Tuesday, 24 January 2017

My drawings and tea leaves strangeness

Two days ago I was doodling some animals in my diary. I filled that day's page so I turned over and drew around the border. Then yesterday morning I wrote in the page, had breakfast, and some tea. Later I found that the tea leaves in the cup showed animals that look almost exactly like the ones I drew in my diary the day before. Here are two photographs: The picture of my diary page with the animal doodles that I made. Second picture is of the tea leaves.

This might be a coincidence. If not then what does it all mean? Some synchronicities happen for a reason. When I doodled the animals, I was imagining that I was trying to show animals what I can do, make animals appear on paper. Did I subconsiously project the animal drawings in my tea leaves the following day? Who knows really. It's all very weird. I don't think it's paranormal, but maybe it is. I felt that it was very interesting to say the least.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Short note: Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a great 2017. I've not been posting much lately, been on haitus from blog for a while. I've decided to pause writing my fictional stories on She Wolf Night blog and return to posting about serious issues: Monsters, darkness, myths, fairytales, paranormal and history events. I may do film reviews and book reviews, again.


Now I want to mention something pretty weird: Zircona. It's the name I've given to the new sun goddess.

I've reason to believe She is not the same sun as we had always known before. In the past year, I've noticed a change in Her patterns, colour, movement and astronomical position. It's a sign that the sun has changed. The former sun, or spiritually speaking, the former sun goddess Sol, has passed us all over to a new sun goddess. The former sun, Sol/Sunna was golden in colour. The new sun, Zircona, is white and pale blue in colour.

According to ancient myths, the sun is eventually swallowed by the wolf. We have the dark, cosmic wolves Fenrir, Skoll and Hati. Fenris, Skoll and Hati are the Winter Triangle (Canis Major, Canis Minor and Sirius).

And then there are the Asgard (angelic) wolves, Geri and Freki. The underworld guardian wolf is Garm who stops the dead trying to get out and reach the living. In Greek mythology, Fenrir's counterpart is the triple wolf Cerberus. Now Cerberus is a guardian of the underworld but he also a medicine wolf because of his associations with plants, snakes (healers) and crystals. Cerberus was defeated by a man named Hercules, a demigod with traits like Thors'. The most famous underworld dog is Anubis, the ancient Egyptian deity of death and guardian of the spirit world. These divine dogs/wolves guarded the portals to different dimensions and worlds.

In Chinese mythology, I focus on Tiangou, a cosmic dog that eats the sun. This sounds like Skoll and Hati, the sun-moon-eating wolves. Stories of giant wolves eating the suns and moons could be astronomical events, such as a solar and lunar eclipse, yes? Maybe it isn't. It could be to do with the end of a sun's life cycle or stellar collapse.

So why am I talking about dogs? The new sun goddess Zircona has a lot to do with this. I believe that Fenris wolf is Canis Major and he's positioned close to Orion, (Orion is a hunter and warrior like the Norse god Tyr). In myth and legends, the cosmic wolves ate the sun and moon but they enabled a new life cycle to happen.

The former sun mother goddess Sunna/Sol has gone, and She resided in the Arm of Sagittarius. Now our new sun, our adopted mother goddess, Zircona, lives in the Orion Spur. Go and check out the stars.