Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Howling

Here is my review of the werewolf movie "The Howling" (1981). It stars Patrick Macnee, Dee Wallace, Christopher Stone and Robert Picardo. It was directed by Joe Dante and the film is based on the novel "The Howling" by author Gary Bradner.
A doctor advised Karen White to spend a while in a remote community for some healing therapy after suffering an ordeal that gave her amnesia. There was a crime scene and an investigation into a serial killer. Karen White and her husband go to the Community, a place in the countryside. There are plenty of gorgeous scenes of dark steaming forests and a warm beach, but it wasn't all peaceful for Karen. After listening to disturbing howling noises at night, her suspicions are raised. There is just something not right there at the healing commune.  
The special effects are still impressive today. 
I rate the film 8/10 as it's awesome, with some daft humour and  it was scary at the same time.
Emotions: I'm hungry for rare steak.
To check out the locations for "The Howling" movie, visit this link.
Howls ^^

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