Friday, 9 February 2018

Lupercalia approaches

Lupercalia, or the Feast of the Wolf, known to many as St. Valentines Day, or among the Heathens it is the honour of Vali. This is the time when people of ancient Rome celebrated the season, with a Feast of Luperca in honour of the wolf deity. That wolf deity is Goddess Lupa, a great mother wolf, and one of the many of the Earth's goddess forms. Her maternal instincts and love helped care for two abandoned human boy babies. The babies were the twin brothers called Romulus and Remus. They suckled the milk from their foster wolf mother. Nourishing the goddess wolf's milk gave them the strength and power of the divine Wolf. These boys grew to manhood and as men, they founded the city of Rome. From Rome itself, a vast powerful empire was made, with territory expanding across most of the world. The Roman people had the Wolf in their veins. Like wolves, they created a super territory and acted as the Alpha. The Romans were a Wolflike People and they celebrated Luperca, the great feast of goddess Lupa.Lupa, mother of Rome. Today we honour this time as a celebration of love, sex and romance. But in our hearts, we're celebrating the feast of the wolf.   
Howls ^^

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