Friday, 29 November 2019

Should werewolves eat 5 A Day?

Do werewolves need to eat 5 A Day?
Before I get around to explaining that, some of you might not understand what it is in the first place. So what is the 5 A Day? The big assembly called WHO (World Health Organisation) insists that people should have up to 400g of fruit and vegetables each day. That means five portions of fruit and veg. This is why its called 5 A Day.
Should werewolves worry about it though?
Firstly, canines don't need fruits and vegetables. There are some fruit and veg safe for wolves and dogs but they can't tolerate eating most of it.
Werewolves have the ability to tolerate more than regular dogs/wolves. Werewolves CAN eat apples, bananas, oranges, peaches, pears, green beans, peas, spinach, raspberries, carrots, celery, pineapples, strawberries, broccoli, blueberries, cranberries, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, pumpkins and watermelons. This list are some of the fruits and veg that dogs can eat also.
So back to my original question. Should werewolves eat the 5 A Day? It wouldn't harm to do so because the diet of a werewolf is both canine and human. While much meat is important, so is a staple of fruity stuff with vegetables.
There are some harmful foods like garlic, tomatoes, avacado, potatoes and onions. I shall post about harmful food for werewolves another time.
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Friday, 15 November 2019

A strange bear

In North Carolina, a three year old boy disappeared in the woods. Casey Hathaway was three when he played outdoors near the home of family. He then vanished into the woods. It was January and extremely cold, and when it was night time, the temperatures went below zero. The weather became freezing when icy rain fell. The little boy was nowhere to be found, and a search couldn't find him. People assumed he would be dead in the frigid temperatures of the woods. Unexpectedly, he was found alive in the woods three days later. A woman was walking her dog when she'd heard cries, so she alerted people to the sounds. Soon a team of rescuers discovered Casey alive and huddled under a thorn bush. He was cold and it was unusual that he's managed to survive all alone in such a cold place. When asked how he survived in the woods, Casey said that a bear had looked after him.

This is remarkable. Bears don't behave like this, according to Chris Servheen, who's a bear researcher from the University of Montana. "I've never known such a thing to happen. Bears don't do that." Servheen doubts the story of Casey, and thinks the child imagined a bear. Then how was this boy kept alive in the middle of a wood in freezing temperatures, unless he was cared for by a bear, or something else that Casey presumed was a bear. Now what could this be?

1. Bear.
2. Human
3. Bigfoot
4. No one at all

It might be important to look at this page about bears in Native American folklore:
Native American bear meanings

If Casey had really encountered a bear, it was an incredibly magical experience and this bear was special. But if he only fantasised about the bear, like the university guy thinks, then a vision of a bear in spirit form, perhaps a divinity, showed up to protect the child from the freezing woods. Others think Casey met a Bigfoot creature. Only the boy knows exactly what happened.

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Edit by Rayne = The art at the top is "Dream Bear" by Emily Whinfield Martin

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Do werewolves eat chocolate?

Hello, I'm Charlotte Woods.
There's a debate going on out there, should werewolves eat chocolate? Not really. The reality is that chocolate is poison to dogs including wolves. It gives dogs something bad called Theobromine poisoning. It is toxic. Humans are able to tolerate food that would be poisonous to dogs like chocolate and other foods like nuts, tea, coffee, alcohol and grapes.
Werewolves should hate chocolate, right? True. It would be similar to how it affects dogs and wolves. A number of people have food allergies towards nuts and even cocoa. So not all humans tolerate the same food everyone else can eat.
Candy makes me choke. I avoid coffee, alcohol and grapes. I really don't like fruit anyway because it leaves my mouth feeling bitter and gives me a tummy ache. Nuts are like stones and I don't eat them. Chocolate in small amounts is fine but a lot makes me ill.
Don't feed dogs chocolate or any of this:

Written by Charlotte Woods and posted on She Wolf Night by Rayne Belladonna.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

She Wolves Night

Hi! We're She Wolves Night, because this is like a pack! We're wolf therianthropes, pagans and we all have a creative side. While I was absent for ages from blogging, I had a friend assist me with posting her film reviews. She was adding excitement to this blog that was full of my essays and storytelling. So here are the contributors to this blog from now on, the 2nd November 2019:
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