Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Goddess Athena and Medusa

Many people believe that the goddess of art and wisdom punished a rape victim. The story of Medusa is the one that most people are aware of, that she was a priestess raped by Poseidon in the temple of Athena. She was transformed into a monster by an "angry" Athena, according to this story. It's the later version by the Roman poet Ovid, written this some time between 43 BCE and 17 CE.
Medusa as a character has been around since ancient Greece and had always been a monstrous gorgon. She was born that way and had gorgon sisters called Sthenno and Euryale.
Early worship of Athena was as a snake goddess. She's also linked to weaving and spinning. Again there is another story about her changing a beautiful mortal woman named Arachne. In that story, Arachne made works of weaving art and the goddess destroyed it, followed by Arachne committing suicide. Athena felt deeply sad for her, so she brought her back to life in the form of a spider. This was done out of remorse and not as a punishment. It shows here that Arachne was given a chance to live again to continue weaving by spinning webs. This is also a story about reincarnation.
Going back to Medusa, the later version by Ovid that seems popular today has demonised the goddess Athena. If people want to take that version literally, instead of seeing Athena as a cruel goddess punishing a woman for getting raped, maybe consider that Athena was doing Medusa a favour. Athena gave Medusa the power, because Medusa could blind people just by looking at them. She was so frightening that she would never be attacked again!

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Admin change over

This blog will now have a couple of admins for a while, myself Wolf Girl Night, and Rayne. I will post a link to my other blog. It's called Path of Werewolves.

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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Where did Drogon take Daenerys?

My answer to the question "Where did Drogon take Daenerys?":

It’s a metaphor just like many other things in Season 8. One very obvious being the white horse in a burned Kings Landing which seemed to appear there for Arya. Suddenly in the next scene in the next episode, Arya is without the horse. The writers put that little religious bit there for the audience to get chilly and excited.
The other metaphore (and the most powerful looking scene in Season 8) was when Daenerys in episode 6 who looked as if she had wings. It was a strong reminder of the Disney character Maleficent. Both Daenerys and Maleficent could be one and the same? Both are dragon queens.
This is what the image resembled, because it was revealed to us that Daenerys is the antagonist and had just destroyed Kings Landing, killing many innocent people. It’s basically telling us all that Dany was the true dark one here.
Drogon felt duty bound to deal with his mother’s body. As a Mother of Dragons, she meant so much to him throughout his life. Drogon was always able to understand Dany like there was a real mother-child connection. In a way there might’ve been telepathy also like close loved ones experience sometimes, but not everyone does, and this is how Drogon and Dany came across.
So where did Drogon take dead queen Daenerys? This was another metaphor. Some might say that Drogon just took her to Old Valyria. Perhaps there’s more to it. Like with all works of fiction focused on genres fantasy, sci-fi and horror, once the main evil characters have died, the ones who supported them just leave and don’t come back. I believe that, going by the world of Ice and Fire itself, Daenerys brought the Long Night to Westeros and Kings Landing using fire. Her death and Drogon taking her far away East, is a complete end of the supernatural war against humanity. The Night King was one threat, and Daenerys was another.
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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Dating ET's

Hi, this is Rayne and I'm back as co-admin of She Wolf Night. I want to start off by posting something light hearted and weird. Dating Extra Terrestrials! I know but it's my first ever post for 16 months on this blog, and I often write out there stuff. I couldn't post this on my second blog Storm Valkyrie, which is basically about spiritual matters and Mother Nature. I copied and pasted this from my entry on Quora, which has become buried under the piles of posts.

In the Star Trek universe, there are so many inter galactic relationships even though Captain Janeway had a go at Harry Kim for having sex with an alien. The discussion centred around sex with aliens introducing a disease or cause terrible damage on DNA. It’s a protocol ignored by the entire Star Treks.

Aliens would come from a different world culture. If you were going out with a Klingon, you may have to respect their traits even though it comes across as strange. If you wanted to date a human/humanoid alien from a different world (like Arda from the “Lord of the Rings” world or Planetos from “A Song of Ice and Fire” world) then no reason why precautions shouldn’t still be taken. Who knows what DNA will be passed if someone ended up starting a family with an alien.


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