Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Abigail Jet

Hello, my name is Abigail and I'm the daughter of an infamous Omega werewolf, Jet Sharpfangs. He was my father, executed many years ago for hideous killings of people in small villages near the city of Odessa. I was just 12 years old living with my mother and siblings. Our home was a medieval stone house in the countryside. Father worked on a railway and mother made clothes. I remember we had to change our name from Sharpfangs to Jet, making it easier for us not to be recognised by everyone. Father was on the news sometimes, but everything else was hushed up. It wasn't made public that father died as a wolf. That was just before the abolition of the death penalty.
In my country, the death penalty is only allowed to be used against werewolves who've killed people. I don't miss my father. He was a cold brutal man anyway. He was always out drinking, or doing something sinister. I don't want to remember him.
Mother died of cancer last year. My two brothers and older sister moved away, and I remain in the house. I plan to sell up and move to Canada, to be with my fiance, the delta werewolf Carl Darkfur. He's quiet about what he is, as I am too.
As I pour over the books written by famous authors, I wonder if these people have really met a werewolf. I understand much has to be learned. I came across a book written by a scientist who discovered werewolf DNA and was then silenced. He was killed by a werewolf alpha. Our elite don't want the average person knowing too much.
There's another book, all in ancient codes and a dead language that I can't read, all stating that werewolves are from the moon. There is an even older version of the book somewhere in Ethiopia that my online friend, Sheba Cherika, was telling me about. She's a werewolf too and a student like me. I have this medieval copy of the book with me. If only I could understand what it says.
I'm a student in history on a leave of absence. Last week I visited another friend, Trina, who lives on the border near Pripyat, an abandoned ghost town. A few werewolves actually moved right inside Pripyat. Brave of them because I wouldn't do it as that place is dangerous with radiation. Some werewolves don't care. I guess they want to rebel that way.
I want to explore and discover everything about life. For now, I will talk to Carl on Skype and pack my things, ready to leave for Canada next week.   

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