Wednesday, 31 October 2018

A werewolf Samhain

A message from all of us lycanthropes:
Have a very scary but howling happy Samhain.
Be careful who you open your doors to on Halloween as not all those who come knocking may be trick or treaters.
If you're happening to be out there trick or treating, always be wary of the houses you visit. Stay cautious of the sweets you're given. It's safe to avoid eating candy from strangers. Instead bury the food or leave them as offerings for the dead. Honour your ancestors. Gifts will be for the spirits and nature.
If you go out on Samhain night, wear some pendant, talisman or stone, preferably made of black tourmaline and amethyst. These stones are believed to protect someone against evil entities and negative energy. While the veil is lifted, all kinds of things can appear. Place these stones in your rooms and inside your car, wear them or carry them in your pockets.
You might also check out a long list of herbs that also protect against evil spirits:
Most of all enjoy the holiday!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Suspiria (1977)

This horror film from 1977 is called "Suspiria," directed by Dario Argento, and starring Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci, Udo Kier and Joan Bennett.
Made with rich blood colours, the film is about a lavish dancing school hiding a dark secret. A strange mystery surrounds a former dead student. The story follows a new student from New York as she arrives to the mysterious Munich dancing school. She soon becomes dazed and can't perform in any of the dance lessons, so has to stay in bed. Other students end up full of maggots. A horror movie that feels like watching a fairytale, and it has dreamlike sets and a deep sense of vulnerability. The most unforgettable thing of all about this film is the music score by Goblin.
I rate this 9/10.
Are there that many shocks? Definately yes.
Howls ^^

Monday, 29 October 2018

Halloween the darkest holiday

The season of Halloween, also called Samhain by most pagans and historians, is here. It happens after the Autumn equinox and when the clocks are moved back one hour in a lot of countries. The moon phase this year for Halloween is the last quarter phase, but we experienced a Blood Moon last week. Interesting also is when the visible moon passes the Manger or Beehive Star Cluster, which is in the Cancer constellation.
Often we hear that Halloween is a time when the veil is lowered. There is a very old tradition worldwide in regards to this season being all about spirits and the paranormal. Kids have been dressing up in costumes for Halloween for hundreds of years. Today it's evolved as a fun event while in days passed, it was just the same but their costumes were a lot more freaky.
70 Vintage costumes that were creepy!
Enjoy looking at those ghastly costumes.
Howls ^^

Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Evil

For a gloomy night, "The Evil" is perfect to watch.
This 1978 horror film, directed by Gus Trikonis and stars Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet, Andrew Prine and Cassie Yates, is low budget and delivers. A couple buy a large old house with a few creepy gargoyle heads and a statue in the yard. It doesn't seem like much until hauntings begin. There is a basement with a locked trap door, certain to be the culprit behind unpleasant sulphur smells and a bad feeling. Friends arrive to fix the crumbling house but there is a ghost trying to warn them, and a dog that goes missing. Before long, the house turns upon everyone.
This film is atmospheric with the sounds of thunder and lightning. Although classed as a Horror, it comes across to me as a supernatural mystery thriller.
I rate this 8/10.
What was amusing: Wait for it.
Howls ^^

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

"Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell" (1978) is a horror film directed by Curtis Harrington. It stars Richard Crenna, Yvette Mimieux and Kim Richards. For a film on a low budget and made for television, it was tame in as far as it didn't have blood and gore but it was good. Often though people link Horror calibre films with only blood and gore, while forgetting that a film can also be Horror without that gruesome stuff. This film's scare tactics was mainly supernatural and at times psychological.
A strange man selling fruit and vegetables coaxes children into taking one of the cute puppies found inside the truck. Little do they know that the puppy is from a litter of demons, created by a male Barghest creature and an ordinary female dog. The puppy grows up into a gorgeous yet normal looking household dog but there is something "cold" about him. The dog named Lucky is actually a sinister hellhound in disguise.
Rate of the film is 7/10
Best scene: Lucky the dog running in slow motion.
hOWLs ^^

Monday, 15 October 2018

Hunger pangs

As I'm very hungry, I want to share some awesome looking werewolf cupcakes. I think they're just so adorable. I will post links on how to make these werewolf cupcakes.

Werewolf cupcakes from Duncan Hines instructions:

More werewolf cupcakes at Hungry Happenings:

Halloween party food. Delicious
Howls ^^

Monday, 8 October 2018

Creepy games so far

Here is my third night of making a post about scary games in theme for the month.
The most ****** up looking game I've played online is Creepy Toys House Escape by Games 2 Rule. A Point and Click adventure puzzle inside a very sinister house. If you're scared of dolls, then don't play this one. The background music is so weird and goes out of tune sometimes. The game is meant to be hard so that you never escape! Another Point and Click escape game is Frighten House, with puzzles all around a shadowy haunted manor house. Both games are awsome as well as tough.

A very sinister game to play alone is called "Queen of Spades" and is done during late at night. It means using a queen of spades card, a mirror, candle, red lipstick and a staircase. This one is highly dangerous and can attract negative entities.

Another creepy game is called "Årsgång", that originated from Sweden. This game is very old and today it can be played online and with iphones. People following the rules of this game have reported paranormal experiences as well as visions that some think are glimpses into the future.

Play safe.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Review of Horrify Forest escape game

Another October night creepy computer game to play.

This momth I will review some computer horror games to enjoy in the season. Now I want to review a Point and Click game set in a scary dark forest called Horrify Forest Escape, by Wow Eascape Games. You must collect items that you see in order to find clues and work out on puzzles. Whenever you collect something, dancing ghosts will appear. The forest is very dark and it's set at night. Sinister music in the background just adds to the haunting mood of the game.You're led deeper into the dark haunted forest as you need to find more clues. It will take you to some relics and magical objects. You'll pass brightly coloured numbers and pinned up messages, all that you should take note of. This isn't a cute kids Halloween type of game, as it's quite scary and designed to be hard. There are objects buried in obscure hiding places so you'll need to stay there longer to keep looking for them and you may also lose sense of direction. As you do this, you'll get harassed by a ghost.

Halloween and scary themed games that are dangerous.

There is a game to play with friends called Light as a Feather. It needs one person to lay down and remain very still while the others go around the person and chant "light as a feather, stiff as a board." Some have reported levitation working, but others don't. 

Warning: A game to avoid is The Showbox Telephone involves the craft of making something with a shoebox, string and a paper cup to make an old fashioned style phone. It's often mentioned on Reddit and is not something to play with at all. Don't even attempt to begin this one as it's totally dangerous and it attracts unpleasant ghosts.

This lycanthrope says stay safe and be cautious.
Howls ^^

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Spooky games and Vampire House

For this month I shall post some scary puzzle games that I will review. This one is a computer game called "Big Vampire House Escape" made by Big Escape Games. It's a tricky puzzle game filled with clues, hidden objects containing keys to open locked doors. While playing you can select to play the eerie background music or choose to disable it. The house is a gothic dark red coloured mansion and with a Halloween theme. A creepy ghost girl is spawned in every room. The idea is to get out of the house. Your score will be added to the clock.

Other stuff
Offline there are obviously some fun board games like these: "Midnight Party", "Fearsome Floors", "Gloom", "Zombiefide", "Arkham Horror" and "Castle Panic". And some examples that I've already listed on these following pages:
Board Game Geek Halloween theme games
Board Game Recourse 10 Spooky Board Games

Of course people want to connect with spirits and ghosts using creepy games such as the Ouija Board and Bloody Mary. These games are not toys and they're actually instruments and rituals that bring in sinister entities.

Scary results of playing Bloody Mary game
Scary Ouija Board experiences

Stay safe.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Spirits of Autumn plants

It's now October! This is going to be a dark post because I feel like doing one right now. This is a time when nights grow longer and the air gets colder. Autumn leaves change colour, fall from their trees and pile up along the ground. While Autumn is fun, colourful and magical, it can also be creepy.
It's harvest time and food becomes very important. A number of herbs and roots can be used to summon spirits or protect from spirits. Some with knowledge of foraging and kitchen witchery know the very plants to look for. Most use the Autumn plants for medicine. For those like me that are always learning about herbs and plantlore, I'm informed that weeds are vibrant after Summer. Weeds in the garden can be eaten. The sacred Hawthorn grows red berries that can help heart conditions. Goldenrod is a fiery medicine ideal for soothing pains. Rose Hips are a bright scarlet coloured berries that are both medicinal and healthy for Vitamin C.
Root vegetables are found full grown and the soil is rich. It's often believed that nature spirits focus on fruit, vegetables and other edible plants. Besides the wild flowers that give food, another source of food supply are the crops. Fields full of growing crops attract all kinds of supernatural entities. Fairies, phouka, land wights and goblins either consume corn and other foodstuffs or they help farmers work the land. Some are friendly. Some are not.
Rice is a crop with spirit attachments. The spooky game called "One-Man Hide and Seek" involves using rice in the game to begin playing it. A doll needs to be stuffed with rice and sewn with blood-red thread together. In order to wake the spirits within the rice grains, the player has to announce a few words according to the rules. Often people find no joy in this while many claim to have experienced sinister and frightening creepy paranormal things.
Some people have seen curious plants come to life. One such case involves a a man called Jennings Frederick from West Virginia who saw a strange entity. It resembled a human shape green plantlike figure that was disturbing. The creature spoke in human tongue and then it touched him with its stems that looked like fingers. The man also described the creature's dwelling. This incident later became known as the "Vegetable Man". While it may seem odd, it isn't the only story about vegetables in the world. In Asia there is a tale of the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, a type of cryptid and legend.
The Waqwaq or "Screaming Tree" is like the talking oracular trees. They were believed to grow infants along their branches. Other ancient texts described adult humans and animals that grew from the oracular trees. Many people of ancient times have recorded strange things about oracular trees crying, talking, reciting omens. They were: 
Mohammed ben Bâbichâd told me from what he had heard from one of those who went to Waq Waq: that there were large trees. sometimes with elongated rounded leaves that bear fruit like squash, but bigger, that have a human face: when the wind stirs the leaves, a voice comes out, and the inside fills with air, like the pods of the milkweed. If they are detached from the tree, the air escapes at once and they become flat and flabby like a piece of skin
The source is The Book of Wonders of India.
There is the protective nature of plants such as garlic, onions, turnips, radishes, apples and mandrake, ginger and especially pumpkins. Today pumpkins are used to scare off spirits. In the past they used turnips f they didn't have any pumpkins. These ward off evil spirits, angry spirits and unwanted entities. So when you tuck into your meal, remember that you're consuming Earth's treasures that are magical gifts. The carrots, radishes, potatoes and broccoli may even talk to you!
Howls ^^