Monday, 23 July 2012

Tree of Thunder

This oak tree is found at my nearest park.

Not far from my house is a park with a big oak tree, with braches outstretched both left and right. In the centre is a diagonal streak caused by lightning. That event of being struck by a lightning bolt happened shortly after I moved into this part of England. Some of the tree collapsed and was taken away. It looks more slender than it was originally since getting thunder struck. The lightning made a deep incision and charred off the tree's bark layer. This happened several years ago and today the tree still wears that lighting scar. So because of this, I've named this very tree Thor's Oak.

Trees struck by lightning happen. The storms are full of electricity and the bolts are attracted to the highest object. Lighting aims for tall metal points but even organic objects standing out alone in a clear area. So please avoid standing under trees when a thunder storm occurs.

When you look up "lightning oak trees" you should get images of trees covered in scratched and burn stripes.

In Norse myth, the god of thunder is Thor. Oak trees are sacred to Him. That is why I called the local tree this because it was struck by a thunderbolt.

What happens when a tree is hit by lightning? Obviously trees catch fire when lightning hits them but some survive and remain standing for years, despite what happened. Oak trees holding lightning signatures are blessed with energy and retain enough moisture to prevent total combustion.

These stricken trees hold energy formula from the sky. The lightning passed down through them and sent electric particals downwards into the ground, through their roots and at the heart of them. They carry potent magic because of this. The lightning continues to do something to those trees for trees contain a "memory" and record within it's wood. Rings will tell the signs in the distant future about it being hit by lightning. Lighting bolts shake trees as well as set them on fire but also they change other trees, full of atmospheric quality.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Whirlwinds and Life balance

Tornadoes have been hitting the headlines a lot this year, and last year. Their violence rages across landscapes. They uproot trees, blow off rooftops, destroy houses, and worse: they kill. These violent breed of winds are tightly condensed forces of nature that consist of different elements. In the northern hemisphere, tornadoes spin counterclockwise but they spin clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Apart from the severe storm it is also vital to the planet we breathe.

Tornadic spirits

The Navajo Indians traditionally believed that whirlwinds and tornadoes are angry ghosts called "Chindi". Australian Aborigines also believed that tornadoes are unpleasant spirits of the dead called "whirly whirly". In the Middle East, such whirlwinds, especially dust devils, are considered demonic entites and genies. In ancient Greek mythology, the god Aeolus was a guardian, or keeper, of winds. Aura, Goddess of the breeze, was a beautiful but furious Titaness that slayed men and swallowed one of her sons. In Roman mythology, Tempestas is the goddess of violent wind and bad weather.  

Wind Turbines 

There are so many important advantages for having wind turbines. They're effective, clean, natural and provide lots of free energy. These are good for developing countries and they don't use recourses. There are no reasons against using wind turbines. The only problem with them is that people complain too much about them because of their appearance and noise. The turbines look like windmills and people have coexisted with mills for centuries. (Imho they look better than factories!). These windmills (turbines is what they all basically are) resemble the little plastic toy windmills that people have in their gardens or buy for their kids on the beach. I love the idea of wind power using wind turbines. I don't care if there's a few of them on my field. They look better than electric pylons, chimneys and phone masts out there now!

Spinning wheel vortex

The system of the vortex occurs in nature, when something is going underway. A vortex is like the channelling of air through an opened door or a window. A vortex is like a rotation of life passing across and moving elsewhere. The vast Milky Way is a vortext. The solar system moves on a wheel vortex. The universe spins. The sun always spins. Debris spins. Only gravity holds things down like glue. The vortex isn't bound by rules of gravity. Vortex is part of the supernatural, life, things that flow like air, water, light and sound. The symbol of the sun wheel turns clockwise. Wheels on cars and bikes turn counterclockwise as the motion is going forward and opposite.   

The Air Temple

Music and dance uses a controlled method of air. It's the same method for the development of whirlwinds except there aren't any clouds to stir up. It's from within. Creating a song and dance is the brewing excitement of energy. Then the release of burst energy through songs, music and performance comes. That is also an expression of the inner magic when you become part of the elements. The dancers play in unison while singers wail and call along a string of notes. This is a harmonious organic chime of spiritual winds that are made by people who put order from chas. Tornadoes are chaotic and violent. Singers and dancers are organised as well as gentle. The hardest and grubbiest genres of music is always part of the gentle whirlwind magic. However, some intoxicated rock star may clash in violence during a set!

Tapestries, like music and play, is a visual use of the same energy. Creativity made on a surface is the result of a whirlwind idea. Windchimes are a symbol of air made with Earth. Such light weight objects hang suspended and pick up a breeze, that plays them together and creates a music. Some can be made of wood, bamboo or metal. Musical instruments combine wind and air with mathematics. Tornadoes, hurricanes, sound, and even the arts all belong to the Air Temple.  

White Witchcraft

For those who work with white witchcraft, the power is a clockwise and harmonious show of affection and love is part of the glowing wind/air. They consist of spells for enchantments, health, medicine, healing, friendship, personal development and peaceful dreaming too. The understanding of magic is to view it as a small vortex. If you picture it as riding a bike, it will slow and stop of you give up peddling.

Everyone has a physical vortex, called Chakra, or "wheel", found on many parts of our bodies. The "wind wheel" Chakra is situated on the forehead. Fairies, angels, light eleves, goblins and other creatures of the air (including UFO's) are often spinning and dancing in their own play. Rules of their own to defy nature's law. Law is governed by gravity and this includes balance of nature in the cosmos. Too much wind is dense and forms a path channel. Chaos is ruled by non-gravity and a disperse of release. It's where new life is born and connects again with order and balance.

Where tornadoes are concerned, these destructive weather storms, a result of an imblanace and chaos in the air. The tornado is like a release of tension and anger. The tornado could be Mother Nature's fury at us for damaging the Earth. It may also be angry spirits and demons. The tornado also has a strange, uncanny positive side that certain Native American tribes believe in. They consider a tornadic force as a vacuum "cleanser" of the land. 

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Daughters of wolves?

... A return to nature.

Raised by wolves. This isn't about feral children but those who were living with wolves. The closeness of animals and humans with the loving/touching emotional bond between people and wild wolves. This is a spiritual quest for a lost age. In the mists of time, primitive people were much closer to the Earth and animals. People are a domestic breed who domesticated wild animals. The idea of anyone being raised by wolves is MYTH and it has no widespread fact to it. On the other hand some children in history have been living with these creatures of the forest. Sometimes we come across stories about kids being raised by wild animals, wolves, ect. This is not a post about that but about the mindset of people and why this idea grips.


The 1997 Japanese animated film, "Princess Mononoke", tells a story of a young woman, San, who'd been raised by "Moro", a mother goddess in the form of a huge wolf. This film focuses on animal gods and the exploitation of the natural world by humans. The corrupted animal gods turned into demonic giants that raged through villages. The theme of this film is humans Vs nature. Humans are looked upon as vermin and evil, who pollute and destroy life with a quest for making machines (Iron Town). The powerful Lady Eboshi, the owner of Iron Town, sets out to kill the forest god and keep its head as a trophy. It's a nice film and full of magic, including the little Kodama, or forest spirits (that look like cute ghosts in this animation).

Other feral child stories play with the idea of (bad) humanity versus (good) nature. 

I've just finished reading the autobiography of Misha Defonseca called "Surviving with Wolves". This tells the epic journey of a Jewish girl wandering across Europe during World War Two, in search of her missing parents. She was suffering starvation and wandered forests, excaping Nazis and stealing food and clothes. She encountered death everywhere. She escaped a concentration camp (after walking right into one!). She witnessed horrible executions of many innocent people. She even killed a German soldier who would've killed her... Sometimes she found herself in a forest living with wolves. They looked after her in these hard times. One maternal shewolf became her foster mother for a while, until a tragic ending for this animal. The death of her second mother she-wolf made her filled with pain. She'd lost her mother again. This book was made into a 2007 French film called "Survivre avec les loups". It was a powerful story but a few things didn't quite add up.

 It turns out the bestselling book was a load of BS! This woman author wasn't Jewish and her parents were part of a Belgian resistance who got arrested by the Nazis. She'd lived with her grandfather in Brussels and schooled there, not struggling over war ravaged Europe. She's really called Monique de Wael and said:

"Ever since I can remember, I felt Jewish. . . . There are times when I find it difficult to differentiate between reality and my inner world. The story in the book is mine. It is not the actual reality - it was my reality, my way of surviving. "        

She apologised. What kind of a woman would do such a thing? There is a lot of anger towards her because of this exposure. The book was first published in 1997 and it wasn't revealed until over 10 years later. Yet knowing this\is fake, I continued reading until the end. If it was all made up, why were there such vivid details about living rough, going hungry, meeting various people and animals across her imagined journey? I don't think all of it could've been made up. She obviously has a close affinity with nature, animals and wolves especially. She also lost her pet dog that might've brought on grief. Then I only imagine that here was a girl in the war who lost her parents, lived in fear and experienced loneliness, almost aversion to humanity. She felt at one with nature instead. She prefered animals. The company of wolves. Is she a real wolf woman? YES she probably is.

Is this not the real "Princess Mononoke"? She too despised human society and defended nature. I don't think so but she might've felt the true spirits of gods and goddess, not being aware of that. Spirits and gods do call to people via the animals in some way. She presented her wolf/war story wrong though for making up events that were misleading. If she'd written the story and said it was fiction based on some historical fact to begin with, this would've been far better. I think this fairy tale should be republished under the genre of FICTION and not told as a true story.  


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The above art is "Sisters of the Moon" by Lindsay Archer