Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wolf's Head

In merry old England, the term "Wolf's Head" was a title of an outlaw. A "Wolf's Head" was also a name for certain archers in England who used long bows. There are some groups of archers today that specialise in this sport who call themselves "Wolf's Head". In Norse legend, the wolf-headed warrior is called "Ulfhednar" that means "wolf's head". It is also another name for "werewolf". An earlier shorter term is "werwolf" and this is like "war wolf".  The "were" and "wer" is man, and "wear" as in to adnorn, since warriors wore the pelts of wolves.

As it was associated with men and warriors, had it been ever associated with women? Most people today generally forget that the term "Man" as in everyone and all, is also plural of humans and that includes women. So the earlier languages will have "wer" for human and not just men (males) but also women. The name "man" comes from the rune Mannaz, plural for both sexes. The woman was once called a "wifman" or "wif" that became "wife" after marrying. "Wif" sounds like "wolf". The name for a young woman or girl used to be "maiden" and is still used today, such as "bridesmaids".

There is a wolf's head woman in the English legends of Robin Hood. Her name is Maid Marian and she is often considered the lover and wife of Robin Hood. She is like a medieval aspect of the Valkyrie: Huntress, chooser of the slain, a maid of Odin (Odin has been associated with Herne the Hunter). The Old English name for Valkyrie was "wælcyrge". Valkyries rode upon wolves in some particular versions, and one Valkyrie named Gondul who was considered a shapeshifter and she turned into a wolf. She was also regarded as a wand Valkyrie, and a wand resembles a bow. Gondul's name aso means "enchanting wand", "magic wand" and "stave". A wolf changing Valkyrie of the wands. In Tarot there is a wand weilder, the Queen of the Wands.

There are many other valkyries of Norse and other Germanic myths who represent battle, warfare, death, fighting and magic. Brynhildr (Brunhild) is another valkyrie in Norse myth with an appearance in a fairytale of the sleeping princess, The Sleeping Beauty or Briar Rose. The opera version of her, where she's called "Brunhilde", sleeps in a circle of flames until she's woken by Sigmund or Sigfried the hero and dragon slayer. He is the lover of Brunhilde, but in the story Sigfried falls under a witchcraft spell so that he is lost to her and she's broken-hearted. In the 80's TV series "Robin of Sherwood", the episode of the Second season "The Enhantment", a theme appears then. Robin falls under a similar spell so that he no longer recognises any of his friends and doesn't love Maid Marian.

Love is, they say, like a magical spell and some use enchantment or witchcraft. It (love magic or spells using witchcraft) draws someone close enough but not too close. In a sense a werewolf woman can use her occult made charms. The wolf woman/she-were wolf is both or either a fighter or an enchantress. The female outlaw is viewed generally as being more of a witch than a criminal. That doesn't mean all Therianthrope females are witches and outlaws. The etymology of these terms link somewhere far back in time when it's in ancient history and it has different root words.

In movies and series and books, female werewolves are sensual, dangerous and magical. In the horror film Ginger Snaps the main she-werewolf character is different to the she-werewolves in the Howling series. The movie she-werewolf is always attractive and on the prowl for mates but there is a message of destruction. Once upon a time, a woman who behaved a certain way was condemned by society and made an outcast of. It's interesting that criminals (including outlaws and outcasts) are connected linguistically to wolves in Germanic languages. The merry men of Sherwood Forest live wild and free like a wolf pack. The alpha male, Robin Hood, is a central figure and also a very mysterious man. He's considered one of England's national mythical heroes. His mate is the alpha female Lady Marian of Leaford. It's said that her character may have been added later to the folkore and she comes from a tradition based upon solar worship.     

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Monday, 21 June 2010


I give thanks to the Oak Tree:
I give bread, cake, fruit.

I also give thanks to the gods,
for helping me recover.

As the sun grows and central to the highest point in the sky.
Summer is at it's brightest and longest.

Tonight there is going to be a ritual.
I will be present at the rite of Midsummer.

Summer Solstice

Monday, 7 June 2010

Musical wolves howling

"Listen to them. Children of the Night. What music they make" - Dracula (1931)

The howl of a wolf is one of the most magical sounds on earth. It captivates the soul. It also frightens people as well as inspires them. I love listening to the sounds of wolves howling. This was very common to hear in the Dark Ages of Britain. It's also a pleasure listening to them howl in regions like isolated wildernesses of Europe and the Americas. Yet in England, hearing a real wolf howl is actually possible today! (You only have to visit an animal park).

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It's so beautiful! 

There is a lot of musical numbers and albums combined with the backdrop of howling wolves. Music from any genre like classical, folk, metal, and relaxation, add wolves to their songs.

This is an incredible video: Wolf Song (Celtic Version).
Another is classical with Wolf images and howling.
Black metal: Carpathian Wolves  by Graveland.

The sound of the wolf is compelling and enchanting. The wolves communicate in a special way and their sounds create a vibrant energy, that either sends chills or makes us weep, or locked in thoughts, or even tuned into the realm of the imagination. There are some who'll feel "oh not that again" when they hear wolves because they've worked on farms and have had problems wih them, or otherwise because some simply don't appreciate the howling of wolves.

Interesting info on wolves:
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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bite Culture

This poem is called "Bite Culture". Not many people will understand it or even like it. Some can interprate this in any way they like as people have their own ideas. What this poem says isn't what is obviously written. Deep inside there is a lot I want to say but I can only do that indirectly. The poem isn't political or about frustration with life or society, btw.  

Bite Culture

A storm passes...
The water drifts up, the waves flatten, rain comes heavily
And the skulls appear on the banks.
As the ship sails away,
Clouds with diamonds bring sorrow.
Armies fade off into the mist,
Trees shed their blossoms,
Swords are sharpened,
Shields defensive and spiked that few are,
I feel pain and anguish when it shouldn't be,
What is coming of this?
Why do all seem easier with it?
Fires burning dead things on hills,
Wasted away...
One half suffer, the other half play,
One half feels agony and the other half fake.
That's the way they want it to be.
They are afraid of wasps,
But they eat the tortured,
Some like vaggie and some like cheese.
Once they asked ...What am I doing here?... Who am I?...
They later say that they ...Know...
Bite with their minds and hearts.
Fouling the waters and fouling the smoke
Let's pretend...
Come all... I like to teach the world to....
Harmony... Blessed be... Love and Light... Give away all you have...
Money... money... buys love...
Whatever you say,
give me... give me...
It's all there for all who hear,
The animals listen,
I can hear you, visible enough to me.
by Ragna

Okay here is what this poem really meant going by each verse.
It's been almost a Century since the end of the last great war.
Mist, or mists of time and forgotten elements of history, tepid seas and little wind meaning slow travel. The weather alters quickly and this represents tears.
Skulls or fossils have been discovered, with plenty of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. We're learning a lot about pre-history when the mists of time unveils a little.
As people leave and head off on conquests of their own, they feel optimistic.
Clouds or depression among the wealthy "diamond" owning women make some struggling women feel inadequate and imperfect just as they do to some I've encountered recently.
Men on the other hand are losing a battle of everyday life, by succumbing to those above or around them. They are shadows of themselves or shadows of their forefathers. They can't see their own powers or strengths.
Summer is now coming so what do trees do?
We must have our wits about us and use our intellect.
When dealing with the occult in any shape or form, shield ourselves, and call upon a spirit guide as the "armour" with spikes.
Things can get on top of me too and if only things went okay all the time.
That was a question for what will happen in the future of the world as a result of today.
People boast that they don't have the same problems when it's hard to believe they don't because everyone struggles in some way or other, so that line meant don't believe what advice you get on the internet.
The Volcano in Iceland.
Soldiers fighting for a just cause don't know what will happen to them but they go ahead anyway. This line is about bravery and how others regard them as cannon fodder.
Our positive and negative qualities.
Our subcionsious and personality.
People are afraid of change and want to stay in this forever.
Yes generally some people are. I knew people who felt panic after a wasp entered the room.
As an omnivorous species, the modern human is far from being a Hunter Gatherer, and some can't even stomach farming either! Modern people are even scared to go camping. They don't fully comprehend how their supermarket bought food was prepared.
There are those who preach. Be aware of this.
Human beings always ask that.
They also believe they know everything and have the answers.
The way they know this is from what what others have said, dreams, or taking credit from other people's blood and sweat.
Bad language.
Media and celebrity obsessions.
A christmas carol and 70's coca cola advert.
Eurovision and the UK's fall from popularity on that show since the glory days of the 20th Century.
Gameshow talk.
Demanding people, often spoilt brats.
There are books to research things but there are those who don't do that and accept what they're being told.
Animals have better senses and people forget they're part of the animal kingdom.
As a therianthrope I'm sensitive to things.

So this poem of mine was basically about my observations of different people in comparison to ancient people and therianthropes.