Sunday, 19 February 2017

Giant horse dream

The other night I dreamt that I saw a giant horse. It was the size of a house. I felt scared and didn't want to go near it. I soon learned that is was none other than Svaðilfari!!!! Beside me was a spirit guide, wolf/man who was there to protect me from "Svaðilfari" (in Norse myth, "unlucky rider" is a terrifying nightmare horse). The monstrous horse was a bit of a way off and couldn't see me. Why had I dreamt of that giant horse god?
Last week I fed some lovely ponies. My cousin took part in a horse riding competition. All of the strangeness doesn't fit.
Svaðilfari is father of an eight legged horse named Sleipnir. Svaðilfariand and his owner (a giant) were building a magnificent wall around Asgard but Loki the trickster interfered by coaxing Svaðilfari away. This left the wall around Asgard unfinished and so the giant became angry. The thunder god, Thor, struck at the giant with His hammer.
The giant horse Svaðilfari doesn't represent evil so much but of walls and buildings. The dream symbol of Svaðilfari might suggest a "journey" of bad luck, unfinished business, hard work that can't be completed, difficulties, obstacles and impossible tasks. To overcome that, coax Svaðilfari with treats/food.
In the rest of the dream I was able to walk freely once the giant horse was inside a huge barn, although once I was safely passed, he reappeared from the barn. Yet he still didn't notice me, thankfully.

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