Thursday, 31 January 2019

Tales from Earthsea

Tales from Earthsea is a 2006 animation by Studio Ghibli, directed by GorĊ Miyazaki and based on the Earthsea novels by Ursula le Guin and The Journey of Shuna by Hayao Miyazaki.
Ged (Sparrowhawk) is a wandering mage who encounters the young troubled Prince Arren, disturbed by guilt from killing his father and stealing the magical sword. Sparrowhawk takes him to the farm of Tanar, who used to be a priestess, where a mysterious little orphan girl Therru also lives. Therru doesn't trust or like Arren very much. Sparrowhawk discovers that a powerful wizard named Cob is going to upset the balance of life.
There are dragons, direwolves, a cruel despot and even a magical sword. This is a high fantasy film and one of Ghibli's best. To the people who love Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, this anime film is for you.
I rate this a 9/10.
Tense moments: Quite a bit
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Earthsea is a 2004 TV mini series directed by Robert Lieberman, and starring Shawn Ahmore, Danny Glover and Isabella Rossellini. It was made into two parts and both episodes are feature film lengths. Based on the "Earthsea" novels by Ursula le Guin.
A young son of a blacksmith called Ged (Sparrowhawk) has magical leanings and wants to be a wizard. He encounters the mage, and finds that doing healing and learning about plants isn't all what he wants to do. He ends up seeking the school of wizardy on the Island of Roke to learn more. It's there that he dabbles with dark magic and unleashes a shadow creature who wants to consume and kill him. He has to leave Roke. Meanwhile, a ruthless king wants immortality and his mistress Kossil, also a prietstess, will do anything to help him get it. This means that the high priestess Thar has to be removed, so that Kossil takes position and gives the king ultimate power. However, nothing goes to plan when Thar chooses the kind Tenar to be her successor.
I rate this an 8/10.
Most awesome of all: the dragon!
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Monday, 28 January 2019

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is a 1997 animation film by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Out of all the Ghibli animated movies, this one (and Tales of Earthsea) is high fantasy of the same ilk as Conan the Barbarian and Game of Thrones.
The film begins with an attack on a village by Nago, a demon creature who infects the arm of Ashitaka, a warrior prince. To save his life and his people, he must travel to find the source of Nago's destrcutive powers. He journeys on his red elk, and finds the Iron Town ruled by the much loved Lady Eboshi, although she's very keen to destroy all of the forest gods. The sudden and angry appearance of a mysterious wolf girl called San takes Ashitaka further and deeper into the heart of the forest. San is very wild and also part of a pack of wolves headed by its matriarch Moro.
The film has a lot of action scenes, some gruesome moments and plenty of magic.
Most cutest part: The Kodama forest spirits.
I rate this is a 9/10
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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Blood Moon night

Last night was a Super Blood Wolf Moon and I often get erratic patterns during this phase. Sometimes I'm tired, othertimes I'm active. The full moon keeps me restless and that one big bad moon last night is the final of the Super Blood Moons we'll experience for a while.
Super blood wolf moon time is about eating and staying warm and dry and eating, drinking, sleeping, eating, work/studying/tasks/chores and eating. Yesterday we had a simple meal because I was tired and eager to rest. The day before that was a superblood again and I cooked a rare burger steak.
Top tips for lycanthropes during a full moon is to drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and alcohol, eat lightly, sleep. The moon's influencing powers can effect people and make them unstable, aggressive, hyperactive and upset. It can also cause insomnia. Just as you would cope with a vibrant hot sun, take precautions against the moon also.
Howls ^^

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Fire and Ice

This 1983 animation film called Fire and Ice is a fantasy directed by Ralph Bakshi, and collaborated with the artist Frank Frazetta. For its time, the animation looks pretty advanced and this is thanks to the rotoscoping style of technique. The world itself is at war between ice and fire. Ice is ruled by evil sorcerer Nekron, and his mother, the Queen Juilana who want to cover everything in Winter. The majority of humans are forced to live south of the icy glaciers, where it's ruled by the benign King Jarol of the Fire Keep. Jarol's daughter Teegra is kidnapped by monstrous soldiers of Nekron and Juliana, where she is taken far into the swamps. She escapes, and encounters a man named Larn, who came from a village that was destroyed by Nekron. Then there is the appearance of Darkwolf, a mysterious warrior who looks like a barbarian Batman.
I rate this a 7/10 as it's just entertaining stuff.
Comment: Semi naked in the icy cold and not getting hypothermia! Wow.
Howls ^^

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Dark Winter games 3

These "Dark Winter" games will draw to a close now with the third review. This online game is a frosty looking fantasy game called Snow Wizard Land. It's set in a rather icy wintry landscape mountain region full of wizards. This is a game by Big Escape Games, and your character is lost and has to find a way out of there. The music is adventurous sounding and the scenes are beautiful. The puzzles can be quite hard to locate. Just a tip for you: some clues are not as they seem. It's illusory, so click on them again to see the real clue appear. Otherwise you're stuck there!
For sleepovers or nights in, playing spooky games can be something else. There is Veronica, similar to Bloody Mary. From Russia is a game called Sweet Tooth Gnome, played at night after midnight, with two or more players. You need objects including a bar of chocolate, scissors, ball of string and a mirror. It should be played in the dark. This game will invite an entity who'll eat the chocolate, and if you don't follow the rules properly, it could bite you.
Okay that will be enough of the scary games.
Future game reviews that I post will be about computer games only.
Howls ^^

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Dark Winter games 2

The second review of Dark Winter games theme, that's ongoing from both spooky and cold Winter months is a nice horror game called Vampire Cave by Games 2 Rule. This is a point and click puzzle game, here you find yourself lost in a cave full of vampires and have to get out. The puzzles are a little easy although it's got hidden objects that are tricky to find and some of the clues are vague to work out. The background music is quite soft and a little out of place, although its kind of understandable for being in a cave. Overall this is an online escape game to kill time.
Scarier than that game, is an offline game called Doors to the Mind. For a more detailed description of this one, visit The Ghost in My Machine to see info on that game and others: Doors to the Mind
Another dark and creepy game is The Telephone Ritual where you are supposed to give calls to spirits! This one occurs after the hour of midnight. Another is Shoebox Telephone where you choose to communicate with spirit. However though this one may end up with making actual phonecalls to real numbers. The Answer Phantom is another game involving about 10 people but this one is considerably dangerous with regards to contacting an entity.
Above all play safely and follow the rules. Better still, avoid playing them.
Howls ^^

Friday, 11 January 2019

Dark Winter games

You may be asking what Dark Winter games is and what's Wolf Girl Night on about now? There were some game reviews I made last year, during the seasons of Halloween and then Christmas with themed games. January is a theme for this one where I continue making reviews with any game that's both wintry and spooky.
I start this off with "Rescue the Village from Vampire" game. This was created by Wow Escape Games and is about a village under supernatural attack from blood sucking vampires. Your mission is to destroy the vampires and save the people. To do this, locate various objects and clues, work out puzzles and solve riddles. There is a few portals to enter and you visit a different level through each doorway.
The game is rather pretty and yes it has blood, although not too much of it.
Like me if you're a fan of puzzle games, you would probably enjoy working through this one. Better to use pen and paper to note clues in case you're a forgetful type as these areas are full of places. My boyfriend would get lost playing this!
On a side issue, I want to point out that if you're interested in using a Ouija board, try and get uninterested as those things are nasty.
Howls ^^

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a Studio Chizu 2012 Japanese anime film by Mamoru Hosoda.
The story begins where a promising student Hana meets a mysterious young man in college, who becomes her closest and dearest friend. She learns that he's really a werewolf that keeps to himself but she loves him and accepts him for what he is. They eventually marry and have two children, a daughter named Yuki and a son called Ame. Tragically the man is killed while in his wolf form, leaving Hana to raise the two small children alone. She finds life in the city hostile towards her as a single mother with two wolflike children, as neighbours complain about animals, the landlords threaten Hana with eviction and social services come knocking.
To escape it all, Hana leaves the city for a new life in the countryside, in an isolated rundown house bang in the middle of nowhere. Hana needs to learn the hard way, bringing up feral children while struggling to make ends meet, fix up the house and grow vegetables in difficult soil. This movie is very different to any werewolf movie I've watched. It's like a How To raise werewolf children and cope in the wilds. There are some sad and emotional moments that brought even myself to tears.
I rate this film 10/10.
Most magical part of the film for me was the mountain.
Howls ^^

Sunday, 6 January 2019


Often associated with places like Nahanni Valley or "Headless Valley" in Canada, the Waheela is a legendary creature of oversized wolf characteristics. The region got its name from grisly findings and a mysterious number of missing heads and dead bodies. It's a very ancient belief that the giant white wolf the Waheela lived there. The area is very isolated, unexplored and dangerous to get to.
There are sightings also in Alaska. The Waheela resembles a very large white wolf, and sounds a bit like the giant mythical Amarok. The Waheela and the Amarok wolves tend to hunt alone or in pairs. Regular common wolves hunt in packs.
The myth of the Waheela is so ingrained that some, like zoologist Ivan Sanderson, believe it's based on a true animal, like the prehistoric Direwolf and the Amphicyonidae.
Due to quite a number of reports, this Waheela creature is now a cryptid.  What is it?
Could some prehistoric animals like the direwolf still exist today in isolated pockets of the wilderness? And the sightings of large wolves with freakish traits like dogmen and waheela be those? Or are they an unknown and undiscovered or yet to be classed species?
You can also choose what you believe it is.
Howls ^^

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Month of the wolf moon

It's January 2019 already and I want to mention that this month the full moon is called Wolf Moon. Right now the moon is a crescent waning moon as its traditionally called by pagans, poets, scholars and farmers. We'll get the full Supermoon on the 21st. Also if you live in north America, you'll witness a lunar eclipse.
Up ahead over the following course of the month, will be other activities. On the 3rd and 4th January will be the Quadrantids meteor shower, only visible depending on if the sky is clear or not. The New Moon will make an appearance like a completely invisible dark moon on the 6th. No one can see the New Moon although this doesn't mean it can't totally be seen by powerful telescopes. At the same time Venus becomes at 47 degrees from the sun or Greatest Western Elongation. Venus looks extremely bright in the sky, and can be observed with the naked eye even on cloudy skies! A lot on the 6th is happening because there is a partial solar eclipse that will be observed in the east, Pacific, Russia and Asia.
The Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on the 22nd. To find out what that means visit this link.
Venus and Jupiter When the curve lines up
A frosty landscape with stunning sky displays.
Happy 2019 and Howls to you all ^^