Monday, 20 May 2019

The Mad Queen

The scene of the mad Queen in the finale "Game of Thrones" was most stunning. When I first saw that scene, I almost went bananas because it looked as though Daenerys Targaryen was transforming and spread a pair of demonic wings. In fact no, the camera made it look that way because the dragon Drogon was situated right behind her. It revealed to us all that here was a demon queen who just returned from her angry blitzkrieg on Kings Landing.
The new queen of the 7 kingdoms walks on top of a broken stairs overlooking the burned city. Her hairstyle looks so reminiscent of writhing snakes that she appears like a Medusa figure. She then gave a blasting and glorious speech to her army, as a dictator would do, in the ruins of Kings Landing. Daenerys killed perhaps a million citizens but, in her own view, she "liberated them" from a "tyrant". That tyrant was Queen Cersei who was dead under the rubble as Daenerys gave that speech. Despite the bad things Cersei ever did, she tried to protect her city from Daenerys but she'd made the fatal error of underestimating the power of a dragon and it's owner obsessed with the Iron Throne.
 It was then established that Daenerys was seeking world domination. She saw it as "liberating" all people from the world of tyranny. If this means burning cities and killing millions of innocent people as she did with Kings Landing, then Daenerys has got to be the most dangerous woman in the world of Ice and Fire. More dangerous than the Others.
The Night King was immortal, a type of demigod of ice, who was a necromancer, and was filled with anger because he had once been a normal human man who was transformed against his will, thousands of years ago. After his destruction, we had to contend with the next battle boss. The Night King didn't kill as many people as Daenerys had done. Everyone thought it would be the hateful queen Cersei. We were later confronted at the second-to-last episode of "Game of Thrones" with the true antagonist evil:

Daenerys Targaryen.

It came as a shock to everyone because the majority of viewers didn't expect her to do what she did. But there we have it. She was the ultimate baddie, with a massive army backing her, and a devoted dangerous dragon who is like a B-52 Bomber. And after seeing the horrors she inflicted on innocent people in Kings Landing, we see her without remorse and no pity. Her only relative alive, who we all came to know as Jon Snow, plunged a sword into her heart and fulfilled the Nissa Nissa prophesy, sacrifice her for the greater good.
The most mysterious ending of Daenerys happened when her dragon was so upset to find her dead, that he melted the Iron Throne. It was the object of Daenerys' hearts desire: to sit on that throne. Like poetic justice, when dragon fire formed that throne, a dragon destroyed it finally. By the ending of the Iron Throne, means to finish the Targaryen dynasty forever, and an end to the Seven Kingdoms.
The dragon Drogon was named after Daenerys' dead husband, Khal Drogo.
This dragon carried the dead queen off into the mist over the sea, and was never seen again. According to some, Drogon was seen in "The East" but we can guess only as there isn't going to be a Season 9. What will happen to the body of this mad queen? Will Drogon take her back to Vaes Dothrak? Or Asshai when the eggs were first discovered? Or to the ruins of Valyria? I guess that we'll never know the answer to that one.
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GOT Season 8 Episode 6: The Finale

This was the last ever episode of "Game of Thrones." I will post a review but it contains spoilers so don't read on if you've not watched it yet. The episode begins following the destruction of Kings Landing, and Tyrion finds his dead siblings. Daenerys is truly power mad, while saying that she wants to take over the whole world. Things couldn't get worse, until Jon puts an end to her reign of terror. Drogon burns the Iron Throne, and carries the dead queen off across the sea. The Seven Kingdoms become Six, because the north is given independence. Jon is sent to the Nights Watch so he can be reunited with Ghost and the wildlings go back home to the far north. Westeros has two rulers now. One is Sansa the Queen of the North, and the other is Bran the Broken, the King of the 6 Kingdoms. Arya leaves Westeros to start her quest to look for land far West across the Sunset Sea.
What did I make of the finale episode?
It wasn't a bitter sweet ending. It was unsatisfying.
A disappointing end of a great show that lasted almost a decade.
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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Is Westeros stagnant?

Stagnant society... 
Maybe not for long.

Many have asked why this world of Planetos is stuck in the Middle Ages. It must be mentioned that Westeros has already got the means to develop better technology but strife and many wars prevented that from going ahead. On our world, China created black powder in the 9th Century and from this, the fire lance was made, and soon other weapons had been invented, while the earliest types of guns appeared from the 15th Century. So in Westeros, and other places,  it isn't gunpowder they have but wildfire. So we can imagine that some bright spark will use the knowledge of wildfire to develop firearms in their future. That world has lost technologies such as Valyrian steel and glass candles. Why hasn't anyone considered making bikes or trains, because they do have wheelchairs for the disabled. It might be that they will, as anyone can guess, because in our own history, the Romans had the knowledge of steam engines but this technology didn't kick off until so many centuries later that started the Industrial Revolution. In our own society we had a stagnating period for thousands of years although the wisdom of high technology sat there in old books, just as it might in that world because the Citadel have a vast and private library.

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Monday, 13 May 2019

GOT Season 8 Episode 5: "The Bells"

This episode called "The Bells" was a total blast. SPOILERS ahead. Don't read if you haven't seen the episode and want to be surprised.
It began with the armies preparing for another war. Meanwhile, Daenerys is grieving the death of Missandei and refuses to eat. It's soon discovered that the "spider" Varys betrayed her, and was executed. Further on, she tries to rekindle any hope of love and desire with Jon Snow but he refuses, because she's his aunt. As soon as she's rejected, the fury inside her becomes increased. The war starts with Drogon setting fire to scorpion weapons, and the armies fight within the city. Tyrion tries to help his brother and sister, by rescuing a captured Jaime and telling him where to depart from the Red Keep. Jaime looks for Cersei. Daenerys uses her dragon to burn down the whole city, and kills anybody, even innocent people that are there. Jon Snow becomes extremely upset and tries to get his army to cease fighting. As dragon fire rages through the streets, Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark make it through and look for their targets. Overall the episode was mad. By the end of watching that, most fans of Daenerys Targaryen will be feeling sick and put off this dangerous character. 
Total feelings: The deaths of all those innocent people in Kings Landing was dreadful. Daenerys is more evil than Cersei.