Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Dark Winter games 2

The second review of Dark Winter games theme, that's ongoing from both spooky and cold Winter months is a nice horror game called Vampire Cave by Games 2 Rule. This is a point and click puzzle game, here you find yourself lost in a cave full of vampires and have to get out. The puzzles are a little easy although it's got hidden objects that are tricky to find and some of the clues are vague to work out. The background music is quite soft and a little out of place, although its kind of understandable for being in a cave. Overall this is an online escape game to kill time.
Scarier than that game, is an offline game called Doors to the Mind. For a more detailed description of this one, visit The Ghost in My Machine to see info on that game and others: Doors to the Mind
Another dark and creepy game is The Telephone Ritual where you are supposed to give calls to spirits! This one occurs after the hour of midnight. Another is Shoebox Telephone where you choose to communicate with spirit. However though this one may end up with making actual phonecalls to real numbers. The Answer Phantom is another game involving about 10 people but this one is considerably dangerous with regards to contacting an entity.
Above all play safely and follow the rules. Better still, avoid playing them.
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