Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Blue Wolf Medicine

This is a very personal post I'm doing just now. "Blue Wolf Medicine" is the name of my post today and it's about my latest condition. If anyone follows my blog, and checked it for a long time, you'll come across a post I did years ago called "Red Wolf Medicine". That was all about my journey with cancer and my radiation therapy. You can read it here.
This time round, I'm wanting to talk about my latest diagnosis. For months I've been having breathing difficulties and visited the doctor a number of times. In February 2017 I was diagnosed with asthma and now use two inhalers: Clenil Modulite and Ventolin Evohaler. I've got a Volumatic Spacer Device that helps me to absorb both inhalers. I take Ventolin whenever I go out anywhere and if I'm feeling  breathless. This time last year I never had this problem at all.
Now I don't know what I could do without them. Having asthma has changed everything for me. I can't do all the hiking routines and gym exercises that I use to be able to do. If I go for a walk, I need to bring my inhaler. If I go out somewhere, I've got to have my inhaler with me. I'll never give up fitness training, but have to slow down a bit.
Recently I've been needing lots of cold water, fresh air, even though everyone complains it's cold when I open the windows. The colour blue is appealing to me so I love wearing it because it helps me to feel relaxed. The Ventolin inhaler is blue in colour. Blue reminds me of the clear blue sky, water, coldness, cool breeze, fresh air, a healing colour for asthma.
Besides the colour, I feel drawn to fruity things: oranges, lemons, kiwi fruits. I've eaten a couple of lime flavoured sweets and it helped me feel a little better this morning. The sweets I've eaten are green (lime) from a large bag of Starbursts original pack.
Gemstones that are supposed to help asthma sufferers are amber, tigers eye, peridot, malachite, lapis lazuli, emerald, morganite, iolite, angelite and even salt crystal.
Herbs that are supposed to help asthma are ginger, garlic and licorice. 

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