Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Femme of the Stars

Galaxy of Girls

Throughout the centuries there are fine art paintings, sculptures, statues and tapestries, showing groups of women who decourate the scenes with a fashion dedicated to the advancement of love, power, nature, beauty and serenity. A display of adult females dancing, flying, soaring, twirling, reclining, diving, playing and standing proudly across landscapes, old and new, ancient and modern, outside and inside, above and under buildings of high power, state, finance, industry, religious temples, art galleries, museums and academies. The favourite designs of these tangled, free, beautiful women elevate a superior quality of civilisation. These women, who are portrayals of different nymphs, goddesses, maidens, brides, wives, princesses and ladies are frozen still, yet always seem alive, glowing and intense with energy. From the Caryatid at the Acropolis, the stone women figures in Trieste and classical nymphs by Waterhouse, Rae, Bouguereau, Battista, Quellinus, Harvey, Zatzka and Vecchio. These women became immortalised in art as nymphs, dryads, sirens, goddesses and fairies, all filled with glamour. These images are both cold and warm, dreamlike but firm. They look tender but their magic and adventure is tough, strong, frosty and marble.

The universal tradition of women gathering together is both seen as dark and light. The darkside of groups of girls are frowned upon in a certain way, as in history, they were seen as witches and harpies come together to make spells. The brighter side of a group of girls is seen as cool, rich, balanced, even exotic. Today kids, especially girls, are confronted with this Girl Power in animated form. These are the Disney Princesses mainly and others in media such as Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H., Powerpuffs, Bratz, Sailor Moon and countless others. Toys, cartoons, TV, books and music bands reach out more to girls and women now because there are more girls and a galaxy of girl stuff than before.        

Starry Eyes and Cosmic Cosmetics

Women have always loved wearing make-up. The eyes, mouth, nails and cheeks are concentrated on more than the rest. Women want to look brighter. Glitter, sparkles and twinkling flashes. A stellar of starlight on the upper lids. A nebula shadow passing over, just beneath each of the eyebrows. A Milky Way half twirl of mascara and liner. Solar mouth. Lunar rouge cheeks. A system of shining planetary nails. Comets and asteroids of bling cast here and there. A comet whoosh of hairspray and added finery or dyes to make it like rainbows, stars and suns. Women's desire to be pampered and beautiful echoes the cosmos and how it looks back to us, a mirror and mirrors.

Inner Space Make Over   

On the surface women generally appear to enhance themselves. There are some women who don't. Some don't feel like they have to. Some may be prevented, or not allowed to draw eyes. Others might be anti beauty. Whatever reason, there are those also that feel beautiful inside. The earth is beautiful inside and outside but inside are contained secrets, some very rich and wonderful, some dangerous, deadly and avoidable. Inside, we're more than features. We have beauty, minerals, metals, blood, spirit and mind. The body is full of danger and wonder, too.

Finding ones inner beauty is a hard journey to make, because it was tough getting to the moon, and tougher entering the interior of the planet. We haven't explored the inside of the earth, or the ocean enough yet we all look outside. This is a hesitance of looking at things within, because inside is closer to home. The inner beauty of women is projected in the display of nymphs, goddesses and fairies, gathering outside powerhouses and temples, to fill people with wonder, as is meant to do. So women don't need make-up, and if they find their inner beauty they can project that nature. 

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(Book) "Monuments and Maidens" by Marina Warner.
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Picture is "Star Goddess" by the artist hgrivera

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Power of Skadi

In Germanic and Scandinavian mythology, there is a goddess named Skadi. She's one of the Jotunn, a race of gods who are called Frost Giants. She was "the shining bride of the gods", Her name is also pronounced Skade and Skathi. One of the moon's of planet Saturn is called Skathi, named after Skadi.

As I mentioned in previous posts about Skadi, She is a goddess of ice and snow, and her prehistoric name links with Kali and Shakti energy, the primal feminine and the esoteric wisdom of the cosmos. In Greek mythology, a lesser known goddess of snow, Chione, the daughter of a winter god named Boreas.

Skadi is one of the universal White Goddesses, imho, who represents winter, the cold, snow, ice and frost. Even more. She represents the mountains and time itself. Like the Is rune (ice), she's able to stop time and prevents the flow of water. Basically she stops chaos. She's a symbol of ice and Ice itself is a frozen aspect of life. She's immortal and beyond time. She can time travel. And other Frost Giants are symbolic of that great phase when everything appears to stop, winter and snow.

Winter and snow is also about the North Pole, and the Arctic. Once legend has it that people lived near or at the arctic before the pole shift. Skadi is a message from Atlantis ("A Land of Ice" according to the Bock Saga) or from beyond time. She's at the centre of the wheel, disc, solar energy and moon activity.

Central to the myth of Skadi being a sporting goddess of hunting and skiing, She is actually a cosmic being, a frost giantess and ice goddess who appears in fairytales and dreams, and She is both a destroyer and mother. Skadi appears as both the cold "Snow Queen" and the immortal "Snow-White" of the favourite traditional fairytales. 

Skadi is a princess of ice, the keeper of time and the daughter of the North Pole god (frost giant Thiazi, who is the equivalent of Boreas the bringer of north wind and snow who fathered Chione, Skadi's sister).

I should mention here "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", as a diamond is a rock associated with ice and snow. It's the hardest stone on Earth, and an immortal object that resembles an icicle shard. Another name for the precious stone of diamond is called "ice". Diamonds are loved, especially by women in a spiritual way because of its invincibility, beauty and timelessness. Diamonds are expensive but also they represent the heart of the Earth, the soul of the goddess including Skadi. When most people make Mother Earth into the form of a woman, they clothe Her in flowers and leaves. I believe She wears an armour of diamonds! Skadi also is characterised with diamonds.     

Skadi is a goddess of the Earth and Sky, stars and moons. She's a guardian of time and wisdom. She knows the secrets of immortality, time travel, human origins, Atlantis, UFO's and also the ice dragon species. Skadi, Skade, Skathi, Shakti (female energy expressed in Shakti Moon), Sky, Ski, Skate (ice dance). The goddess Skadi is a divine energy force that women can tap into. Some women have learned meditation and yoga to find this power. The feeling of Shakti is the also the power of Skadi. She cuts off the physical, metal and spiritual chaos within and She places ice diamond armour energy around you, which is unbreakable and tough. This needs practice and learning. It can also be achieved through:

Shakti Moon
Runic yoga and mediation
Ice skating
Spiritual development

Skadi is an ice goddess and Her energy soothes anger and pain.
She can (if one's belief is so high) slow down the ageing process.
This is one of the powerful goddesses, whose energy is ice.

The image used on this post is "Valhalla" by J.Bowser.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


One of my dreams is to visit a site where I can just look up and see the Aurora Borealis. It can be viewed in northern places, like in Norway, Iceland and Lapland. in the "auroral zone".It can be seen in the UK in Scotland and parts of England.

Video uploaded on Weather Channel at Youtube, of Aurora Borealis seen from outer space:
Aurora Borealis from space

This is a good site on Aurora Borealis holidays (btw graphic intense):
Aurora Zone

News and videos: