Thursday, 27 April 2017

Rapunzel tower and death

A few miles away from my house is a large cemetery that I felt like checking out. I went over there recenly and found it was... despite it looking so pretty with blossoms on the trees, birds, squirrels and wild bunnies... it was creepy! Each headstone was unique and it is a beautiful and quiet place. Plenty of massive twisted trees.
The entrance was difficult to find. I was led up to a path alongside the cemetery's massive red brick wall with iron spikes over 7 feet high, and it came to a dead end. I turned another way and had to walk along a very thin path next to a main road, until I came to the entrance to the cemetery and I went in. What struck me first of all about the cemetery, was this giant thin tower. The tower building (an empty old chapel) was locked and boarded up heavily with metal grates. No one can get in, not even wild animals could go in there.
Alongside the arched stone leading into the other end of the cemetary, are stone heads looking at anyone that comes in. It was nice architecture but so very weird. At night this place is definately spooky. The tall tower has a barricaded door but some tiny openings high up near the top. It might be a good home for bats? The high tower room must be quite small.
I'm reminded of the tower that Rapunzel was living in. It's so much like the Rapunzel tower. I could imagine her living up there!
Anyone familiar with the story, knows Rapunzel has magical long hair used for others to climb up to see her. The tower is her prison. The witch, who raised her (in a terrible way) climbed up Rapunzel's long hair. The prince climbed up Rapunzel's hair, making the witch very angry enough to cut off Rapunzel's hair and (attempt) to kill the prince, leaving him blind.
Everyone wonders how Rapunzel escaped. It's obvious that the witch made her climb down her hair. Hair is significant as it can be interprated as a lot of things, from strength, beauty, crowning glory and telepathy.
There are many stories of men losing their powers after having their long hair cut. It's also been proven that warriors with long hair lose skills after losing their hair. Having ones hair cut is sometimes distressing. Rapunzel's haircut made her alter her life forever. She was reunited with the prince later on in the story but he was blind. Her tears of joy helped recover his sight.
Rapunzel isn't an ordinary mortal but a magical being: angel, elf, nymph, valkyrie, goddess or a fairy. She doesn't have wings but her hair is extremely long and helped her to interact with the outside world, and the prince fell in love with her.
With her long hair I'm reminded of the silver cord and astral travel. The witch severing Rapunzel's hair could be an act of cutting the silver cord? There is much darker things in that story that I will focus on another time when I post more about fairytales.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Silver bombshells

There are many blonde bombshells. And fewer silver bombshells.
Silver hair isn't yellow or golden blonde. It's silver blonde like metallic silver and moonlight, white, with a very pale blue sheen. The hair of young light elves are silver blonde in colour. Silver hair glitters and is luminous as the full moon, ice and snow. Silver is associated with the moon, stars, night and magical powers. However, the regular golden blonde is associated with the sun.
The Irish folk stories of the fairy type Banshee has silver blonde hair. The light elves of Norse myth have silver hair. Unicorns were said to have been silver in colour. The astral self is connected with a silver cord. Silver is supposed to protect against evil spirits and werewolves.
Silver, not golden, hair is potent and otherworldly. It's considered a bad omen by some cultures, and people have cast out anyone from communities who were born with silver hair, mainly those with albinism. Sadly albinos have been murdered because people were scared of their white silver hair. There are also non-albinos with silver hair.
Women have artificially made their hair silver throughout time, using wigs, powder, chalk, peroxide, silver hairspray, tinsels and cobwebs. Normal yellow blonde equals gold. Silver and gold are different colours, different metals. In the fairytale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," the girl was originally silver haired and not golden haired. The story was called "Silverlocks and the Three Bears". This meant that the heroine of the story was not an ordinary girl but a supernatural being, i.e. a fairy, witch or a light elf. Giving her name and hair "goldenness" turned her character into a mortal child.
Silver hair in popular culture is often someone with incredible powers and beauty, fame, abilities and heroism. Here is a list of some silver blonde women and men:
Marilyn Monroe - Beautiful star, goddess and actress.
Elsa - A young queen with ice powers from "Frozen".
Daenerys Targaryen - Queen of dragons from "A Song of Ice and Fire" books.
Storm - Powerful sorceress (mutant) of the "X Men".
Legolas - Elf from Middle Earth.
Jack Frost - Legend and character in "Rise of the Guardians".
Now I must focus on the most popular silver blonde bombshell of all: Marilyn Monroe. Her fantasy world counterpart is Daenerys Targaryen (although some might not agree, LOL!). Marilyn's Disney princess counterpart is Elsa from "Frozen". Elsa and Daenerys are counterparts of one another, as each are powerful queens, one rules ice, the other rules fire. All have silver hair. Elsa's male counterpart is Jack Frost. It goes on... the silver blondes tend to be quite extraordinary with their rise to fame. These people are favourites who are loved by many and feared by many.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Blessed Eostre

I want to say have a really happy Eostre (Easter/Ostara).
The holiday has arrived quickly and amid blossoms, the Pink Moon, birthdays and warm air.
It's a time to feast on chocolate eggs but also keeping tame about that!
Eggs are a magical sign of new life, birth and surprises.
The spirit of the easter bunny that comes from ancient descriptions of the goddess Eostre and her sacred animals, such as wild hares.
Alice in Wonderland is a magical story but has hidden meanings that even Lewis Carrol probably tried to get across. Alice follows a white rabbit down a tunnel and this is similar to old English folklore about witchcraft, white hares, shapeshifters and the moon.
The link with bunnies and eggs is obscure. Rabbits are highly fertile and don't lay eggs. There is a missing link in many of the traditional tales and customs. Rabbits, bunnies and eggs, all go back to pagan times and the worship of Spring goddesses, the arrival of flowers and warm sunlight.
Creatures that do lay eggs are birds, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles. These animals don't feature in the holiday of Eostre at all, so that must be symbolic of the ovum and pregnancy. Decourating and eating eggs is a very old pasttime. It's like everyone giving thanks to spring.
In my honest opinion, eggs represent love as well as new creations, life, birth and rebirth.

(The baby dragon hatching from the egg is from Windstone Editions). 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

The last dragon prince

Lancelot, Siegfried, Romeo, Paris, Orpheus and Tristan. These men are the lovers in famous stories. The tragic love stories of myth and legends.Those men, heroic and adored by women, and the stories are the most powerfully told in history. Fictional, mythological and sometimes real.

To me, one of the most heroic men in modern day fantasy literature is Rhaegar Targaryen. Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, tall, strong, warrior and minstrel, long flowing silver-blond hair, violet eyes. He wore beautiful black metal armour with rubies set in the form of a dragon. The oldest brother to the spiteful Viserys and beautiful dragon princess Daenerys Stormborn. Rhaegar is son of the "mad king" Aerys II Targaryen and Rhaella.

Prince Rhaegar was loved by people across the kingdoms. Among his many admirers was a girl called Cersei (and I mentioned Cersei in a previous post called "My list of 5 evil queens"). Rhaegar visited the ruins of Summerhall with his harp and his lovely music made women cry. He was a fighter and skilled with the lance. He was extremely handsome and women loved him everywhere. Rhaegar married a princess named Elia of House Martell. She was Dornish and Rhaegar was Valyrian and king Aerys II didn't like her. Rhaegar and Elia had two children, but more was to come and tragedy would happen.

There was a Tourney at Harrenhal (a great tournament event in the charred ruined city-castle that was destroyed by dragons many years before). Rhaegar attended this grand event, and won many times. He became a champion, and each champion gives a crown of blue winter roses to the "queen of love and beauty". He was holding the crown of blue winter roses but ignored his wife, and gave them to a wolf princess named Lyanna Stark. This created a huge scandal, because not only did he pass his wife, but chose Lyanna to be the "queen of love and beauty" who was already bethrothed to another man, king Robert I of Baratheon!

This followed with Robert's Rebellion (a great war), after Rhaegar "kidnapped" (or rescued?) Lyanna. Many have said Rhaegar "raped" Lyanna but others said he loved her. Lyanna was missing. Robert killed Rhaegar with a hammer during the Battle of the Tridant, breaking the rubies from Rhaegar's armour, and as he was dying, he called for Lyanna Stark. This followed with the tragic ending of Rhaegar's wife and children being slaughtered by the vicious knight Gregor. Then Jaime Lannister (brother of Cersei) killed Rhaegar's father. 

Lyanna's brother eventually discovered her dying among a bed of sweet smelling rose petals and blood. The scent of blood and roses filled the room.... 
Rhaegar's character in the kingdoms is legend. He's spoken of years after his death, and many come up with new theories about him still being alive or that a boy called Jon Snow is the secret son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. This beloved warrior prince, who played music that touched women, and loved by many became the "last dragon".   

You can read more in details of this epic series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin. The TV series "Game of Thrones" is based on the books.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tiger Eye

Just briefly wanted to mention Tiger Eye gemstone. I started to wear this recently and its been helping my asthma. I carry my inhaler with me in a handbag when I go out each day, and on days I've worn a tiger eye, I haven't felt the need to use my inhaler. It could be a coincidence? I'm not sure. This stone is said to help people with asthma. It's also very pretty.
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