Monday, 26 February 2018

Year of the Dog

The Chinese New Year is 2018 the Year of the Dog. This is a time of the divine dog and the celebration also coincides with the double blue moons, both in late January and at the beginning of March 2018. The 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog.

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Monday, 19 February 2018

Disney and their Game of Thrones counterparts

I shall start off by mentioning the first list is of the female characters and second further down the page are the male characters.
There are many videos and web pages comparing the Disney characters with the characters from Game of Thrones. I don't agree with a lot of them so I shall make my own list of character matches. I shall first make a list of Disney ladies with their Game of Thrones parallels.
The characters from Game of Thrones in the list here are from the "Ice and Fire" books by George R. R. Martin. I placed the names in the list beside who they're similar to in character and traits.

Snow White - Sansa Stark
Aurora - Myrcella Baratheon
Ariel - Yara (Asha) Greyjoy
Mulan - Brienne of Tarth
Tiana - Meera Reed
Rapunzel - Shireen Baratheon
Cinderella - Shae
Belle - Margaery Tyrell
Merida - Arya Stark
Elsa - Lysa Arryn
Anna - Catelyn Stark
Moana - Ashara Dayne
Ursula - Melisandre
Maleficent - Daenerys Targaryen
Queen Grimhilde - Cersei Lannister/ Baratheon
Alice - Waif
Tinkerbell - Leaf
Cruella de Vil - Unella
Pocahontas - Ygritte
Esmeralda - Osha
Jasmine - Arianne Martell
Sofia - Missandei
Grandma Fa - Olynna Tyrell
Chicha - Ellaria Sand
Mother Gothel - Selyse Florent/ Baratheon
Widow Tweed - Old Nan
Mrs Hasagawa - Ghost of High Heart
Megara - Queen Nymeria
Kida - Queen Alysanne Targaryen
Fiona - Walda Frey
Lilo - Lyanna Mormont

Disney is full of motherless characters. Many of them had mothers who died tragically so this is where I'm stuck with Lyanna Stark and Elia Martell but they match with the dead mothers from Disney. The same with dead fathers and Rhaegar Targaryen. These are Disney male characters matched with Game of Thrones counterparts. 

Li Shang - Jon Snow
Zeus - King Robert Baratheon
Jafar - Petre Baelish/ Littlefinger
John Smith - Jaime Lannister
Doc - Tyrion Lannister
King Fergus - Eddard Stark
Peter Pan - Bran Stark
Jim Hawkings - Jojen Reed
Prince Taran - Robb Stark
Mowgli - Rickon Stark 
Poseidon - Edmure Tully
Ratigan - Walder Frey
Mad Hatter - Theon Greyjoy
Captain Hook - Euron Greyjoy
Frollo - High Sparrow
Horned King - Night King
Beast - Sandor Clegane
Chernabog - Gregor Clegane "The Mountain"
Prince Phillip - Loras Tyrell
Shan Yu - Khal Drogo
Gaston - Daario Naharis
Aladdin - Oberyn Martell
Hades - Mad Aerys II
Gus - Samwell Tarly
Scar - Tywin Lannister
Dr. Facilier - Stannis Baratheon 
Edgar Balthazar - Lord Varys
Francisco - Davos Seaworth
Geppetto - Qyburn
Hercules - Gendry
Phoebus - Jorah Mormont
Syndrome - Ramsey Bolton
Genie - Jaqen H'gahr
Arthur "Wart" Pendragon - Tommen Baratheon
Prince John - Joffrey Baratheon
Wiggins - Podrick
Hans - Ser Vardis Egan
Kristoff - Edmure Tully
Stitch - Robin Arryn
Flynn Rider - Bronn
Captain Crocodile - Alliser Thorne  

End of list.
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Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Howling

Here is my review of the werewolf movie "The Howling" (1981). It stars Patrick Macnee, Dee Wallace, Christopher Stone and Robert Picardo. It was directed by Joe Dante and the film is based on the novel "The Howling" by author Gary Bradner.
A doctor advised Karen White to spend a while in a remote community for some healing therapy after suffering an ordeal that gave her amnesia. There was a crime scene and an investigation into a serial killer. Karen White and her husband go to the Community, a place in the countryside. There are plenty of gorgeous scenes of dark steaming forests and a warm beach, but it wasn't all peaceful for Karen. After listening to disturbing howling noises at night, her suspicions are raised. There is just something not right there at the healing commune.  
The special effects are still impressive today. 
I rate the film 8/10 as it's awesome, with some daft humour and  it was scary at the same time.
Emotions: I'm hungry for rare steak.
To check out the locations for "The Howling" movie, visit this link.
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Friday, 16 February 2018

Sounds of the wolves

This is a "1 Hour Howling Wolves White Noise" posted by Shut Up I'm Relaxing.
The video is for background listening, and so click on it to hear the sounds. You may find therapy in listening to it. You may get drowsy and tired. Mostly just meditate and chill with this video playing. I posted this video as a special ambient sound.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Lupercalia approaches

Lupercalia, or the Feast of the Wolf, known to many as St. Valentines Day, or among the Heathens it is the honour of Vali. This is the time when people of ancient Rome celebrated the season, with a Feast of Luperca in honour of the wolf deity. That wolf deity is Goddess Lupa, a great mother wolf, and one of the many of the Earth's goddess forms. Her maternal instincts and love helped care for two abandoned human boy babies. The babies were the twin brothers called Romulus and Remus. They suckled the milk from their foster wolf mother. Nourishing the goddess wolf's milk gave them the strength and power of the divine Wolf. These boys grew to manhood and as men, they founded the city of Rome. From Rome itself, a vast powerful empire was made, with territory expanding across most of the world. The Roman people had the Wolf in their veins. Like wolves, they created a super territory and acted as the Alpha. The Romans were a Wolflike People and they celebrated Luperca, the great feast of goddess Lupa.Lupa, mother of Rome. Today we honour this time as a celebration of love, sex and romance. But in our hearts, we're celebrating the feast of the wolf.   
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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

One Million Years B.C.

The first dinosaur film that I ever watched was "One Million Years B.C.". I was only four years old and eating buttered corn at the time, as I sat on a stool in front of the TV, amazed by the film full of dinosaurs. It was incredible for a child who lived during the late 1970's, after being introduced to monsters by my horror fanatic aunt. I had a book all about dinosaurs at that age. So this film was nice setting for a dinosaur-keen four year old.
I've watched this movie hundreds of times since then. Whenever it comes on TV, I will watch it. There's something magical about this 1966 movie with it's archaic CGI creatures and the cave dwellers are fun to watch. I don't like this 21st Century snobbery against old classic films just because of their basic special effects. To me, the special effects are special affects that are just as wonderful as old masterpiece paintings.
Then there is the nerdy spoilsports who keep dissing the film because "in the Earth's true history, dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago, long before humans ever existed and so humans never lived with dinosaurs, blah blah blah". It doesn't matter does it, because "One Million Years B.C." is a fantasy film. It isn't a documentary.
The film is a remake of a 1940 film "One Million Years B.C." that I've not seen yet. The story is the same, with humans and dinosaurs living in a hostile world. The 1966 film is the most well known and most watched. I'll get around to watching the earlier version. The 1966 film stars Requel Welch, John Richardson, Percy Herbert and Martine Beswick. It was a Hammer Production. Hammer is most rcognised as being the film that creates all of the horror flicks. It also made fantasy and science fiction films too.
The film is not accurate with history but so what. The film might have "old fashioned" special effects but this is what makes the film so magical. The dinosaurs might not look as brilliant as those dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" but indeed, people can be so cynical. Some of the monsters in the film "One Million Years B.C." are real, and not puppets or animations. They're the lizards, the warthog, goat, turtle and giant spider. Others like the pteradons and dinos are creations by animator Ray Harryhausen. Harryhausen also did work for "Jason and the Argonauts" and "Clash of the Titans".
I rate this movie a 9/10. A film that was set so long ago when there were people living in caves and there are dinosaurs. We could see how the dinosaurs became extinct (in the movie)! The sound effects are awesome, eerie and primal.
Favourite piece: Monster fights.
Downside: Just the fur bikinis and 60's hairstyles.

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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Bad Moon

"Half man,
Half wolf,
Total terror."

The movie "Bad Moon" (1996) directed by Eric Red, starring Michael Paré, Mariel Hemingway and Mason Gamble. It's based on the book "Thor" by Wayne Smith.
The true hero of the film is Thor, the loving family dog who protects his owners from a vicious werewolf. There is plenty of 90's cheese, pretty landscape and forest scenes and awesome gore.
A man struggles to come to terms with his condition, that he becomes a werewolf every night. In this particular werewolf film, it doesn't matter what phase of the moon it is, because turning into a werewolf will happen any night.
He uses every means necessary to stop himself from attacking his sister and nephew by handcuffing himself to a tree so that when he becomes a werewolf, he can't be set loose.
Bodies have been found in the forest, all ripped to shreds. The sheriff says that no human could do this. But for some reason people blame it on the dog! Thor is removed from the house and put in a dog pound. The werewolf doesn't care anymore and hates his sister bitterly.
Can Thor escape and help his owners? Go and watch to see what happens.
I rate this film 6/10.
Joke part: The scene of the werewolf urinating on Thor's kennel. It's sort of a canine way of giving the finger.
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Thursday, 1 February 2018

The super blue blood moon

The most rarest moon appeared last night. The super blue blood moon. It's called "Super Blue Blood Moon". A large moon, another moon in January, and eclipsed red. A "blue" moon occurs during a moon that is a twin in the same month, or a total of 13 moons in a calendar year. That gives last night's special moon the long title of Super Blue Blood Moon. Super, as in strong, closest to Earth, appearing larger and also a full moon phase. Blue moons are rare and an extra moon within the same month. Blood moon as it is red during an eclipse. Such a special moon kept me awake all night last night! An event like this hasn't been seen by anyone since the year 1866.
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