Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Opal Yaksha

Hello, I'm 22 years old and from a very ancient family. Where shall I begin?
We're responsible for the amount of dead sheep and cows in fields across the land, some blame it on wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, even aliens. We extract the innards, blood and eyes of the animals, then one of our physicians performs surgery to cut up in places to remove evidence such as our DNA and fang marks.
The farmers and police are mystified, and don't know what can do that. Many sceptics still blame wild animals. They're not far from the truth except it wasn't wild animals but werewolves.
I've never committed those things personally but my parents have. They've brought home the meat on the table. They've fed us three kids and we grew up on it. Yes we eat vegetables, wheat, corn, ginger and fruit also. Many people aren't understanding or knowledged on this.
Werewolves are omnivores!
I personally love chocolate. That is my favourite. I bet you didn't realise that werewolves enjoy other food varieties.
You probably didn't know that my ancestors were the people who invented curry. We mixed various ingrediants to come up with assorted spices, and put everything in a pot with meat, seeds and curry plants. We added rice and bread. It was to meant to decrease hunger and prevent sickness. We passed the technique onto the local farmers in the region, who taught their friends and families.
Being originally from the Indus Valley, we've passed down ways of science, medicine and art. Werewolves lived in Mohenjo-daro and ritually slaughtered animals in the same manner that my family do today. People copied our hunting traits and performed animal sacrifices. The ancient city was destroyed in a war between humans and werewolves.
Before that war flattened the city, many people regarded werewolves as "pure" Punjadzhana, then later on, we were hated and feared according to legends.
Throughout the world, werewolves have a demonic reputation. That isn't very surprising going by how we've behaved! Yet, it's only because we're a warrior species of people and not that much different to the psychotic aspect of humans. Except we have two bodies.
Each full moon I become a wolf, and I'm well behaved. Despite the notorious nature of my family, I'm nice and don't want to hurt anyone. I'm gentle as both human and wolf. I just seem unable to convince you of that. Nevermind.
My family moved to the United States in the early 19th Century. My family as well as extended families also. I'm also a dancer and worked on stage and in Hollywod films as an extra. This is fine with me because I work shifts.
Being in Fenrir's Daughters is quite amazing so that I can talk about my own family without prejudice coming from outside.

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