleamed in the darkness by the trees. All of those eyes were staring at them. Eric and Shelley went inside the house quickly, to avoid being outside with whatever lurked out there. All of Eric's guns were locked away outside in a barn. Shelley locked the doors and closed the windows.
Eric decided to go out and reach for the car, but then an outdoor light switched on, bringing himself to the attention of the beasts from the forest. He saw one of them, a very large unknown animal. Eric, frightened, ran to the house. They phoned the police asking for help, but they were told to just stay indoors. The family looked out of the upstairs window and they could see a number of large shapes with glowing eyes prowling just outside of the house. They were worried that those creatures might break in through the windows, or kick down the doors. With the guns locked away in a barn outside, and no police were coming out to help, this family kept inside, watching the creatures outside.
The family fell asleep. By morning, the creatures were all gone. However, they discovered their own pet dogs were cowering in a small downstairs corner. The creatures didn't only scare the humans but also frightened the dogs.
In an interview with Cryptomundo, Shelley Martin described that night in vivid detail. I will make some quotes by Shelley here and then post a link to the full interview.

"And all I could think of – the leg, the thigh going down to the leg – the thigh reminded me of a kangaroo, and the foot, what was odd about it, it had a very long arch and a heel like a human. And then it walked on – they didn’t really look like toes as much as they looked like canine paws. With very long nails sticking out of it".
 "Their eyes were huge, and they were a greenish-yellow fluorescent – bright. And the bridge of their nose was about seven inches. They were about seven feet tall. We measured from where he was standing by that ten-foot door".
"You could hear them moving around. I don’t know if they were talking to each other, or what was going on. They were making these demonic noises and it was like almost a growl, but it was a communication noise". 

The above are quotes by Shelley Martin. To read the rest of the interview in full go here and visit the link:     

So what to make of that? This is very strange. I'm not going to say if what they witnessed was real. It might've happened to them and what they experienced was frightening but had they seen exactly what they thought were werewolves? Could they have been mistaken? Could those have been just regular animals like common grey wolves? It was dark, and senses are higher at night, making people feel fragile and more scared. If what they saw is real, then what does it mean?
I believe there are plenty of things science can't explain and doesn't know about. I'll be the first to say that werewolves appeared in that forest in view of the Martin family although it must be said, this isn't the first time incidents like this has happened. More reports around the world of "werewolves" being sighted are being uncovered, now that we're in the age of the internet and more stories like these are becoming available to see.
Paranormal Witness the TV series made an episode based on the experience of the Martin family in an episode called "The Wolf Pack".
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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Poison for the Fairies

This Summer fairytale horror film is "Poison for the Fairies" made in 1984. It was directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada, and stars Ana Patricia Rojo and Elsa Maria Gutierrez.
Forget the magic of Harry Potter and the sweet natured characters of The Worst Witch, these children in Poison for the Fairies are far more scary. This film is classed as a Horror or gothic, but I must say that it's basically an earthy and scenic film instead of a gory show with special effects.
The story centres on two girls. One is Flavia, a shy new girl that arrives to the school and is befriended by the class witch named Veronica. Flavia is eager to learn what Veronica knows. Veronica tells Flavia that she's really a witch and an owl tells her things. She pulled a joke on her classmates bringing in a snake and then blamed it on Flavia. She told Flavia that her name "Flavia" is a spider's name. Owch! Veronica wanted to have Flavia's favourite doll and then she took an uncanny dark interest in Flavia's new puppy. Veronica's parents are dead, and when asked if she misses them, she replied a sudden "No".
Veronica has an elderly grandmother who resembles a witch. She's given fairytale books, and is told that fairies are scared of witches. So Veronica's next quest is to kill fairies. She wants her friend to help her do that. We journey into a cemetery and a swamp, looking for toads, spiders, lizards and snakes' shedded skin. Apart from the witchy brew side of things, Veronica bullies Flavia throughout the film. If you want screenshots with a few cool quotes from this pretty witch film, visit Just Screenshots "Poison for the Fairies" page.
I rate this 7/10.
Favourite quote by a 10 year old Veronica is: "I want to be the most wicked witch of all".
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Friday, 17 August 2018

Names of the Full Moon

 Art by Minah Kim 

This August 2018 will experience a full sturgeon moon for three nights in a row. This will be on the 25th, 26th and the 27th August. Surprisingly August moons are associated with the best season for fishing because sturgeons were in abundance in lakes and rivers. Other names for the August full moon is a "Green Corn Moon" by the Cherokee. "Young Ducks Moon" by the Cree. And "Black Cherries moon" by various other tribes. There is also "Corn moon" and "Grain moon" by the English. "Dispute moon" by the Celts. "Lightning Moon" and "Wyrt moon" by Pagans and Wiccans. More moon names are as follows of 2018:
January 1st - Wolf moon
January 31st - Snow moon
March 1st - Worm moon
March 31st - Sap moon
April 29th - Pink moon
May 29th - Flower moon
June 28th - Strawberry moon
July 27th - Buck moon
August 26th - Sturgeon moon
September 24th - Harvest moon
October 24th - Hunter's moon
November 23rd - Beaver moon
December 22nd - Cold moon 

Moon names by Native American tribes

More moon names at Celtic myth moon

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Funhouse

"The Funhouse" is a 1981 horror film directed by Tobe Hooper, starring Elizabeth Berridge, Cooper Huckabee, Miles Chapin and Kevin Conway. A book version called The Funhouse was written by Dean Koontz, and set in 1955.
The film starts off with scary puppets during the beginning credits. The family house consists of two parents, a teenaged girl Amy and her little brother Joey who enjoys creepy things. As his practical joke upset his big sister too much, he wasn't allowed to go to the carnival that just arrived in town. Amy was expecting her date, Buzz, to arrive and take her out to the cinema. She told her parents about it, and they warned her not to go to that carnival because of two murders that happened before.
Buzz convinces Amy to go to the carnival, which makes Amy feel apprehensive and they meet up with friends Liz and Richie. Everyone is smoking a joint while Amy is still feeling nervous. When they got to the carnival, Amy soon forgot her fears and enjoyed herself. Meanwhile, Joey desperately wants to go to the carnival and he slipped out into the night, without his parents knowing. He sneaked away and had a fun time while looking for his sister. Amy and her friends ended up staying overnight at the carnival, inside the Funhouse ride, which is like a ghost train. They hide inside the walls, and peep at the carnival staff doing creepy things and it just so happened that they watched a murder. The film itself has jump scares. There are weird animals, annoying props, flashing lights, creeps, a monster, plenty of screaming and gruesome scenes.
I rate this 6/10
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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The paranormal British Bulldog

The guardian spirits of the British Isles are the paranormal Black Dogs. There are so many rich and diverse sightings of these dogs, who range from the size of a greyhound to the size of a horse, some with red eyes, others with yellow or green eyes. These dogs are black as shadow with shaggy fur, and very sharp long fangs. People have been seeing them from today and across time as far back as before the Romans came. These dog entities have a fearsome reputation, the bringers of doom and death, while also they can linger around graveyards, guard temples, stroll through country lanes and even protect people from danger.
One of the most interesting articles about the subject that I've read is from Brent Swancer, and the page is found at Mysterious Universe. It's titled "The Black Hellhounds of the United Kingdom". The link is: 
The animal icon of the British Isles is the bulldog. This trend started in the 18th Century when political cartoonists added bulldogs beside Britannia and the lion. The term "Bulldog spirit" appeared in Victorian times and was used often again during the First World War to boost morale. While this looks so ordinary, the icon is "only" a symbol, they say.
A bulldog is a very muscular broad shouldered dog with a flat nose and a short legs. They're quite an old breed too. These dogs are strong enough to defend their human families from large predators. They have always been a favourite breed of dog over the centuries and even in ancient Greece for being guardians of the home and defenders of farm animals. The earliest ancestor of that breed is a mollosus dog, now extinct. These mollosus dogs protected herds of sheep, cattle and goats from wolves.
As long as the breed of dog has been favoured by peoples, the stories of the creepy Black Dog entities appear. A landscape as the British Isles, full of folklore and reports of the supernatural Black Dogs is also a home of the Black Dog where the bulldog is the icon of Britain. While other countries have mysterious hell hounds and Black Dogs, werewolves, dogmen and others, the British Isles are isolated and filled with spirits like this, with many layers upon layers of old accounts to the newest reports and sightings.
Is the British Bulldog icon really just a friendly familiar symbol as was meant to be? Or could it be the disguised phantom Black Dog showing up in the human psyche? The British Isles from Scotland, Wales, England and all of the islands around it are so full of fairytales, folklore, sightings and stories of the spooky Black Dog. The Black Dog is not just a demon, it's also a guardian. Each region has their own names for these dog spirits. So it's telling that the animal symbol of the entire British Isles is a dog!

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Night Shadow

The film "Night Shadow" (1989) is a werewolf film directed by Randolph Cohlan, and starring Brenda Vance, Rick Scott and Stuart Quan.
A TV journalist decides to have a break from her job and life in L.A. to visit her family home in a small town. She passes a strange broken down car with a creepy looking man stood beside it staring straight at her. However, an old man was unfortunate to offer the stranger a lift later on, much to his own doom. The stranger leaves a trail of blood and dead bodies. While local police are trying to investigate it, there is strife going on with bitterness between the sheriff and deputy and mayor. The journalist is reunited with her younger brother and godmother. Her brother is a kick boxer who has two friends who play tricks and enjoy going out drinking, much will get them into trouble when they come across weird stuff in a motel room where stranger keeps blood, books and rotten meat full of worms. The stranger in town is the werewolf who appears and disappears, but is full of thunder and lightning.
Entertaining late 80's popcorn horror on low budget with some laughs and confusing things. Plenty to wonder about, such as why the police never traced this odd werewolf much earlier.
I rate this movie a 3/10.
Most amusing part was the biker gang fight.
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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Thunder moon

The predicted Blood Moon tonight was overshadowed by clouds and thunderstorms. This doesn't mean that the effects of the Blood Moon didn't happen. Nor does it mean that the magical period didn't work. It only means that people who experienced clouds and storms last night didn't see the Blood Moon. 

Can werewolves still change during a full moon if there's clouds?
Yes they can. To read a more detailed description of how this happens visit Mystic Investigations and see their answer to the question to how werewolves change during cloudy skies here: Mystic Investigations answer werewolf transformation during clouds

For Blood Moon prettiness, there is a fantastic picture called "Blood Moon Goddess" drawn by Arta Ji with an accompanying story. Go check it out: Blood-Moon-Goddess by Arta Ji

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Monday, 23 July 2018

Wonder Woman (2017)

"Wonder Woman" is a film made in 2017, directed by Patti Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright and David Thewlis. It's been regarded as the longest film of 2017 with a duration of 141 minutes. It's one of the DC superhero films made in the same time period along with "Batman and Superman" and "Justice League".
Wonder Woman is Diana, the daughter of Hippolyta the queen of the Amazons, and Zeus the god of Olympus. She was raised in Themyscira, an island paradise and trained since childhood to become a ferocious fighter. The secret of Diana is revealed later when she uses the "god killer" sword against her arch enemy, Ares, god of war. It was all believed that Ares is responsible for the conflicts among mortal men, and to destroy him would end war, as Diana and the Amazons believed.
She follows a mortal man named Steve, and ends up in a very different place during the First World War. Steve was rescued from drowning by Diana, so there was a connection made.
Diana and the Amazons fighting against modern soldiers with guns and beating them was pure fantasy, absurd and unrealistic, but then again Amazons and Wonder Woman are more powerful. The rest of the movie slowly grinds down and fills up with gas, innuendo, brittleness and painful explosives. I rate this movie a 7/10.
The best scene of all was watching Diana get the better of the officials in office. 
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Reading and stalking

A werewolf loves to stalk prey and that includes stalking its favourite websites. This page is going to be a bit of some howling good pages and info to look at and read. They're all related to the interests and subjects that this blog has featured. They include sites on creatures, monsters, lycanthropes, the paranormal and unexplained, magic and nature.

Favourite sites and books to read:

Scary for Kids - Visit 

The Old Farmer's Almanac (Founded in 1792) - Visit

The Spooky Isles - Visit

Your Ghost Stories - Visit

Phantoms & Monsters (Pulse of the Paranormal) - Visit

Creepy Pasta - Visit

Dogman Encounters - Visit

Mythical Realm - Visit

Ancient Origins - Visit

Gods and Monsters - Visit

Wild Spirit (Wolf Sanctuary) - Visit

Werewolf - Visit

Magical Recipes Online - Visit

Fantastic Fiction - Visit 

Good Reads - Visit 

"Immortal Hope" by Claire Ashgrove (book review)

"The Howling" by Gary Brandner (book review)

Willard Library Ghost cams - Visit

Werewolf News - Visit 

Moon Giant - Visit

More links will be added in time.
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Monday, 16 July 2018

Hybrid (2007)

"Hybrid" (2007) is a TV horror made by the Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy).It's part of the "Maneater" series of films. Directed by Yalena Lansjaya and starring Justine Bateman, Tinsel Koray, Corey Monteith and Gordon Tootoosis.
A security guard named Aaron is severely blinded when an explosion happens and he attempts to rescue a colleague. He's given a new set of eyes thanks to a scientist who wants to expand on eye donations using different animals. The eyes that Aaron now has comes from a wolf who died from being torn to pieces by another wolf rival. Now that he's got a brilliant pair of yellow wolf eyes, he's taken on the soul of the wolf, influencing him so that his sense of smell is much greater, his physical strength is remarkably better and he can do things most humans can't. The woman that found the injured wolf, Lydia, who sent it to the healing centre (where Andrea works) tries to help Aaron come to terms with his new self.
Overall I give this film 7/10. The movie has a magical side to it. Also the daft side with its panto group of squaddies with guns blazing.
Funniest and stupid part of all was this chat:
Dr. Andrea Hewlitt: "Do you know what Lycanthropy is?"
Officer: "No". (Duh)
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Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Merrylin cryptid museum

Thomas Theodore Merrilyn was a naturalist and biologist. He studied animals, and made a collection of dead creatures and even cryptids such as fairies, dragons, vampires and werewolves. He kept them in a lab. So what does he have to do with the discovery of dead creatures found in a locked basement? A lot actually, because he owned them all and sealed the room a very long time ago.
Who was he?
Well according to the website of Merrylin Cryptid museum, Thomas Merrylin was born in 1782 and died in 1942! That would make him 160 years old. The site is dedicated to the Merrylin topic and species.
Have a look at the Specimens and decide for yourself.
It includes a baby werewolf or lycanthrope, a deformed infant kept in a wooden case. A skeleton of a hatchling dragon or Draco Magnus. Homo Lupus or simply a werewolf, as a small infant kept in a jar. There are many more lycanthropes and other creatures. Some of these species were collected initially by Edward Harrell, a researcher of lycanthropes.
Merrylin Cryptid museum
The research includes fossils, skulls, relics, hunting cases, books, machines, witch box, dead elementals, and other oddities and legendary creatures. Here the collection is found extraordinary and mysterious. Many people find these scary.
So have a browse and look at the strange collection.
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Sunday, 8 July 2018


Art by Ron Walotsky


What are they? In Middle Earth, wargs are a species of demonic wolves. Wargs are also called Wild Wargs by the people from Rhovanion. They're not an ordinary species of wolf, for wargs are considered allies of the necromancer Sauron and the goblin race called Orcs. It's said that Orcs rode upon the backs of Wild Wargs.
Firstly in Tolkien's universe, the wargs are enemies of humans, elves, hobbits and dwarves. When goblins planned to raid a certain village to steal people as slaves, the wargs appeared there also to ambush. Wargs would've killed anyone there and seem like four-legged soldiers of the antagonists.
While these wargs from the "Lord of the Rings" saga appear as demonic creatures, the term warg comes from Old Norse that means "wolf". It referred to Fenrir, the giant wolf, and his sons Hati and Skol from Norse myth.
In Norse myth we can find out that wolves were mounts of the giantess Hyrrokkin and Volva witch Hyndla. Earlier stories of the Valkyrja rode wolves. It's not clear how these wolves behaved, except that they were very big and had the ability to run so fast across the air and land.
In George R. R. Martin's works, a Warg is the name of a person with special magical abilities of entering the mind of an animal. They're also considered skinchangers.
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