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Sacred magical numbers

Ancient people viewed numbers very differently than we do today. Modern understanding of numbers is taught to us since primary school age, to learn to count and visualise the figures in shape and form. Numbers are looked upon as a separate alphabet for mathematics. We see them like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. Its embedded into our subconsciousness. So when we think of numbers, we are reminded of maths, figures, clocks, measurements, prices, phone numbers and dates. Well the true mystical numbers as they should have been viewed, as ancient people understood them, was not like that. Numbers were just not catagorised as such. They were seen as forms and images, philosophies, magic, shamanic quests, medicine and folklore. They helped ancient humans to grow from hunter-gatherers to farmers and city builders.Let's start with revealing each individual number and their glory:

ONE (1) is something, anything, plant, animal, person, star, shape in its entire form. It means a complete thing. It also means a perfected outcome from birth. Each atom is an individual number one. ONE (number 1) is associated with the soul, body, heart, rocks, a blade of grass, a single flower.

TWO (2) can mean twins and Gemini but it isn't to do with a pair or a couple of lovers. Two is about a double exposure and a reflection. Mirrors show a second you. Water can also reflect you. Anything that reflects reveals a second world with another you. Two is about the mirror image. It can even be a shadow of you. The fact is we humans have got two eyes.

THREE (3) is a dimensional shape, with three points and three sides. Now what is it but a triangle. This means that there is a base, a centre and a top. Three places, and three spaces. Past, present and future. Beginning, middle and end. Small, medium and short. It's about sizes, dimensions and distances. You are the centre, in the middle, okay and what's ahead what is behind is a system of three.

FOUR (4) is looked upon as a kind of square shape with four sides, and four points, like a box or a room. This is how modern people see it  Four is about the great external plane around us, such as the four corners, the four points of the compass, North, South, East and West. It's the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It's where we live, what time we're in and what it feels like. Predicting the weather in that mode of thinking in this way uses the three, two and one positions.

FIVE (5) increases ones awareness now of the surroundings. Five is a unit number, and identified with five points and the physical self. Five is about the human senses, smell, hearing, taste, sight and touch. Stars, and especially starfish have five points. Many ancients believed in five elements, earth, air, fire, water and ether or fifth element can be considered the quintessence.

SIX (6) is more to understand what the psychic self is. The sixth sense, regards to intuition, telepathy, ESP and psychic powers. The shape itself is a mystical square, a honeycomb, snowflake, legs of an insect, and polygon. It's recognition of an extra, higher self, extension of the senses and movements.

SEVEN (7) as ancient people regarded the days of the week and seven rainbow colours and chakras. It's a vast awareness of knowing within the astral and body. The amount of time, days or years counted as seven as a rounded period of time. There are seven petals of a lotus flower.

EIGHT (8) is the understanding of life, creation and what helps us breath. The eighth atomic number is for Oxygen. Spiders have eight legs, octopus have eight arms and mammals, including humans, have eight cervical nerves. Eight legged Sleipnir the horse belonged to the All-Father god Odin.

NINE (9) This is regarded the purest number and highest state of being. Cats have nine lives. There are nine planets in the solar system. Nine worlds of the cosmic Tree of Life, Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Midgard, Jotunheim, Svartalfheim, Nidavellir, Muspellheim and Niflheim. These worlds correspond to the nine worlds of the solar system. Beside the esoteric and occult interest in nine times and the number figure, the nines are significant to life, birth and death. As the nine worlds occupy the solar system, the tree of life, then nine different phases of life and rebirth happen. Besides that, there are nine muses (girls) at the sacred garden of Hesperides and pregnancy in women lasts nine months.The secret of ghosts, reincarnation, afterlife, crops up in a ninth symmetry. Using the number 9 may help to either learn this secret or be confused by it. 

The early ancients viewed numbers as shapes, senses, feeling and wisdom, and not as glyphs or figures 1, 2, 3, ect. To know true mathematics, you need to understand it as a shape and colour, smell, ratio, temperature, image and even animal, person, flower, star system, planet, god/goddess, location, memory and even a dream. It's my view that numbers are really nature spirits communicating to us.

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