Saturday, 4 February 2017

Recent fairy encounter

Has a complete total stranger ever made you feel as if you're in a magical world? I often get this feeling if I look at a certain beautiful building, see a magical fantasy painting, hear a particular nice song, listen to wind chimes, wolves howling, wind in trees, rain and thunder. Never has a human being made me feel that before until yesterday. I was walking home from the chemist just after 12 noon, and ahead of me this woman appeared from one of the pretty houses along a quiet leafy suburb. I don't live there, I just pass it. As she came close, I started to feel as if I was dreaming. The trees suddenly became filled with energy and this woman gave off a magical aura that was like a crystal generating power. Her hair was really bright red and she had purple coloured eyes! Her clothes were in flower patterns. She looked like Princess Ariel to be honest. When she passed me, she smiled. and it was like being in the presense of a fairy. When she passed me I looked back. Then a minute later I turned to look back a second time, she disappeared. This experience is the first time I've encountered an otherworldy person or someone who gives out a magical vibe. It's my view that the traditional tiny winged fairy creatures of fairytales are recent Victorian designs. Fairies are the same size as everyone else and don't necessarily have wings. Some fairies of myth and legends are quite statuesque, athletic and stronger than ordinary humans. Fairies of ancient times were gods and goddesses, nymphs, dryads, elves and valkyria. It's not weird to think of fairies as looking like normal humans without wings but with a difference, they give off magical and powerful energy. (Btw, the top image isn't the fairy that I saw).

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