Friday, 24 January 2014

Enchanting flowers: Snowdrops

It's January the snowdrops have started to appear on the grass. Tiny little white icy looking flowers on straight bright green stems. Also called Galanthus, ancient Greek word meaning "milk flower". Seeing snowdrops reminds us that winter and the harsh bitter season is going away soon. Snowdrops are tough little flowers that thrive in winter.

Snowdrops is believed to be snowflakes turned into flowers. Snowdrops was considered a medicinal plant used to help relieve pain and stress. Snowdrops are used in medicines to treat Alzheimer's disease. Yet many people see them as unlucky and picking snowdrops would attract negativity. Snowdrops have a folklorish ring around death and illnesses. Taking snowdrops from a grave would upset spirits.

Snowdrops are associated with the arrival of Spring, that others call Imbolc, and the flower is sacred to the goddess Brigid. Other symbolism of the snowdrop flower is innocence and light.

"The Snowdrop, pearly white of hue,
Each morning sheds a fragrant dew,
Which little goblins come and get,
And use to bait their beetle-net."
(Poem is "The Snowdrop" by John Russel Hayes).

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