Saturday, 25 February 2017

Fantasy-looking real animals

 I've made a list of the beautiful and fantastic looking animals in the world. You can check them out if you want to see pictures of them. These are just a few of the strange animals I could find but wanted to give highlights to some of them on here. There are far more strange fantasy looking real animals out there, but here is just twelve of them.

1. The Tibetan Sand Fox - A rare species of fox that lives in high regions of Tibet, with unusual colourings of red and silver. These foxes have larger teeth than most other foxes, with wolflike features and narrow eyes. Their choice of prey varies from mice to larger animals such as antelope.

2. Long Eared Jerboa - Small fluffballs of cuteness with very big ears and long legs, these mice creatures are nocturnal. They leap around in groups and live in deserts found in Asia.

3. Panda Ant - The black and white fluffy insects are not ants, but types of wasps even though the name is pretty misleading. The female panda ants don't have any wings. They all prefer darkness and live on nectar.

4. Honduran White Bat - These tiny little white bats resemble snowdrop flowers as they huddle underneath leaves. From rainforests, these types of bats prefer the beds of warm fresh leaves and eat fruit.

5. Glaucus Atlanticus - Unusual tiny sea slugs in colours striking blue and white stripes. They've got appendages that resemble outstretched wings. They can sting.

6. Shoebill - Very large African bird with massive bill and silvery blue colourings. They don't fly fast and have short migration patterns. They're often quiet and tend to interact with humans well.

7. Axolotl -  An amphibian from South America that looks almost like a tiny human infant except with a tail and gills. The babies are all cute with smiling happy faces.

8. Venezuelan Poodle Moth - These unusual moths look like Pokemon with large eyes and cuddly fluffy bodies. The appear like tiny dolls wrapped in thick clothes and their large eyes making them look like kittens. Their antennae resembles tall ears.

9. Tapir - These strange large mammals have short elephant like trunks and pig like bodies. Some have a mane, others don't and have stripes or two colours. There are many species of them from South America to Asia. Herbivorous who love swimming in tropical waters.

10. Armadillo Girdled Lizard - These lizards are gold coloured with spines, that tend to fold into rings. They come from Africa and live in rocks. Females of the species give birth to babies instead of laying eggs. They eat plants and insects.

11. Mirror Spider - Small spiders with gorgeous bodies that look like sparkling crystals, the spiders resemble pieces of jewelry than spiders. Found in Australia, the spiders have bodies that reflect light and colours to protect them from predators. They live mainly in trees and bushes.

12. Mary River Turtle - The most fantastic and amazing kept for last. These large turtles look as if they've come straight from a magical world. They glide in water but they can have green hair that looks like grass, they come from Australia. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Giant horse dream

The other night I dreamt that I saw a giant horse. It was the size of a house. I felt scared and didn't want to go near it. I soon learned that is was none other than Svaðilfari!!!! Beside me was a spirit guide, wolf/man who was there to protect me from "Svaðilfari" (in Norse myth, "unlucky rider" is a terrifying nightmare horse). The monstrous horse was a bit of a way off and couldn't see me. Why had I dreamt of that giant horse god?
Last week I fed some lovely ponies. My cousin took part in a horse riding competition. All of the strangeness doesn't fit.
Svaðilfari is father of an eight legged horse named Sleipnir. Svaðilfariand and his owner (a giant) were building a magnificent wall around Asgard but Loki the trickster interfered by coaxing Svaðilfari away. This left the wall around Asgard unfinished and so the giant became angry. The thunder god, Thor, struck at the giant with His hammer.
The giant horse Svaðilfari doesn't represent evil so much but of walls and buildings. The dream symbol of Svaðilfari might suggest a "journey" of bad luck, unfinished business, hard work that can't be completed, difficulties, obstacles and impossible tasks. To overcome that, coax Svaðilfari with treats/food.
In the rest of the dream I was able to walk freely once the giant horse was inside a huge barn, although once I was safely passed, he reappeared from the barn. Yet he still didn't notice me, thankfully.

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Picture "Demon Horse" is by Kaytara link

Saturday, 11 February 2017

My list of 5 evil queens

There is something making me want to give a list of some of the evil queens.

The first is The Evil Queen, in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". She's portrayed as extremely evil in the story, adaptions on film and in TV fantasy series. A cruel step mother, queen and a sorceress. Jealous, vain and not interested in the future heir of her step daughter. Associated with the magic mirror, a tool used in the occult for scrying, she's able to see things and communicate with a spirit in the glass.

Second is Maleficent, or the evil fairy in "The Sleeping Beauty."An evil fairy filled with anger and wrath, blaming an innocent child for not being invited to a baby shower party. Condemning the princess to death once she reaches a certain age, usually it's 18, but some versions vary. Her evil spell was undone by a late fairy who changed the fate of death to sleep.

Third is Akasha from "Queen of the Damned", a vampire queen and a danger to humanity. Vampires are not mortal but Akasha is an ancient one from before the time of the Egyptian pharoahs. She was frozen as a stone statue until modern times when awoke by music, she unleashed terror on the world. Destroyed many vampires, and planned to kill off most of humanity and use some of the survivors as slaves to worship her as a goddess.

Fourth is Cersei from "Game of Thrones", a cold blooded, heartless and corrupt queen. Interested only in power, killing and revenge. On her son's grave she fornicated with her brother as she had many times before. Once imprisoned and forced to walk naked in the streets at the walk of shame, losing her children, this made her a sympathetic evil queen. She was crowned as queen of the iron throne, a seat of complete power of the seven kingdoms.

Fifth is Jadis the White Witch from the "Chronicals of Narnia". A powerful snow queen type of character, who is white icy evil instead of dark evil. A sorceress who brought an ice age to a magical land with centuries long winters. A dictator and cruel, unfeeling, warlike and without pity. Many of the creatures and animals who people Narnia have tried to bring about her downfall.

I don't want to mention how the queens ended up as it will spoil the surprise for those not familiar with the stories. Those are just SOME of the evil queens. There are too many to go through but I hope that you've enjoyed my list of 5 Evil Queens.    

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Recent fairy encounter

Has a complete total stranger ever made you feel as if you're in a magical world? I often get this feeling if I look at a certain beautiful building, see a magical fantasy painting, hear a particular nice song, listen to wind chimes, wolves howling, wind in trees, rain and thunder. Never has a human being made me feel that before until yesterday. I was walking home from the chemist just after 12 noon, and ahead of me this woman appeared from one of the pretty houses along a quiet leafy suburb. I don't live there, I just pass it. As she came close, I started to feel as if I was dreaming. The trees suddenly became filled with energy and this woman gave off a magical aura that was like a crystal generating power. Her hair was really bright red and she had purple coloured eyes! Her clothes were in flower patterns. She looked like Princess Ariel to be honest. When she passed me, she smiled. and it was like being in the presense of a fairy. When she passed me I looked back. Then a minute later I turned to look back a second time, she disappeared. This experience is the first time I've encountered an otherworldy person or someone who gives out a magical vibe. It's my view that the traditional tiny winged fairy creatures of fairytales are recent Victorian designs. Fairies are the same size as everyone else and don't necessarily have wings. Some fairies of myth and legends are quite statuesque, athletic and stronger than ordinary humans. Fairies of ancient times were gods and goddesses, nymphs, dryads, elves and valkyria. It's not weird to think of fairies as looking like normal humans without wings but with a difference, they give off magical and powerful energy. (Btw, the top image isn't the fairy that I saw).

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Happy Imbolc

It's that time of year, beginning of February and a time when the first flowers start to show through the frost. Snowdrops and the rainbow coloured winter crocuses. It's the season of Imbolc, and other pagans call it Charming of the Plough, disting, the coming of Spring and departure of Winter.