Thursday, 17 January 2019

Fire and Ice

This 1983 animation film called Fire and Ice is a fantasy directed by Ralph Bakshi, and collaborated with the artist Frank Frazetta. For its time, the animation looks pretty advanced and this is thanks to the rotoscoping style of technique. The world itself is at war between ice and fire. Ice is ruled by evil sorcerer Nekron, and his mother, the Queen Juilana who want to cover everything in Winter. The majority of humans are forced to live south of the icy glaciers, where it's ruled by the benign King Jarol of the Fire Keep. Jarol's daughter Teegra is kidnapped by monstrous soldiers of Nekron and Juliana, where she is taken far into the swamps. She escapes, and encounters a man named Larn, who came from a village that was destroyed by Nekron. Then there is the appearance of Darkwolf, a mysterious warrior who looks like a barbarian Batman.
I rate this a 7/10 as it's just entertaining stuff.
Comment: Semi naked in the icy cold and not getting hypothermia! Wow.
Howls ^^

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