Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Frostine Blackthorn

"Queen of Spades?"
"Yes it is," I said.
"Then you can go in," said the doorman.
"Thank you."
I entered the cabaret and it was a very smoky environment packed with glittery flotsam of bitter perfumes. They sure smelled of tobacco and vice. So I took a space seat by a table and ordered a soft cognac with tension in my voice.
The moment my glass was set in front of me, I knew this could be it. The singer was pretty and although she wasn't Eartha Kitt she had a lovely voice and presense that tempered my angry mood that dark night. It was raining now, I could tell because of the aroma I can understand. Being a creature as I am, a child of the moon, as some horror film may describe me as a wolf woman, but wolfbane doesn't have that kind of affect on me.
I light my cigarette and draw in the heat and the sweet burning tar that gives me ease and focus. After the first score, I notice Henry enter the venue and stride over to the bar, typically. I've been watching him carefully for two days, but this is soon my moment to strike.
I remove my golden compact mirror from my vlvet purse, and check out my eyeliner. The lights are so dim here, but I can see better than other people can. It's not my make-up that I'm looking for but the signs of topaz in the iris' giving me an indication that the moon is drawing me closer.
Tonight I will fulfil my hunt. I will execute Henry and accomplish my revenge.
He killed my father.
I hate that man.
When Henry checks his wrist watch, he removes his fedora hat. Now I am so sure he'll enter the door through the side and that leads to the stairs. He does that so he can be alone in the upper chamber with a friend. If I can follow him now, I will track his movements and then catch him unawares.
I keep my deringer safely in my coat pocket along with my hankie.
That man is going to die tonight. I am right. Henry goes through the door and I feel ready. I casually walk to that same door and open it trying to feel calm and cool. I must never give away suspicion. I ascend the carpetted stairs and pass no one. Shadows on the walls over paintings flicker because of an overhead thunderstorm.
Henry's scent leads me into a corner, but no one else is up there. I know he's waiting for someone and now is my time to kill him. The deringer is a back-up. I don't want to cause any noise. I can feel pain now enveloping me as I will myself to transform into the wolf. Before I can change at all, I'm nudged in the back.
"Stop right there miss!"a woman points her gun into my back. She's red haired and her eyes are blazing as amber stones. A werewolf, like me! Owch!
"Excuse me," I said, remaining as calmly as I can.
"I know what you're up to," she said.
"You do?" I asked innocently.
She nods and points her gun upwards.
"Get up there," she demands.
I'm escorted by this woman wolf with a gun pointing in my back. She makes me turn the corner and face Henry, who looks at me with cold eyes. He murdered my father.
"Thank you very much, Claudine," Henry said to the woman. "I appreciate your help."
"No problem, sir," she responds.
I act as naive as I could. Playing with them, pretending I don't know what the fuss is about.
"Queen of Spades," Henry said. "That is what you're called here."
"Yes," I tell him. It's a nickname given to me by Norman, my employer. I worked as an accountant for him and he was part of the mob too. A quick background here, my father was linked with the gangsters or an associate is better the word. He was a gentleman and owned a restaurant. Henry used a machine gun and killed my father a few years ago and got away with it.
"I'm sure you understand never to hunt the hunter," said Henry, with his eyes glowing like ice.
Oh my God! What have I got myself into?
Not only was Henry just an ordinary gangster, he was an alpha wolf. He stood there, on all fours, grey fur, baring his teeth. He was the biggest wolf I've ever seen. I couldn't get away. Claudine was not pointing her gun in my back anymore. She closed her jaws over my neck. All turned dark.
I was taken out instantly. I share this sad miserable failed attempt at revenge.
My real name is Frostine Blackthorn. Now as a spirit telling Fenrir's Daughters my story that happened in the year 1946, a past time wolf woman that will teach others never to seek out revenge blindly and don't be involved in your parent's darkest business affairs.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Bella Ochre-Woods

Good evening.
My name is Bella and I'm 30 years old. I have a diploma in nursing. I work part time so that I can raise my two little boys. My husband, Alan Woods, works full time in the police force.
I was born Bella Ochre, and raised in a small mountain town.
Before I go on, I must say that I'm not a werewolf! Yes I'm a member of Fenrir's Daughters and I give health advice to female werewolves in the club. So you might ask, what am I?
I'm a werefox.
Since my birth, my parents knew what I was because my grandma was like me. Like grandma when she was young, I have red hair and orange eyes. And just like her, I also turn into a fox every full moon. I cannot become a night shift nurse because of this.
There are many types of werefoxes as well as actual foxes that turn into humans, and of course the people who turn into foxes. Foxes don't have a hierarchical system like werewolves do. We foxes are prone to independance and free will.
Now my husband Alan is a normal human being, who I love very much with all my heart. I love my children, two boys and a girl. I take them out on wildlife treasure hunts into the nearby woods.
I can't keep pets though because I may hurt them during a full moon. As a fox, I can't control my instincts but I still feel the same deep love for my family. That will never go away.
I want to tell you a story.
When I was 15 years old, I stayed at home alone for the first time. My parents went out for the night and they trusted me to look after myself. I could've thrown a party. I did think about it, but something else made me want to have an indulgent night in relaxing in front of the TV with snacks. My favourite old horror movies were scheduled that night and I couldn't miss those.
Well as I was just sat on the sofa when someone was banging on the front door.
I will skip the scary parts when I refused to open it knowing that a neighbour was out there. He was middle aged and lived alone. I didn't want to let him in, so I went upstairs and opened my bedroom window. The man looked up and was shouting for me to please let him in.
"Bella!" he shouted. "Come on, let me in and keep you company!"
"Hop off!" I yelled, then I blew some saliva down at him. I quickly went inside and shut the window. I ran around the house, locking the doors, windows, and switching on the alarm. I called my parents.
The next day I found out that the neighbour was constantly throwing up water all the time. I saw him doing this in the street and all over his car.
I don't know if I caused this by spitting at him. Then days later, that creep was always hopping around, pretending to be a bunny. He started always dressing up in a rabbits costume. Vans showed up to his house over the course of the month, delivering sacks of carrots to him. He didn't speak to anyone properly again. He was sent away to an asylum and I never saw him again. I don't know if that had anything to do with me or not.
I didn't mean to cause that man to go potty. Not on purpose, but that night with him hanging around outside when I was alone, was scary for me. I just wanted him to go away.
Some say werefoxes are gifted with magical powers. I want to harness that gift into doing something positive. So I became a nurse and a healer.
((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Friday, 25 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Estella Wild

The party was full of blood and guts.
During the full Sap Moon, held in a private land with gardens and a domed observatory.
The host is the cold hearted one, Marius Ulvar, an alpha werewolf. He comes from the deepest coldest forests of Norway. His long hair is cascading in sweat and dew. I was smitten.
I can see my friends Iris, Violets, Sapphire in the garden just as I arrived there. They held glasses of pink champagne and already it's taken to their heads. Werewolves tend to hallucinate a little bit with even the smallest alcohol.
"Redfang is here!" piped up Sapphire.
I felt my heart sinking. This fun party  was going to be spoiled with Redfang here.
"I hope that Redfang isn't staying too long," said I, not covering up my disappointment.
"Is that because he dumped you, sis?" asked Violets, the sarcastic one.
She annoyed me now. Redfang didn't dump me. He wasn't even my boyfriend! He was all over me and I wasn't interested in the slob. My friends teased me about him for ages.
As the party progressed, no sign of Redfang, and more people showed up, champagne all around. There seemed to be fifty people there.
A woman with a tray handed me a glass. The champagne tasted like strawberry icecream. 
"Please may I have your attention!"
A tall lady in a stunning indigo dress spoke on a microphone. She was the mother of Marius. She waffled on about the full moon, the privacy and security of this night and how the party is closed to the general public (for their own safety).
Marius stood in the shadows nearby, embarassed that his mother should intervene in his own party. His twentyfifth birthday party.
I approached Marius.
"Nice party," I smiled, and lied. It was a boring party. Too formal. His mother's idea.
He folded his arms and looked at me. His eyes were so hot, like burning blue flames. He knew I was bored! He made me shudder.
"Are you Estella Wild, the delta?" he asked.
"Yes," I wonder how he knew this. I haven't met him before. I've only heard about him and seen his pictures.
"Then you can join me in the hunt," he told me.
That voice was chilled. Chilling as the night.
As the moon rose, my skin itched and my eyes stung. My teeth were hurting, and I fell down on the grass. I bent over as my stomach filled in pain. Blood poured from my nose. I vomited blood.
Can I just add here that not all werewolves bleed during shapeshift.
Marius comforted me as I turned over on my back in agony, all my joints hurting as if they were broken. Marius didn't appear to feel any pain. Of course, he was an alpha werewolf and alphas are strong. He was already a wolf.
I became wolf eventually in a puddle of my own blood.
We soon ran around the garden, around the lake, across a bridge, in the copse. It was fun. We killed a couple of wild rabbits and devoured them together. Everyone else were busy chasing rabbits and other tiny nocturnal animals. 
Soon we fell asleep in the open, under the moonlight.
By morning twilight, I woke up in my human shape. My poor dress was filthy now covered in blood and dirt. Stained! Ruined.
Marius was still sleeping beside me. Then I noticed standing nearby watching me was Redfang.
"What are you doing here?" I asked him.
He laughed at me.
"Is this man your new boyfriend?" he leered, pointing at a sleeping Marius, now in a man's shape.
I quickly ran away but Redfang followed me and grabbed my arm.
"No you don't!" he snarled. "You're my mate!"
"Get off me!" I shouted.
Redfang was too strong and he wouldn't let go of my arm. I spat in his face. Then Marius came over and lunged at Redfang. He became a wolf, as Redfang stayed in his human shape. Some werewolves can only change into wolves at night.
Marius was tearing at Redfang's flesh, blood spattered over the grass and on Marius wolf. He was going to kill him. I couldn't have this death in my name. I'm not someone to be killed for.
"Stop it!" I screamed. Marius let go and bounded away. Redfang was a state and needed emergency help. Days later. Redfang is still in critical condition. Atleast he's still alive.
After this I realise Marius is certainly cold blooded and a man who will kill if he wants to. I can't be involved with him. And I don't want someone like Redfang either. I won't be attending a werewolf party like that again, especially parties hosted by alpha werewolves.

 ((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Darcy Faoiltiama

Hello, I'm a princess of an ancient tribe belonging to the Faelad realm, in Ireland. My father was from Ossory and a great warrior, who did time in the tank regiment as well as working for the wolf king alpha, Laignech.
 I've never met the great wolf king. Father talks little of him and seems, not humbled or afraid, but trying to protect us all. It's like a secret pact he's involved with. Father is paid well, and his employer, this Laignech is wealthy.
Laignech has a reputation among some of the wolf people. My friends say he's an immortal. He lives within the hills and mountains. He's a descendant of a powerful cosmic wolf that takes the form of a man when he visits the world.
I can do without myths. I'm just here to look after my dying mother who has cancer. Yes, werewolves get sick too. We're not immune to cancer. She rejects chemotherapy and prefers the subtle medicines of our great grandmothers with herbs and magical soup. I don't have the ingrediants for that.
It's a matriarch secrecy that only a chosen few women are allowed to understand. My mother is of that select craft. I'm not.
I'm a boring princess wolf girl with red eyes and brown hair. My hair sparkles blue in the moonlight. The family want me to sit pretty, that's all.
At the moment, I'm waiting to get a confirmation letter from Cork school for ladies. I've been selected to join the school where I learn etiquette and old languages, even ogham and runes. It's more of a mystic course but the school itself is ordinary and average.
I will be away for three years. Father wants me to go. He just wants me out of the way so that he can do his imperial warrior work and mother can teach herbs and witchcraft to my sisters. My brothers want to join the navy and airforce. They met the mysterious king.
I can transform into a wolf every full moon. When I'm a wolf, I'm purely a wolf, and I have no memories of being human.
I'm 18 and a member of Fenrir's Daughters.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Zoe Glacier

It took hours for the train to arrive. This isn't the transportation I want, but I have to accept it just to meet my aunt and uncle at the next station.
Once I got on the train, I shuddered. Not with cold, mind you. I felt worried that any minute I wouldn't be myself. On the train I could shapeshift now it's so late. This was unthinkable.
The train began to move and it would be, oh no, four stops until I reach my destination. That isn't good.
As it slowly pulled along the track, I found my reserved seat, and closed the curtain as if hiding the view might make it better. It didn't.
A woman with a trolley came and asked if I wanted anything to eat and drink.
"No thanks," I said. I was hungry and thirsty but not for the stuff in the trolley. I wanted fresh rain water, and raw meat, some cooked liver and sheep's eyeballs. I couldn't stand human food. Other werewolves I know can tolerate it, some even prefer it! I eat a carnivorous diet. I have done since childhood and it's always been this way.
The moon is full and rises above the trees, so bright it glows through the curtain.
People sit near me, and one fat man plonks right next to me. I cover my face and hide my shame.
I can feel my heart pounding. As the train rumbles along the track, my heart throbs and beats fast. I begin to feel hot. I sweat a little in my hair and on my hands. This is the start of the shapeshiting process.
The man next to me orders a cup of steaming coffee and some chocolate biscuits. Oh that smell makes me feel very sick. I cover my nose, but my sense of smell is growing intense now. I can't block the smell of sickly black coffee and it's making me gag. Please don't vomit! I have to get off. No, I must meet aunt and uncle.
I stand up and fat man notices me get up, although he winks at me.
"Excuse me, I must use the ladies room," I said. He apologised and gets up to let me out.
I don't want to go and sit there again on this journey. I feel free now. But I must reach the cubical and shut myself in. What am I going to do?
The train stops at one station and I hear a crowd of noisy passangers getting on. Crikey! What now? I feel sore in my joints, and my mouth hurts. I get a severe toothache, followed by stomach cramps, all the effects of shapeshifting. I feel safe in the cubical, and once I become wolf, there is no pain or sickness. That dreadful phase finished. Now I must get out.
I can't open the door because I bolted it within, and as wolf, I cannot perform the simple task of unlocking this door. Damn! I can't stay in here throughout the night. I see the red emergency button and I use my nose to push it.
Minutes go by, and I think the button didn't work. Then the bolts suddenly clank open by an outside mechanism. A member of train staff opens the door and its a man in securty guard uniform.
He's startled at the sight of me.
He then blows a whistle. "Dog in the toilet!" he shouts.
Another man appears. I hear them converse about me being shut in the cubical and they want to look for the owner who was "negligent" enough to lock me in there. I haven't got an owner. I can't speak.
I try and escape along the aisle but a man grabs me by the tail and fixes a collar round my neck with a lead attached. Charming.
The train stops at another platform. A load of people leave, and I've got two more stops to go. I spend the rest of this wretched train journey tied to a metal bar so I can't get away.
"Dog is there! The owner isn't coming forward."
"Someone dumping their dog on a train perhaps?"
"Most possible."
"We can contact the animal rescue to collect the animal and then we'll try and locate its owner."
I'm an it now? Animal rescue to get me?
The conversation is bordering on stupid until a woman points at me and screams out: "That is a wolf!!!!" she yells. Lots of people want to oggle at me.
"Don't be daft! that is a husky!" a person replied to the screaming woman.
Needless, the train staff leave me and discuss calling the animal rescue to pick me up at the next stop.
Well, my journey needs to stop before it can get complicated. I managed to escape once I was off the next stop and the man let go of the lead, and I ran through a shocked crowd of people commuting home from work.
I travelled through a town, and reached the outskirts.... then a long time passed. I made it to my aunt and uncles' village. I knew where they lived and I found the house. I resumed my human form soon after I got there even though it was dark and the moon was up. It would be twilight in an hour.
The run here from the train station took ages.
I sat down on the front door step and a cockerel sounded for the dark morning.
Well I must've fallen asleep because aunt and uncle woke me up! It was brighter, and the birds were awake singing a heavenly chorus.
"My Zoe! What happened to you?" they asked.
I told them all about it. Then I added: "This is your fault! You wanted me to go on that train."
Aunt and uncle were sorry. "W're sorry dear but we were hoping you would hide until we came and looked for you." What a laugh.
I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, I'm Zoe and 17 years old.  

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Haru Mun'ookami

My name is Haru and I come from Japan. Ever since I was very little I knew that I was part of the mysterious Moon Wolf clan. I only had to see what happened to my parents to know this was my destiny and it was frightening for me back then. Children are afraid of monsters. Now I'm a monster.
Every full moon I'm no longer Haru the girl but Haru the Moon Wolf. I turn into a lunar white wolf, and can see much better than I do as a human. My senses are stronger. My body is different. I'm more powerful as a wolf but as a girl, I'm fragile as a paper doll.
In some werewolf traditions of far eastern Asia, families associate each of us werewolves with a rock and a plant. The rocks are associated with the werewolf, and plants with the human side. My family have made my wolf side associated with the gemstone beryllonite, and for my human self with the flower sakura cherry blossom. The beryllonite represents my Haru Moon Wolf side. Sakura cherry blossom represents my human self.
I have no sisters, just two young kid brothers, who are in school. I left school a while ago.
My parents wish for me to marry a man from the Forest Wolf clan. He's in his late twenties, very handsome and he can summon fire and water from thin air like a sorcerer. He and his family come from Aokigahara, a dark place that I hope never to enter. If we marry, I don't want to be in there.
I don't think I want to marry him yet. It's too early to debate about this with my parents. Now I've come to Europe as a tour with a dancing group, and met a very handsome werewolf named Azure. We like eachother and he comes from an ordinary suburban werewolf background. I've seen his home and family. They're lovely people, except that his three kid sisters have been quite rude towards me but still they're all pretty and full of energy.
One day, my handsome werewolf friend Azure came to see me in the room I was renting. He seemed flushed.
"What's the matter Azure?" I asked.
"Don't worry about it," he said. What was there to worry about? There had to be something.
His eyes were so shiny and yellow as the sun. His golden hair was emitting heat.
"My sisters are trying to come between us," he said.
"What do you mean?" I asked, smiling. It was all funny. What could those three little girls want to interfere with my friendship with Azure?
"They believe you're going to betray me with someone else in Japan."
I laughed.
How did those kids know about my parents contemplating on marrying me off to a Forest Clan werewolf? They hadn't really talked about it with anyone except me.
"Ignore them," I assured Azure.
We went out for some nice food in a restaurant. We ate squid. It rained and we kissed under my lacy umbrella. There was rain and clouds that night during a full moon and we transformed in quiet together. For days it was like harmony and bliss. During the day I was working with the dance troupe and in the evenings I spent it with Azure.
At the weekend, I was taken to Azure's home to meet his family again. His parents like me. I could tell that the sisters were up to no good.
"I will be going home next week and I don't think Azure will come with me", I told the sisters. "We shall write to eachother".
The sisters found it funny. They said "He'll grow bored with you!"
Honestly, the sisters are very clever, but they've got me all wrong. It's their brother who they should concetrate worry about, as he is adventurous and a hunter. I don't know what the future will bring for us. Only fate can tell.
I don't want any bad blood here so before I leave Europe, I give Azure's family a thankyou gift of flowers. As I wave goodbye, and kiss Azure goodbye, the sisters of Azure gaze at me from their upstairs tower window. I could sense nothing but mischief and playfulness about them. One day they will grow to be very interesting, powerful women werewolves.Do I wish to be part of Azure's family and be object of the sisters fun and games? Or do I marry a werewolf from the sinister forest?

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: The Blaze Sisters

The three girls had their own bedrooms in the black Victorian house. They lived there with their parents and older brother.
Just outside the house, when the moon was full, the girls enjoyed playing dark astronomy in the tree house until midnight. Father implemented werewolf rules, ordering them inside near dawn, and keeping the girls within the walls of the property even if they transformed.
"I bring home the bacon," father said.
"And I help dad with hunting!" added their brother.
"I stay in the house protecting you three" mother always said musically.
The three girls were bored.
"When can we come with you?" asked Jade, the tallest of the three sisters.
"When you're older and stronger," growled father.
Jade was inquisitive, and at fourteen years of age, she was already five foot seven. Her yellow eyes sparkled like her mother's. She had pale blonde hair, almost similar to the full moon's glow in the garden fishpond. She asked too many questions.
Pamela was sixteen and the most loudest and wildest of the girls. She often howled, screamed, yelled, swore and cussed. It made her angry because she wanted to frighten the local cats in the neighbourhood but her parents didn't allow her to go outside at night. During the day, she chased cats, wild hares, deer and birds. Her hair was deep red like her father's hair.
Golden haired Amy was fifteen. She had knowledge of the occult inherited in her, passed down through generations of Witch Wolves, with the wisdom and magical abilities of a lycanthrope sorceres. She couldn't teach this to her sisters because it didn't work even if they tried.
It was Amy who convinced father to let her go with him during a hunting night. The two other sisters were not allowed. Did Pamela and Jade envy Amy? No. They each had their own way. Pamela enjoyed being silly, causing trouble, argueing, making jokes and telling stories. She was popular at school and loved hiding her werewolf secret from her human friends. She loved partying and having fun, and most of all she didnt care about hunting nghts. Jade loved reading books. She had big dreams of becoming an astronaut!
The girls were individuals and had their own personalities but together, they ganged up on their big brother Azure and made fun of him. He was strong, in his twenties, and didn't care what his sisters said to him. All he wanted was to meet the beautiful Haru again, his werewolf alpha princess girlfriend from Japan. He regarded his sisters as just stupid children.
The three girls went into the tree house another night. Pamela opened a bag of beef flavoured cookies, while her sisters drew pictures in books.
"What are you both doing?" Pamela asked.
"I'm just finishing my homework," sighed Jade.
Pamela and Amy laughed. They knew that Jade was fibbing. She was drawing pictures of handsome boys and spaceships. Amy was drawing stars and scribbling numbers. She counted something, and her sisters didn't understand her inner work, because it was magical and occult.
"What's Amy up to?" asked Jade.
"I'm interested in the princess that Azure is seeing."
"Is that what you're writing about?" Pamela asked now.
 Amy continued counting, and it was minutes until she answered the question. "Sort of."
It was her ability to understand magic, foresight and numerology that told her that princess Haru was not for Azure. Haru was from a powerful family protected by lunar energy in the form of great extinct animals. Haru was destined to be married to another, by her family's own choosing. For the present time, Haru was teasing their brother Azure because he was a thrill.
"It's not good," Amy told her sisters. "Haru is untrustworthy."
The sisters discussed ways of going about telling Azure to forget Haru. They settled on chatting with him over breakfast. It would not be easy. He might not listen to them.
All three sisters are of the Blaze family and they, along with their mother, are in Fenrir's Daughters, a vast international club for werewolf women and girls.
((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Ruby Starblood

They howled the night when my mother died.
She had been my world, and I loved her so much. She kept me safe, felt so warm.
Then the men came to the house and dragged her out into the freezing night. Then my mother and the bad men became wolves. They all killed her.
After that dreadful night, my grandmother came to look after me.
Today I sit in the dimly lit room in a tower that I rent. Its snowing outside and Spring was meant to start. The pearls in my jewel box are all I have of my dear mother. I am alone. Grandmother passed when I was thirteen, so I was sent to live in a childrens home. I kept my ability to shapeshift as under wraps as I could, but people were very suspicious.
The adults wondered why I went out each full moon and disappeared. I know why but I didn't tell them. I couldn't remain in the house! Then by dawn, transformed back into a human teenage girl in a nightie and dressing gown, I often returned to the house through an open window in the kitchen, sneaking in and hiding, or I went up into the tree house in the garden. Yes, I got caught in the kitchen many times. I pretended I had sleep walking problems.
But now I'm 21 and I listen to the wolves howling. Those are not really wolves, but werewolves. They're doing this again. I'm certain it's because of me. Ever since my mother died, those howls coninue each full moon as a reminder. It's a warning. The werewolf community are ruthless, because the local alphas in charge are very brutal.
If your parents were criminals, then you're a targetted individual. As my parents were in trouble with the law, and executed by other werewolves, I'm under the radar forever. This is how it is. These werewolves who hound me let me know they're onto me in subtle ways. I can be walking down the street on my way to work and someone will follow me.
They spy on me only because my mother was a widow who knew something about the alphas. My father was killed when I was a baby, because he was involved in serious business with the alphas. My grandmother told me that he was executed, and so was my mother. I'll never know what was going on.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Tanzy Bright Moon

It was cold when I transformed into a woman. The chill was like water from a glacier. Shuddering, I lifted a coat from the chair and wrapped it around me. My hair was long and felt like damp grass and I bit my humans' fingers to contain agony of being so cold.
"Tanzy, my little forest moon!" said a man's voice. He was handsome and strong, I recognised him as a friend, Dark Night Hunter, I wanted to jump at him and lick as I normally would do in my wolf's physique.
I wanted to greet him. He smiled at me and put his muscular arms around me, pulling me closer. He felt very tense and so warm. I could hear the man's heartbeats.
"Do you know me then?" I asked him.
Dark Night Hunter laughed.
"The wolf with the sparkling eyes, of course I know you."
"Dark Night Hunter, the entire forest belongs to my father," I reminded him. Just to assure him that it's us who own the territory.
He frowned at me.
"Lapu," Dark Night Hunter pronounced father's name slowly. "The old one still alive?"
"Of course he is!"
"He must be... knocking onto sixty! That is an incredibly ancient wolf!"
"He's not just a wolf."
I come from a lineage of canis lupis that are able to transform into humans once every year. Our years are spread as long as a human beings life span. It makes us very different to regular wolves. There are werewolves, out there, in the wilderness. Those are humans that transform into wolves. We are wolves who turn into humans.
We spent the night together.
I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, and I'm 27 years old. Remember that my true real body is a wolf, and my woman's form is temporary. Dark Night Hunter is the only human I can trust. He protects us against the outside world, but we also protect him and his family from sinister forces.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Friday, 4 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Azalea Terrorbark

The forest was filled with darklights and undead, ghosts and poisonous fungi. The snow was fresh, glazing over the corpses of mice, vole, rabbits, hedgehogs, birds, lizards, all trapped in the suden cold snap.
We searched for anything larger than a hare, but we found a frozen badger. I felt sorry for those creatures freezing to death in the night chill, but I was very hungry.
As a human, I didn't properly eat for days.
My human self was giving the final scraps of meat and bread to my three year old son, Castor. I struggle each day, refusing to eat meals so my child isn't hungry.
I come from a large family but now all of my relatives are dead because of this evil war. I'm thirtyfour and a widow. My husband was a werewolf like myself, but conscripted to the front line against his will, and I'm sure his own side (if you can call them friends) shot him. It's just a coincidence that his death occurred during a full moon when there had been a ceasefire.
I now have to work in a factory making shells for the war effort. Damn them. I get paid little, and food is scarce. If only ma and my big sister Ella all survived so that they could magic up pies and cakes out of thin air. Unfortunately I never possessed the sacred Witch Wolf trait. I just scavange for plants and animals like a carrion. It's embarassing.
I and two other werewolves, both elderly ladies with athritis, discover this poor frozen badger. I lift it in my jaws, and carry it home. I store it in the pantry, now stained with old blood. By morning, my boy is woken up and I give him the remainder of the milk, and I divide the dead badger into three portions.
My guests, who are my old neighbour werewolf friends, Betty and Polly, have returned to their human selves.I dish out the portions of badger to them.
"No m'dear," Polly said. "You keep all that darlin."
"Yes Azalea, you and Castor must eat it", said Betty. "We're old. I prefer a cup of tea instead."
I thanked both of them. They're sacrificing themselves for me and my little boy. I still give them slices of meat anyway. I ventured into the kitchen and get out my ma's lovely flowery china cups and saucers. I boiled water in a kettle and poured it in ma's pretty blue teapot. The tea smells like wonder.
"I'm sorry but we've run out of milk," I said feeling ashamed.
"Oh don't worry about that!" Polly smiles. "We'll drink it black."
As I made their black tea with sugar cubes added, Castor was ripping pages out of the library book on herbs and flowers. I scolded him for this and took the book away, as my old friends sipped tea and Castor cried for his book. I'll be in trouble with the librarian again.
These ladies Polly and Betty have been like adopted grandmothers since I lost everyone. I lost my husband, my parents, three brothers and sister including all my inlaws.The old ladies keep us company and watch over us like matriarch shewolves.
Only last week the city of Paris was bombed by zeppelins. If the war isn't over soon then we might all die. If the enemy comes here then I must protect my son and all I have in my wolf's shape and defend my home til the death.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Nancy Lupin

Everything isn't dark to me. I can see in the dark, and my eyes glow bright green. I have tapetum lucidum at night. During the night, I can manifest myself into shewolf by will. I don't rely on the full moon like other werewolf creatures do.
Despite the strength and athletic skill I possess, I am also "colour blind". You may have come across other werewolves through Fenrir's Daughters that have normal human vision. I've got the vision of a wild dog. I can only see grey and blue. In the dark, I see things luminous white and three dimensional black.
From birth, I've been considered a high priestess of the goddess Artemis. I was given beautiful clothes, jewels, my own chalet, swimming pool and delicious food. I had servants waiting on me.
Sadly, I paid for this. I was without love. My parents kept their distance from me, and they lived in a mansion bringing up my siblings in an ordinary family setting. I'd always wanted to have that.
When I reached puberty, I was sent away to the mountains and lived among the sisters of the moon, who appeared silent as ghosts. They were not werewolves but had special psychic abilities. To the outside world, the sisters are merely nuns from the order of St. Athelais.
There is a huge stavelike temple dwarfed by the mountains with thick rich snow. On the 3rd March, when I turned eighteen, I was taken there before the sisters and mothers to witness an animal sacrifice. I was encouraged to transform into shewolf, and devour the dead animal in front of the priestesses. Each one carried a dagger incase I should turn on them.
The experience was cold and unsettling.
Now I'm twentyfour and I'm deeply in love with a man. He is a werewolf and he's strong, handsome with his long flowing hair over his muscles. His name is Edrik and he's a gamma werewolf. I'm born alpha werewolf. Edrik and I often meet up in private and no one will ever know.
As a priestess I swore an oath to celibacy. Being an alpha female werewolf as well as high priestess, I'm considered more powerful than the network of alpha mothers. I'm supposed to keep balance and order, allowing the moon to continue its movements across the sky, and keeping the sea tides changing like clockwork, according to the werewolf system. If I was to run and leave my duties, and go with a man, have children, then I would also be killed by the werewolves. They believe that without a high priestess of my position and rank, the world will die. I don't believe that. I know there is far more to the accuracies of the moon, earth and sea.
Being in love is a risk. It's giving me happiness at last. I can stay as high priestess and stay with Edrik as long as nobody finds out. But I can tell you, who is an outsider and reading all of the werewolf stories because you don't really believe in this anyway.  

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.