Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My critique of Disney ladies Buzzfeed census

After viewing the Disney Ladies Census HERE by Buzzfeed I wanted to make a short post.
It carries out age, names, country, race, hair colour, skills, marital status, employment, sidekick, clothes and family.
Included in the census are a few Disney ladies that most people wouldn't have heard of (such as Kida, Megara and Eilonwy).
"61% of them are from Europe" says Buzzfeed. These characters are all based on fairytales, history and mythology. Tiana is from the USA because Disney set "Princess and the Frog" in modern America.
Ariel is from "Ocean" according to the Buzzfeed census even though she should really be from Denmark as that is where her storybook origins come from. There is even a "little mermaid" statue in Copenhagen. A bronze Ariel I should say.
"28% are Caucasian". I wonder why the Caucasian category has Kida but not Esmeralda. Kida is from Atlantis and it's unknown what race of people lived in Atlantis. Her features somewhat look like the people living in remote tropical islands. Now Esmeralda is French and Romani.
Because the census is a little bit old now, Moana isn't listed.
Buzzfeed made a mistake with sorting hair colour of the Disney ladies. There is a category for white hair so why wasn't Elsa included in that? Her hair is white isn't it.
Also why didn't the census include Tinkerbell? They always forget the fairies.  

Friday, 17 March 2017

My past life regression

Many years ago I had a past life regression and was so shocked. That was my former life before I was born. I was seeing a forest all around me. I was so young and with my father, who was big, strong and a beautiful grey wolf. I knew then that I was the only girl in the litter of three or four. Things looked slightly different as my vision was more complex,vivid,the green colours stronger and weirdly flatter. I remember playing on the grass when my back legs slipped, and then my hind paws landed on nothing. Father wolf stared at me, panic was in his eyes. I was sliding fast over the sloping edge and my front paws desperately tried to cling. All I could do was was think to myself  "if only I had fingers". Then I plummeted down. I must've landed so hard because an intense pain was in my back. Father wolf looked over the edge and I wanted to call out to him but I couldn't. Soon everything blurred and I left my body. I looked down at myself to see a young wolf pup laying on the ground, dead.Then that poor wolf cub transformed into a sleeping little human girl (I realised that it was me as a toddler). I understand that was why I was always so scared of heights. And why wolves fascinate me. Why I feel that I'm instinctively searching for my wolf father even though, that past life would've happened a long time ago. My wolf pup former life made a last wish and that was to have fingers. So that little wolf came back as a human: me.

(Picture art by Lesley Harrison)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Blue Wolf Medicine

This is a very personal post I'm doing just now. "Blue Wolf Medicine" is the name of my post today and it's about my latest condition. If anyone follows my blog, and checked it for a long time, you'll come across a post I did years ago called "Red Wolf Medicine". That was all about my journey with cancer and my radiation therapy. You can read it here.
This time round, I'm wanting to talk about my latest diagnosis. For months I've been having breathing difficulties and visited the doctor a number of times. In February 2017 I was diagnosed with asthma and now use two inhalers: Clenil Modulite and Ventolin Evohaler. I've got a Volumatic Spacer Device that helps me to absorb both inhalers. I take Ventolin whenever I go out anywhere and if I'm feeling  breathless. This time last year I never had this problem at all.
Now I don't know what I could do without them. Having asthma has changed everything for me. I can't do all the hiking routines and gym exercises that I use to be able to do. If I go for a walk, I need to bring my inhaler. If I go out somewhere, I've got to have my inhaler with me. I'll never give up fitness training, but have to slow down a bit.
Recently I've been needing lots of cold water, fresh air, even though everyone complains it's cold when I open the windows. The colour blue is appealing to me so I love wearing it because it helps me to feel relaxed. The Ventolin inhaler is blue in colour. Blue reminds me of the clear blue sky, water, coldness, cool breeze, fresh air, a healing colour for asthma.
Besides the colour, I feel drawn to fruity things: oranges, lemons, kiwi fruits. I've eaten a couple of lime flavoured sweets and it helped me feel a little better this morning. The sweets I've eaten are green (lime) from a large bag of Starbursts original pack.
Gemstones that are supposed to help asthma sufferers are amber, tigers eye, peridot, malachite, lapis lazuli, emerald, morganite, iolite, angelite and even salt crystal.
Herbs that are supposed to help asthma are ginger, garlic and licorice. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Shadow cat

Last week I had a very strange experience.
It occured roughly at around 7 p.m. outside in the street as I took a quick trip to the corner shop. On my way back home, I passed a group of houses around the corner from my home. It was dark and the lights were on inside some of the houses. Something caught my attention.
Inside one of the houses, the downstairs was lit up and curtains closed. There was a large moving shadow there against the curtain that shows something had to be inside up close to the window. It was walking slowly along a raised platform/furniture inside the house so that I could make out the full shape of the animal. It was a very large cat. Not a domestic cat. It wasn't a dog. The shape resembled a big cat, or really a tiger. I've posted a silhouette picture of a tiger as that is what the shadow looked like.
This animal was huge! It's body shape, head, legs, tail all looked like a tiger. This "tiger" shadow was walking slowly/prowling inside a house. Then it reappeared in the next window.
Not only did I feel shocked that I could see a very large cat inside a house but I was gobsmacked when it showed up in a second window because that meant it could walk through walls! The second window belonged to the next door neighbour.
Did I witness a shadow of a big cat? It looked that way to me. It also seemed to be a type of phantom as it was passing through walls.
I've researched into the Mystery Big Cats of the British isles and I think that I may have seen my first mystery big cat. It wasn't in physical detail but a shadow cast on windows, but I know what I saw.
Anyway I had to share this with you all. For anyone that reads my blog, I cover lots of things to do with the unexplained, myths, stories and even earth science.