Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sacred magical numbers

Ancient people viewed numbers very differently than we do today. Modern understanding of numbers is taught to us since primary school age, to learn to count and visualise the figures in shape and form. Numbers are looked upon as a separate alphabet for mathematics. We see them like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. Its embedded into our subconsciousness. So when we think of numbers, we are reminded of maths, figures, clocks, measurements, prices, phone numbers and dates. Well the true mystical numbers as they should have been viewed, as ancient people understood them, was not like that. Numbers were just not catagorised as such. They were seen as forms and images, philosophies, magic, shamanic quests, medicine and folklore. They helped ancient humans to grow from hunter-gatherers to farmers and city builders.Let's start with revealing each individual number and their glory:

ONE (1) is something, anything, plant, animal, person, star, shape in its entire form. It means a complete thing. It also means a perfected outcome from birth. Each atom is an individual number one. ONE (number 1) is associated with the soul, body, heart, rocks, a blade of grass, a single flower.

TWO (2) can mean twins and Gemini but it isn't to do with a pair or a couple of lovers. Two is about a double exposure and a reflection. Mirrors show a second you. Water can also reflect you. Anything that reflects reveals a second world with another you. Two is about the mirror image. It can even be a shadow of you. The fact is we humans have got two eyes.

THREE (3) is a dimensional shape, with three points and three sides. Now what is it but a triangle. This means that there is a base, a centre and a top. Three places, and three spaces. Past, present and future. Beginning, middle and end. Small, medium and short. It's about sizes, dimensions and distances. You are the centre, in the middle, okay and what's ahead what is behind is a system of three.

FOUR (4) is looked upon as a kind of square shape with four sides, and four points, like a box or a room. This is how modern people see it  Four is about the great external plane around us, such as the four corners, the four points of the compass, North, South, East and West. It's the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It's where we live, what time we're in and what it feels like. Predicting the weather in that mode of thinking in this way uses the three, two and one positions.

FIVE (5) increases ones awareness now of the surroundings. Five is a unit number, and identified with five points and the physical self. Five is about the human senses, smell, hearing, taste, sight and touch. Stars, and especially starfish have five points. Many ancients believed in five elements, earth, air, fire, water and ether or fifth element can be considered the quintessence.

SIX (6) is more to understand what the psychic self is. The sixth sense, regards to intuition, telepathy, ESP and psychic powers. The shape itself is a mystical square, a honeycomb, snowflake, legs of an insect, and polygon. It's recognition of an extra, higher self, extension of the senses and movements.

SEVEN (7) as ancient people regarded the days of the week and seven rainbow colours and chakras. It's a vast awareness of knowing within the astral and body. The amount of time, days or years counted as seven as a rounded period of time. There are seven petals of a lotus flower.

EIGHT (8) is the understanding of life, creation and what helps us breath. The eighth atomic number is for Oxygen. Spiders have eight legs, octopus have eight arms and mammals, including humans, have eight cervical nerves. Eight legged Sleipnir the horse belonged to the All-Father god Odin.

NINE (9) This is regarded the purest number and highest state of being. Cats have nine lives. There are nine planets in the solar system. Nine worlds of the cosmic Tree of Life, Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Midgard, Jotunheim, Svartalfheim, Nidavellir, Muspellheim and Niflheim. These worlds correspond to the nine worlds of the solar system. Beside the esoteric and occult interest in nine times and the number figure, the nines are significant to life, birth and death. As the nine worlds occupy the solar system, the tree of life, then nine different phases of life and rebirth happen. Besides that, there are nine muses (girls) at the sacred garden of Hesperides and pregnancy in women lasts nine months.The secret of ghosts, reincarnation, afterlife, crops up in a ninth symmetry. Using the number 9 may help to either learn this secret or be confused by it. 

The early ancients viewed numbers as shapes, senses, feeling and wisdom, and not as glyphs or figures 1, 2, 3, ect. To know true mathematics, you need to understand it as a shape and colour, smell, ratio, temperature, image and even animal, person, flower, star system, planet, god/goddess, location, memory and even a dream. It's my view that numbers are really nature spirits communicating to us.

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Enchanting flowers: Snowdrops

It's January the snowdrops have started to appear on the grass. Tiny little white icy looking flowers on straight bright green stems. Also called Galanthus, ancient Greek word meaning "milk flower". Seeing snowdrops reminds us that winter and the harsh bitter season is going away soon. Snowdrops are tough little flowers that thrive in winter.

Snowdrops is believed to be snowflakes turned into flowers. Snowdrops was considered a medicinal plant used to help relieve pain and stress. Snowdrops are used in medicines to treat Alzheimer's disease. Yet many people see them as unlucky and picking snowdrops would attract negativity. Snowdrops have a folklorish ring around death and illnesses. Taking snowdrops from a grave would upset spirits.

Snowdrops are associated with the arrival of Spring, that others call Imbolc, and the flower is sacred to the goddess Brigid. Other symbolism of the snowdrop flower is innocence and light.

"The Snowdrop, pearly white of hue,
Each morning sheds a fragrant dew,
Which little goblins come and get,
And use to bait their beetle-net."
(Poem is "The Snowdrop" by John Russel Hayes).

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fairytale Grimoire: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is my favourite Disney princess. The animation film has always been something magical for me and as a small kid I really loved it. The story itself is enchanting as well as dark. It has something about it that is more than fairytale. Behind the fairytale is esoteric wisdom and mythology.

The fairytale that we know of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was first published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm. What I will do is give a brief synopsis of the story so that you can understand what I'm about to talk about later.

Story outline:
A queen is sewing as she's sat by a window, looking at a wintry scene. She pricks her finger with the sewing needle and three drops of blood fall upon the embroidery. She makes a wish and asks for a daughter who could be so beautiful, with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair black as ebony. She later gives birth to a daughter with those very features the queen wished for. She calls her daughter Snow White. Soon the queen died. The kind remarried and the new queen was vain. She had a magic mirror that showed her that she was the fairest in all the land. Years passed and Snow White grew up into a beautiful young woman. The queen asked the mirror who was the fairest, but it didn't show her reflection this time. Instead, it revealed an image of Snow White. She became so angry that she ordered Snow White killed in the forest. She told her huntsman to do this and return Snow White's heart in a box. In the forest, the huntsman was so overcome by Snow White's beauty that he let her go, and he killed a stag and put its heart in a box. The queen was deceived into thinking Snow White was dead. 

Snow White escaped death by running through the forest as far away from the palace as she could. Eventually she came upon a small house. Inside she found a residence with small seven beds and it was so untidy that she cleaned it up and made dinner, before going to bed. Seven dwarfs had been working and they arrived home to discover how neat their home was, and cooked food was made for them. They found Snow White asleep over the beds. Here they woke her up, and she told them her story of how her step mother wanted to kill her. The dwarfs took pity and let her stay with them.

Meanwhile the queen discovered the huntsman lied to her. She wanted to kill Snow White herself. She poisoned a few apples and put them in a basket. She donned a cloak as a disguise and set off to locate Snow White. She came to the small house, and knocked on the door. Snow White answered and saw a woman selling apples. She agreed to try one of the apples, and soon as she bit into it, she fell down dead.

The dwarfs returned home and found Snow White dead. They buried her in a glass coffin and left her on a hill, guarding them one by one. A prince rode by on a horse and took an interest. Her saw Snow White was beautiful and lifted the coffin lid. He bent down and kissed her. Snow White coughed out a piece of the apple and she woke up. Here the prince and Snow White fell in love and went away to get married. The End.

Wicked queen

Now before I explain the different magical elements, remember that the story I've given is the modern version. In the original tale, "Snow White" is a bit different. The mother of Snow White was actually the wicked queen who became step mother in later versions. Remember that the first queen made magic. She gazes at a window and pricks her finger to cast a wish. The very wish was to have a daughter with the features of mystical combined a trio of colours. The earliest version doesn't have a huntsman. Instead the queen takes a seven year old Snow White into the forest to pick flowers and then leaves her to perish alone. When the huntsman is introduced later, he is ordered to return Snow White's liver and intestines for the queen to consume. She also attempts to kill Snow White three times when Snow White is living with the dwarfs. The first time, she poisons a comb and digs it hard into Snow White's scalp, making her fall unconscious. Then she uses ribbons and binds it tightly around Snow White's waist that it makes her pass out. Then the famous poisoned apple that kills her, or so one would've assumed. Also the queen is tortured to death at the end in the original version.

Colours red, black and white

Snow White was given black hair, white as snow skin and red blood lips. These are the prime colours of magic and time. Red for the sun and daylight. White for the moon. Black is for the earth and also night. Red is for the fire. White is for ice. Black is for soil and wood. Some believe that the three colours represent the triple goddess, or the three phases of a woman's life. The colours are also potent as these are used in a deck of cards, including tarot. Historically in Germany, where the Grimm Brothers are from, the colours red, white and black are from the combined Prussian and the Hanseatic flags.

Magic mirror on the wall

One can think of magic mirrors and scrying mirrors but the earlier version didn't have a mirror as such. Instead it was water that the queen gazed into. Some believe that the voice of the mirror was actually the king who assured his wife she was the fairest in all the land but admitted his daughter was far more beautiful. The mirror, like the window, reflects and is the cause for the queen's jealousy and downfall.


In the earlier version, there aren't any dwarfs but seven robbers. They were a threatening band of men who frightened Snow White, and she was forced to choose between staying with them as a slave, or if not they would give her up to the queen or kill her themselves. Now dwarfs later was used to represent the less frightening, more charming aspect of the fairytale so that Snow White is not under threat or bullied. Dwarfs exist in Norse and Germanic myths. They dwell in mountains or live underground. They mine metals and minerals, and they build excellent tools. Dwarfs might have lived and were, some say, the primitive hominids called Neanderthals that people came across during migrations during and after the previous Ice Age.

My view on the fairytale

It's just my opinion that Snow White could not have been a mortal. She survived death and never died at all. She was asleep and had been so beautiful that she was put in a coffin made of glass. The prince (a warrior, hero and demigod), wanted to disturb her coffin by giving her a kiss. Is she based upon the sleeping Valkyrie stories? Fairytales today don't make much sense but are full of sweetie pie magic. They used to be horror stories made up to frighten children a long time ago.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Power of Frigga

The goddess Frigga is the wife of Odin. She's the queen of Asgard and shares a throne with her husband, to look out all over the universe. She is the mother of the god Balder. She is of the Aesir and Asynjur. Her great property is Fensarlir, the Marsh Hall, where the spirits of the dead court and love one another. She's a goddess of prophesy and will reveal nothing. She's a goddess of the sky, atmosphere and spins clouds. A constellation of stars was named after Her, called "Frigga's distaff" to mean Frigga's spinning wheel. It's the same constellation that is also named Orion's Belt.

Her favourite garments are long white robes worn with a golden belt dangling with keys. On her head she wore a golden crown with beautiful birds plumes. Always been considered a goddess of love, marriage, childbirth, weaving, wisdom and femininity.

She's been confused with Freya linguistically. Many scholars find that Frigga and Freya correspond as each are in tune with the planet Venus and Friday. Freya is of the Vanir gods and came into the Northern myths later, so that She and Frigga are associated as part of the Germanic pantheon. The Vanir and Aesir are different types of gods. It's possible these are from different tribes of people in ancient times that interconnected with stories of their gods.The Vanir are gods of fertility and the land. Aesir are the gods who lived in Asgard.  

Frigga, also named Frigg, Frige, Frig, Frija and Fricka is overlooked as a powerful goddess. Many just regard Her as a domestic goddess married to Odin. There are some incredible powers that She has and it's interesting also to dig deeper and deeper into the mystery of this high ranking goddess.

She has the power of the Norns.

She is not able to alter fate but creates it.

She is able to see the future but cannot show what it is.

She is not just a sky mother, but a creator of many things.

Frigga's spinning wheel itself is symbolic of women, creativity, spider webs, wisdom and magic. But there is another primal wisdom of the spinning wheel, long before such technology was invented. The goddess Frigga spins fate and the planetary orbits. She creates the motions of life, circles in the sky that everything travels on, and like a wheel, turns round.

Her name is traced back to the Sanskrit language "Pny" (wife).Other goddesses who share a similar wording of the name Frigga, are Brigid, Brigantia, Parvati, Eurynome, Hathor, Aphrodite, Venus.

The name "Frigga" can be heard when listening carefully to the sound of earth's magnetic field. This can be heard from a satellite. There can be other sounds distinguished.

The goddess Frigga is associated with the colour green. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and associated with weaving. It's a combination of golds and sky blue.


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Monday, 6 January 2014

Wisdom of the Arctic Wolf

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2014 be a really glittering time. For all those who've had a terrible winter holiday, because of the storms and losses, blessings to you all. The earth goddess, Mother Earth, or Erda (some refer to Her as "Gaia"), loves you and all the animals and even the nurturing life giving plants and waters. It's too big a subject to get into because the earth is not like a human being. We are small, mortal creatures who dwell on this floating garden. Respect Mother Earth.

Now listen. There is something you have to be aware of. Through meditation and spiritual channeling, I've encountered a large white wolf, who looks like the arctic wolf as it's fur is the same colour as snow. Some shamans believe every animal teachers us something but it's tapping into this animal wisdom, which is hard. Some of you might've seen loads of reference to a particular animal all the time. This is a message.

The Arctic wolf, who's suited for harsh icy living, dwells in the frigid regions of the far north. Scientifically named Canis lupus arctos, this wolf is a subspecies of the grey wolf and roams in packs across vast distances. Some arctic wolves hunt alone. They are described as being the largest of the wolves today.

Arctic wolf wisdom teaches us to be determined, have great will power and prepared to face tough challanges. Arctic wolf teaches also how to accept the severe conditions forced on us, how to cope in terrible winters, to move on when out homes have been ruined. Arctic wolves show us that nature has to remind humans to toughen up despite losses and to recognise the will to survive. Appreciating life is a key to finding true happiness. See the winter as a home that comes around again and again, and not as an enemy. Prepare for any disasters, be ready, keep going. We are not alive just to reach old age but we're here to enjoy food, build shelter, keep young and pass on stories. If our lives are shattered, move. Don't live in unstable places but if you do, expect what comes. Don't be surprised.

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