Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Lianna Sangmond

The night is pretty, the moon is full and pale blue. The castle looks like its made of crystal and the garden is dreamlike.
"Come on Lianna!" the girls say. They're running around the garden, until they become wolves.
It's a night to be fed.
The instructors, the two alpha females and the alpha male, all lead us out into the woods. I follow them just to be free of the walls. My head is spinning. The feeling of becoming a wolf still pains me, and it gives me nose bleeds. My paws hurt.
I'm only nineteen years old. Wish I could be agile like the other girls. I'm slower, and I can't dance as well as they can. They sing better than me. I don't have a singing voice. I can't even speak properly without stammering. My howls are weak too.
As a wolf, I walk through the damp woods, across moist sticking leaves and twigs. I don't like coming out here at night. The others want to run. The alphas look for an animal to kill.
I just want to stay in the garden and play.
The following morning, it's cold.
"Come on Lianna!" shouts the commanding voice of the alpha male tutor, as we walk into the dining hall for breakfast. I'm always shouted at.
The other girls are all poking fun at me in a nice way. They're not bad girls. They're as gentle as flowers. I don't really fit in with this unique school for girls. There's only 50 girls altogether, it's a private and exclusive school for the arts and spiritual development for the teenage daughters of rich werewolves.
Here, I'm just the omega girl of the perfect troope of girls. They go around in their flowing dresses, glittering big false eyelashes, rainbow hair, jewels and amazingly platinum white teeth. The tutors love all the girls apart from me. In comparison to them, I'm just plain, ordinary to look at.
"You're too slow Lianna!" yells a female tutor, "Get a move on!"
I hurry to the canteen and grab a tray, some food and tea. I sit alone on a table once again.
"Finish Lianna!" a different tutor orders, while I'm halfway through my breakfast.
Outside it's chilly and frosty but some of the girls need me on their team now. They're smiling and holding my hands.
There's a white mist and the trees are like ghost giants! The girls are dancing and I'm trying hard to do the same. I keep stumbling and tripping. The tutors are scowling at me. That's done it. A few crosses added to my name on the list.
"Don't worry Lianna!" the girls say now and then. "We'll look after you!"
I'm tied here with these girls and we're all bound to stay together.
We're the maidens of the sun and moon.
We're the trainee priestesses of the wolf gods Skoll and Hati. The castle is not just a school but a temple. There are priests two miles away who are warriors of the same divine wolves. If I go, then I've broken the celestial chain of us girls.
There always has to be the little omega one in the pack and it's me. I must brave out this journey and understand I'm part of this beautiful world. Think positively. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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