Thursday, 28 September 2017

My view on Snow White

In reply to the question "Was Snow White bad?" here is my reply.
No she wasn’t bad. Snow White was a young princess who was destined to die. She eventually died but was brought back to life again from a kiss. There is a lot more to Snow-White because the tale itself is extremely old. It goes back to pre-Christian times.

Snow White is a tale of an immortal, perhaps a goddess, who wakes from the dead or long periods of sleep as it may be. There are ancient myths of young goddesses who return to the earth after disappearing for a while. In such stories, Persephone was stolen and disappeared in the underworld. She returned to the earth every Spring.

There is also Easter origins and the goddess Eostre/Ostarra, who appears to Midgard (land of humans) after a while. Sleeping goddesses or “dead” goddesses wake up after a cycle has passed. Then they return to sleep or the underworld again, only to come back again.

Snow White could be based on such a combination of these ancient young goddess myths. Another sleeping/dead princess is “Sleeping Beauty”. Woken by a prince, a warrior or hero. Again the archytype of those princes waking up these magical princesses from death sleep is like Sigurd the dragon slayer waking up the sleeping dead Valkyrie.

So no, Snow White isn’t “bad” or evil. She’s the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. There are many goddess maidens found in all European myths, such as Persephone, Eostre, Artemis, Skadi, Athena, Valkyries, Iris, ect. who inspire modern girls. All those Disney princesses are the Divine Maidens, goddess girls, who’s stories have ancient origins to begin with. 

by Rayne Belladonna 
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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dangerous animals in Britain

There are some dangerous wild animals in UK. People don’t think so because the large land predators were wiped out centuries ago. The dangerous animals in modern British Isles are the following:
Bees and wasps or the sub group Aporcrita, give out painful stings and can kill. These insects are responsible for about 5 deaths in the UK each year. People with an allergy towards the bee and wasp stings can die.
Domestic dogs, although not wild animals as such, and considered as mans best friend, are responsible for many attacks and deaths in the UK each year. About two thousand people each year survive dog attacks but many people have died. More people are killed by dogs than by terrorists, according to some posts. There is a rising figure showing more dogs attacking and killing livestock also. However, there is still a terrible figure showing the amount of dogs attacked, abused, neglected and killed by humans.
Red deer is a beautiful and sacred wild animal that lives freely in the UK. However, during the Autumn months, a season to find a mate, these powerful beasts with their antlers turn agitated. These deer have killed people, but the deer are also killed on roads that also cause some car crashes and deaths.
Cows, as in wild. There are wild cattle in the UK but also beware of farm cattle too. They’ve been known to injure and kill people. People love camping, hiking and exploring the countryside and woods. They also come across ferocious herds of wild cattle, especially bulls. Dog walkers and farmers especially have been attacked.
Snakes, the British countryside has deadly snakes hiding in the grass. Always beware when going out for a stroll on a sunny day, and not walk too near the bushes. Britain has a poisonous snake called the Adder. There has been about 15 deaths occuring from snake bites in UK since the 19th Century. But many hundreds of people have been bitten and treated instantly. Fatalities of snake bite occurs with dogs and cats. There are other snake species in UK not poisonous but they give a nasty bite.
Killer whale / Orca, a powerful sea predator animal that migrates. It’s been seen around the coasts of Britain. These vast whales often eat seals and not humans but their presence deserves mentioning here. More British people are surfing these days and enjoying the water in sails and skuba diving. Just be aware.
Another thing about the seaside… Jellyfish. These are found in the sea around the UK. Most of them are native British jellyfish.
Another sea creature to avoid is the Blue Bottle or Portuguese Man o’ War. It’s a venomous hudrozoa found in the Atlantic ocean and can be seen in British waters. It’s responsible for deaths all around the world.
Foxes are a small predatory canid animal but responsible for attacks on mainly birds, rabits, domestic cats, children and even sheep.
Britain’s only true poisonous spider is the False Black Widow spider, but it rarely bites humans. Some people who’ve been bitten by one end up in hospital for treatment.

By Rayne Belladonna

Friday, 15 September 2017

My answers on dragons and meditation

I answered some questions on Quora and felt like posting them here.

Q 1. "Why do dragons guard treasures?"

My answer: It isn’t just treasure that dragons guard. Treasure has come to mean that but also treasure is life itself and the earth’s recources. Dragons protect water, forests, soil, mountains, sky and treasures. But there are many things inside treasure hordes that appeal to dragons.

Gold protects against heat radiation. Silver reflects light. Gold has the ability to control temperatures and is used in space technology. Gold doesn’t rot or rust. As for gems, sapphires are used in making radio, communications and signals far as into outer space. Diamonds are used in laser beams, drills, and able to cut into granite and stones. Rubies make clockworks and digital images.
With this info, dragons need the powers of gold and gemstones to enhance its strength, size, mobility, fire lungs and intelligence. Dragons are also part of the spirit realm as they were once creatures who ruled the earth. Dragons are the true guardians of the planet so they guard the earth’s treasures.

Q2. "Have you ever seen a supernatural/mythic creature?"

My answer: I’ve seen willo-the-wisps, orbs, fairy lights and faefolk, yes. These appear over the cornfield near my old house some nights. Other times I’ve found them in my house, acting like intelligent insects but they’re not bugs at all, just glowing balls of light.
As a 5 year old playing in the back garden, until sunset, I was astonished to see a “dragon” appearing in the trees. There were large fruit trees at the back of the garden. It showed an outline of a true dragon and it seemed to move, as if walking right through the trees. I called my grandad who was inside and he came out and smiled. He didn’t see what I saw. Right after that day, I made sure to look for the “dragon” inside the trees but it was gone. It never returned.

Q 3. "How can I deal with fearful imaginations during meditation?"

My answer: You should try and relax and take deep breathes. Your imagination needn’t happen at all. When you meditate you must first be extremely relaxed. No noises or strong lights. Close the windows if its too cold and wet. Keep yourself comfortable. Make sure you’re not going to get interrupted. Any disturbance can interfere with your meditation.
I think meditation can happen if you are laying down and have a soft pillow or you’re in bed preparing to go to sleep. The worst that can happen is being stopped. When you’re relaxed, just think of nothing but whatever makes you calm. If the beach makes you feel calm, visualise only this. Allow yourself to enjoy this scene.
For me, a true meditation involved almost dreaming as if asleep and it often puts me to sleep. You’re imagination is probably too noisy and you’ve got to make sure that you switch that off by feeling calm.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Not all werewolves are male

In answer to the question "Why are Werewolves originally male?" this is my reply:

It all goes back to ancient times. It’s to do with the warriors. Berserkers and wolf-headed Ulfhednar gangs. Werewolves mainly used to be ferocious warriors that became wolves on a battle field. Later werewolves became lone werewolves hunting stray humans and animals at the edge of villages. Rabies in animals made up a lot of werewolf superstitious fears. There are a number of records of mass murderers happening in isolated villages with werewolf stories around them. The story “Little Red Riding Hood” was based on these folklore fears of lone strangers, werewolves and monsters. The culprits were usually men and some were boys. Rarely were they women.

There are stories of goddesses turning into wolves. Valkyries riding on wolves, and some of them turning into wolves. In Lebanon during the 6th Century, people were totally scared of the “wolf women” who appeared often at nights, so there were religious protections carried out. A similar thing happened in the year 1591 the town of Jurich was bombarded with attacks from werewolves, males and females. Apparantly it was said to be “hundreds” of werewolves. Soldiers went out to kill these werewolves and found that many of the female werewolves were dressed as nuns.

Plenty of people who were supposedly werewolves were executed as witches in the Middle Ages. It was said that many of the women tried for witchcraft had shape shifting abilities and rode wolves, just as the Norse Valkyries do.

By Rayne Belladonna


Friday, 8 September 2017

Two White Goddesses

Skadi and Artemis. 

In reply to the question "What are some goddesses in other mythologies similar to Artemis?" I posted something that I felt should be coped and pasted here, but with some of my add ons.

Goddesses in Norse mythology similar to Artemis, the huntress, would be Skadi and Eostr. Skadi is a winter goddess, and also a huntress and goddess of wild animals like Artemis. Eostr (some call her Ostara) is a maiden goddess and lunar goddess similar to Artemis. The egg and wild rabbit is sacred to Eostr and both egg and rabbits are lunar images. Also some of the Valkyries are like Artemis for they participate in the Wild Hunt at night.

Artemis is a White Goddess. Skadi is also a White Goddess too. Skadi and Artemis are associated and seen with bow and arrow. Skadi is the Norse Artemis.

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Questions YOU may ask me now:

"What is a White Goddess"?
There is a book called "The White Goddess" by Robert Graves. The White Goddess itself is a term I used to describe the goddess of light, or moonlight, starlight, frost, snow and spirits.

"Who is Artemis"?
Artemis is a Greek goddess of the hunt. She's a maiden and a goddess of the moon, woods, wild animals and purity. She's the sister of Apollo.

"Who is Skadi"?
Skadi is the Norse goddess of winter. She's a maiden and a goddess of snow, hunting, skiing, wild animals and purity. She's also a giantess.


Book reference "The White Goddess" by Robert Graves 
The Broom Closet: Skadi 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Gloom Girls Project: Countess Bathory

This is a project about demonic ladies, iron maidens and evil queens. It's the opposite to my "Golden Girl Project" series that I made years ago on this blog. Golden Girls is all about ladies of light. The Gloom Girls Project is about ladies of darkness. Obsidiously evil and dangerous by nature, they're cold blooded as they're so vicious, tainted and cruel. Each post will focus on one such lady of gloom.

Countess Bathory

The most famous evil lady was none other than Countess Bathory. Everyone who's heard of her will tell you that she soaked in the blood of virgins to keep herself looking young and beautiful. She's known as the bloody countess, blood countess and Countess Dracula. Who was she?
Countess Bathory was born Elizabeth Bathory in Nyirbator, Hungary, on 7th August 1560. Her family owned land in Hungary and Transylvania. The sinister coat of arms of Nyirbator shows a green land background with a golden sheep wearing a golden flag, standing on a monstrous red claw with sharp talons. The Bathory coat of arms show jagged three red and three white fangs. Elizabeth's coat of arms is of a green griffin sat upon a pair of giant dragon's teeth.
As a little girl, she was raised in Ecsed Castle, now a ruin today. In her teens, she had a close friendship with a local peasant boy and got pregnant.The baby was given away to a peasant family in Wallachia. She was married off to Ferenc Nadasdy, but Elizabeth wanted to keep her name "Bathory" as she didn't want her husband's name. The entire marriage was arranged and political, not based upon love. The wedding was extravagant with thousands of guests. There was a great feast, where planty of food was served including wild pig, venison, swan, peacock, duck, fish and ox, all stuffed with fruits and herbs. Roasted vegetables, fresh bread, wines and honeyed sweets. There were plenty of musicians, as well as court jesters and their trained dogs and monkeys performing tricks. Soon, Elizabeth had to live with her husband in Nadasdy Castle. Such a castle looked like something straight out of a fairytale with cream coloured walls and sky blue turrets. It still stands there today.
Elizabeth found herself alone because her husband often went away. During this time, there was war against the Ottomons, and Elizabeth had to run the estate and deal with internal politics. It was where she started developing materials on making blood magic. She was vain and obsessed with her looks. Fair light skin, dark raven coloured hair that tumbled down, she had an hourglass figure, large pale grey eyes with long lashes and blood red ruby coloured lips. Her beauty was like the Snow-White princess of stories but when she smiled, all of her teeth were sharp as daggers. 
Over the years with her husband's coming and goings, Elizabeth had given birth to four children. Her husband became unwell and died at the age of 48 years old. Once he was gone, Elizabeth took control of everything and expressed her dark powers as a frightening blood countess that made her a legend.
Soon Elizabeth was being questioned by authorities. Investigations were carried out after many disturbing reports about her made by a variety of people from many backgrounds, rich and poor. A lot of young women and girls were disappearing around the land, daughters of poor farmers and daughters of rich people. Many indicate that something sinister was going on. These girls were reportedly taken to Elizabeth's castle, with the promise of work as hand maidens, but ended up physically abused and tortured to death. It was said that Elizabeth carried out these cruelties in Cachtice Castle, that she owned. That skeleton castle on a hilltop had been a wedding gift to her. Corpses were found half buried, and unmarked graves full of the victims of young women who died from such cruel methods. Some had said Elizabeth drank human blood and ate human flesh.
When Elizabeth was arrested, she was caught then and there in the horrible act of torturing a woman. There were bodies of dead women throughout the castle. Living women were found crying after just being tortured. There were sobbing women locked up in tiny dark cells infested with rats and feaces.
She was put on trial and imprisoned. Eventually Elizabeth died in a cell room, and was buried at Ecsed originally but her body was moved a couple of times since and the whereabouts of Elizabeth's remains are unknown. 

By Rayne Belladonna          

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Spooky graveyard memory

When I was 14 years old. A friend of mine from school took me to see a “spooky church in the woods”. I couldn’t wait to see it while she was telling me all about these really scary ghost stories. I hadn’t been that way before so it was my first time going to see that famous church. (It was “famous” among the kids).
When we arrived there I noticed how very depressing it was. A massive graveyard, loads of trees and a vast number of stones. The church was filthy and decrepit with holes in the roof and ravens flying in and coming out. It was a really ancient looking church left abandoned goodness knows how long. The doors were pretty much rotted and trees were growing into it.
The graveyard was so old. Much of the stones were too old and I couldn’t read them as the engravings were faded. Some were covered in moss or black stains, or sunken into the ground. My friend wandered off towards that horrible church and something made me not go any further. She called me to lets go and explore this church but I didn’t want to. I just felt this barrier and I was sat down behind a stone, feeling so scared and really trapped.
I knew that if I went closer to the church, I might see something scary. I just decided to walk away and so I did, but my friend was really annoyed. Anyway I’ve got a blocked memory of this day. Weeks after we visited that creepy old church, friend told me that a ghost appeared and asked me if I saw it. She claimed it appeared in the graveyard near where I sat but I don’t remember.
Many years later I discovered that my dad used to visit the place when he was a kid. He went with friends and he told me that it was a ruined church back then during the 60′s. I visited the place 15 years later, and the church wasn’t there anymore, neither were those massive grave trees. They put a new church building in its place and it was active.

(Originally posted by me in Quora)