Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a Studio Chizu 2012 Japanese anime film by Mamoru Hosoda.
The story begins where a promising student Hana meets a mysterious young man in college, who becomes her closest and dearest friend. She learns that he's really a werewolf that keeps to himself but she loves him and accepts him for what he is. They eventually marry and have two children, a daughter named Yuki and a son called Ame. Tragically the man is killed while in his wolf form, leaving Hana to raise the two small children alone. She finds life in the city hostile towards her as a single mother with two wolflike children, as neighbours complain about animals, the landlords threaten Hana with eviction and social services come knocking.
To escape it all, Hana leaves the city for a new life in the countryside, in an isolated rundown house bang in the middle of nowhere. Hana needs to learn the hard way, bringing up feral children while struggling to make ends meet, fix up the house and grow vegetables in difficult soil. This movie is very different to any werewolf movie I've watched. It's like a How To raise werewolf children and cope in the wilds. There are some sad and emotional moments that brought even myself to tears.
I rate this film 10/10.
Most magical part of the film for me was the mountain.
Howls ^^

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