Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Nancy Lupin

Everything isn't dark to me. I can see in the dark, and my eyes glow bright green. I have tapetum lucidum at night. During the night, I can manifest myself into shewolf by will. I don't rely on the full moon like other werewolf creatures do.
Despite the strength and athletic skill I possess, I am also "colour blind". You may have come across other werewolves through Fenrir's Daughters that have normal human vision. I've got the vision of a wild dog. I can only see grey and blue. In the dark, I see things luminous white and three dimensional black.
From birth, I've been considered a high priestess of the goddess Artemis. I was given beautiful clothes, jewels, my own chalet, swimming pool and delicious food. I had servants waiting on me.
Sadly, I paid for this. I was without love. My parents kept their distance from me, and they lived in a mansion bringing up my siblings in an ordinary family setting. I'd always wanted to have that.
When I reached puberty, I was sent away to the mountains and lived among the sisters of the moon, who appeared silent as ghosts. They were not werewolves but had special psychic abilities. To the outside world, the sisters are merely nuns from the order of St. Athelais.
There is a huge stavelike temple dwarfed by the mountains with thick rich snow. On the 3rd March, when I turned eighteen, I was taken there before the sisters and mothers to witness an animal sacrifice. I was encouraged to transform into shewolf, and devour the dead animal in front of the priestesses. Each one carried a dagger incase I should turn on them.
The experience was cold and unsettling.
Now I'm twentyfour and I'm deeply in love with a man. He is a werewolf and he's strong, handsome with his long flowing hair over his muscles. His name is Edrik and he's a gamma werewolf. I'm born alpha werewolf. Edrik and I often meet up in private and no one will ever know.
As a priestess I swore an oath to celibacy. Being an alpha female werewolf as well as high priestess, I'm considered more powerful than the network of alpha mothers. I'm supposed to keep balance and order, allowing the moon to continue its movements across the sky, and keeping the sea tides changing like clockwork, according to the werewolf system. If I was to run and leave my duties, and go with a man, have children, then I would also be killed by the werewolves. They believe that without a high priestess of my position and rank, the world will die. I don't believe that. I know there is far more to the accuracies of the moon, earth and sea.
Being in love is a risk. It's giving me happiness at last. I can stay as high priestess and stay with Edrik as long as nobody finds out. But I can tell you, who is an outsider and reading all of the werewolf stories because you don't really believe in this anyway.  

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