Friday, 26 April 2013

Experiencing Blue

Today everyone is wearing blue in schools because the blue is for anti-bullying week. The colour blue has many different meanings and associations, politically, culturally, spiritually and in nature itself. There is the blue sky. Forget-me-nots are blue. The sea looks blue. Water is associated with blue. Blueberries and plums are blue. Blue is the colour traditionally for boys but blue was originally the colour for girls.

This blueness of energy can expand further so that it's visible during daylight than other colours. In darkness, red becomes more visible as this colour is tighter and blue fades. There are many shades of blue from darkest indigo to the palest periwinkle. Blue is often considered gentle, cool and soft. Electric blue tends to be a sharp reminder of vivid lightening power.

Does blue have a dark side? Well it does and it has a light side. All colours have dark and light.

Several years ago, I encountered a female spirit that was entirely blue in colour. She first manifested when I was using a pendulum. She left messages, reminding me not to speak to the dead or use any magic as this upset her. The spirit didn't want me to wear any blue as it offended her. The entity described herself as being able to fly, winged, change size, produce tornadic energy and open doorways. She claimed to have always been around. That sounds bizarre now, and some people will laugh. She turned threatening whenever I wore blue, made some artwork or even mentioned her to other people.  She started behaving like a poltergeist. I was becoming really scared of her. My pendulum was destroyed by my boyfriend who thought I was dabbling in the occult. I suppose I was but it was accidental. This entity went away after I consulted in the higher ones (gods) and then regularly wearing my Thor's Hammer. She was scared of Thor. She was afraid when I had anything to do with my Heathen path. Eventually she was totally gone.

Why was she the colour blue anyway? There is another thing about this story. After this spooky experience, I started having throat problems like severe coughing and then being sick. I got a return of whooping cough (that I suffered as a child) and then bronchitis arrived. Since then I've been getting bronchial issues. Last year I had thyroid cancer, which has been treated. I've no thyroid glands left. I discovered that the chakra colour of the throat and specifically the thyroid gland, is blue! Also this is called the Vishudda Chakra, or the throat chakra.    

The benign blue fairy from the "Pinocchio" story used to have turquoise hair. There are sightings of blue coloured ghosts and orbs that were reported by people. Some are friendly and others are not. There's the famous Blue Lady ghost of Moss Beach in California, USA. Some of the Hindu gods and goddesses are blue in colour, as they're said to rule the sea and sky. I doubt that the entity I had was either a goddess or the Blue Lady. Perhaps she was more so a manifestation of either forthcoming illnesses, an entity of someone that never actually lived, in a way a scrap of energy feeding off emotions.

Anti-bullying week means dress in blue. Don't regard BLUE as a sinister colour. There are reasons for blue. Mostly, everyone and everything shares the same universe and we're dictated by the spectrum, dark/shadow and light and sound waves. Blue is the also the colour for cleansing and healing from pain, trauma and abuse. Blue is the colour of distant love, compassion and awareness, dreaming and the Aquarius sign. Blue is related to sadness or deep sorrow or nostalgia. Blue, good or bad, is above and below.      

By Rayne ("SheWolf Night" blog)

(The image on this page is "Vishudda Chakra" by Athos Luca)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Golden Girl Project: Marilyn Monroe

She is an icon of the 20th Century. A definate sex symbol and screen goddess. Considered a "blonde bombshell" as was coined in the 50's for beautiful women with peroxide hair and glamour girl features. Marilyn has always been regarded as a Goddess. Some people identified her with goddesses of love and beauty such as Aphrodite, Venus and Freya. However, although she appeared stunning and wonderful, off camera was a very complex, dark and mysterious individual.

Marilyn's birth, life and death is covered in mystery. No one knows exactly who her real father was. Like half gods and demigods in mythology, or few great historical figures, they too had unknown fathers. Their fathers were said to have been gods or unproven kings. Alexander the Great believed that he was the son of Zeus.

Marilyn was a mortal woman but her life on earth was incredible. People only guess at her work by looking at her both technically as an actress and model, and as a pin-up starlet. There's more though.

She was like a dream come true fairytale princess. She was a reminder of the goddess Herself, tapping into the psyche about lost forgotten ancient goddess cults and worship. Looking at her is like looking at the woman/women you love, such as sister, friend, mother, daughter, lover, teacher, nurse, nanny, maid, aunt. And these women we love remind us of the goddesses that we used to warm to. Some people love Madonna or the Virgin Mary. Some used to love, or do love, Aphrodite, Freya, Artemis, Brigid, Isis and many more powerful goddesses. Some people love Freya because She reminds them of someone or something. (Perhaps your mum reminds you of that special magic?) Marilyn Monroe invoked a sense of love within us. She didn't start this as I'm sure plenty of other actresses, dancers, singers, even queens and other famous women invoked love.

To me, Marilyn Monroe is probably the very first symbol of Girl Power. She might not be the feminists typical example of womanhood, but Marilyn Monroe liberated women. In my view she did. She wasn't a typical woman, housewife or mum of her day. She was a career girl, an outdoorsy type, adventuress and a social butterfly. She was an independent woman. She created her very own style and image and also reinvented herself. She broke the ice with her expressions of sensuality, linking sexiness with class. She would really fit into modern times and yes she was quite ahead of her time.

Sadly Marilyn Monroe lost her life at a young age. She was 36 years old when she died. She was driven by the pressure around her, and roped into a different harsh world compared to the one that she enjoyed earlier on. Officially it's said that she committed suicide but there is always alternative ideas and conspiracy theories. No one will know exactly the answers of why or how she died. Yet she still invokes a warm sense of femininity, love, free spirited and independence. Most people don't realise this but she was artistic and poetic. Here is one poem that Marilyn has written:

"To the weeping willow
I stood beneath your limbs
and you flowered and finally clung to me
and when the wind struck....the earth
and sand--you clung to me."

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Mirage and obsessions with Gold

Why is gold considered so precious, when it is soft metal? It can be easily bent and chipped. It resembles other yellow metals but gold is more fiery and sparkling. Why then is it surrounded by so much myth, fascination and beauty? Why is kept guarded so heavily? Why is it thought of as precious? Why is it that people are driven to savagery and murder to get at it? Why do people view Gold as tops? Why is it seen as the ultimate metal of metals when others, like granite, steel, copper and silver take the back seats? Why do people prefer to have gold jewellery than replicas? Why is it considered pure? Why is everyone so obsessed with gold? It seems to be an obsession that's always been around. How far back in history is that interest in gold? Where did it begin?  

Gold is a soft precious metal. It reflects infrared radiation and is used in technology and medicine. It is a strong sparkly yellow colour. Gold leaf can be edible as a decouration in food but it's a tasteless E number. Because of it's conductive nature, gold is used in industry and electrics. It's said that gold originally came from meteorite impacts during the earth's formation. Gold can be found as a variety of shapes and sizes in their natural setting. There are golden nuggets, gold flakes and crystalline gold. Very rarely are people allergic to gold metal. My cousin has a gold allergy but she can wear silver. However the purer the gold, estimated by it's karat (K) number, the least harmful it is on those with metal allergies. I think she was given impure gold. There is gold found in the human body and generates physical electricity and mobility. Gold never rusts.   

Gold appears heavily in a lot of ancient myths. Sometimes gold is seen as having the ability to heal and procreate. The ancient Greeks believed that gold metal was a mixture of water and sunlight. There are famous stories of hero Jason's quest to find the golden fleece. This was a sacred object with healing powers that was guarded by a dragon with seven heads. Jason's mother, Danae, encountered the god Zeus as a "shower of gold". In Germanic mythology, Fafnir the dragon guards a hoard of sacred magical gold. Draupnir is a gold ring owned by the god Odin and this ring creates eight new rings on every ninth night. Gold in myths also give immortality such as the golden apples.  

The colour gold, even if it's not gold exactly, is favoured by people since time began. Sunlight, fire and it's warmth is golden in colour, and may appear like gold metal. Bread, cake, potatoes, rice, honey, vanilla, cheese, maize, wheat and butternut squash are golden coloured foods. In beauty itself, blonde hair is a pale gold shade that has been considered the most attractive and desired colour by women for thousands of years. Women have used all methods of wigs, lemon, saffron and poisons to dye their hair blonde and golden. Recently now, golden skin tones have become fashionable and purchases of self tanning sprays and lotions have boomed. Gold itself in human psychology means wealth and power.   

In magic and divination as well as chemistry, gold attracts electricity. It also generates energy! Gold has certain traits that absorbs emotions, especially intense ones. Gold drinks in and then breathes out energy like forests breathe in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen. Gold heals and eases away negative feeling. Gold is able to store energy. Also another special ability with gold is that it can dowse and assist in emotional well being. The only other element that behaves like this is the quartz crystal! Both quartz and gold are of the sun and fire. Often they have similar mirroring traits as these are usually found together in the earth. Is gold the metal sister of the quartz?

Gold has the ability that, unlike the quartz, is able to hypnotise and intoxicate. Gold does this simply through visual only. Gold is eye candy and wars have been over it. People have been butchered over gold. The lust for gold has been extreme and deadly. Perhaps gold needs to be understood another way and not as a symbol of money, power and greed.

In the ancient Americas, certainly in Aztec and Inca cultures, there was an abundance of gold. Gold was seen as magical and beautiful. Gold statues and artifacts were produced. Gold signatures were put throughout the landscapes to represent the gods.Many of them haven't been discovered.

It's possible that gold, not so much the metal itself, but as a notion, idea, a symbol of restoration and strength is what people attain for. There is gold inside us. There's gold everywhere, in the light and contained in electrons. Gold is a colour, and it represents the ultimate life soul and vigour. To be strong, healthy and wise is to be golden. Gold is visually important. If we don't meet gold jewellery, we encounter gold as colours, energies and feelings. Gold is a magic of light. It's pureness and softness is like liquid, like sugar and honey. Gold is the transformed human, the next step, the new born, refreshed, powerfully charged and compassionate. Gold can be at the very essence of the psyche.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Away with the bunnies

My friend gave me a present for my birthday, and it was a big chocolate bunny! It was delicious. I devoured most of it, sharing it with others. Eating chocolate bunnies is like consuming a whole rabbit. I started with the ears, and then worked my way down. Someone helped themselves to the face and it must've been a fridge thief or a ghost! I know who's guilty.

Most people I know are avoiding chocolate eggs and bunnies to watch their diets. I don't care. LOL! After the Ostara holidays I'm going to work out, lift weights and drink lots of water. Exercise the brain, and the spirit, not just the body. Remember that you need to walk and get out of your car. Wild bunnies do plenty of exercises. If you want to indulge and eat a bunny, don't think "mmm chocolate" but instead train yourself to think of this: "eating this bunny give me energy and physical health". Chocolate bunnies are a sweetened version of the cooked hares and rabbits.

In the Middle Ages, most ordinary people couldn't afford meat. They were forbidden to hunt wild animals. To do so was punishable by death. So the diet for the population consisted of gruel, oats and vegetables. With the arrival of new discoveries and trading increased the sale of fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, bread, spices, beans, fish and sugar in markets. That increase became widespread so people's culinary skills turned to baking cakes, biscuits, breads, pies and preserving other foods with salt and sugar. Then with the exploration of newer lands, cocoa was introduced to Europe from the Americas. Cocoa was made into an aphrodisiac drink until the Industrial Revolution and the spread of plantations. Cocoa became cheaper to buy. It was back in the Americas that the very first chocolate factory was built!

Chocolates reputation changed from being a drug to a confectionery in the Victorian period. The English turned chocolate into a solid sweet. Milk and sugar was added to chocolate in the nineteenth century. After this evolving phase of chocolate, during which the steam engine and photography became a part of every day life, the season of Ostara was altered as a chocolate feast of chocolate bunnies and eggs too. Chocolate is so important to human diet that people in extreme conditions are advised to eat it. Chocolate bars make up part of a soldiers and astronauts food pack.      

Now regarding the Easter Bunny the bunny theme springs to mind! The most favourite bunny character is Bugs Bunny,  by Warner Bros.

Looney Tunes
Chocolate History 

The most favourite kids fantasy book including rabbits is "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. This is an adventure story about a girl named Alice, who finds herself bored listening to her sister reading her a book, when she witnesses a strange white rabbit with a waist jacket on and holding a pocket watch. The white rabbit spoke "I'm late!" and bounces off in a hurry. Alice is curious about the white rabbit, and she chases after it. The white rabbit disappeared down a rabbit hole, large enough for Alice to enter. She falls down a tunnel that is so endless that she feels she'd end up in Australia. She drops to a float, and passes household objects. She contemplates and asks herself questions, pondering curiouser and curiouser. She lands on a pile of leaves in the centre of a corridor of doors. None of them open, except for one, a tiny door behind a curtain with its own little key. She misplaced it and shrunk down to a small size to fit through the door but she forgot the key and left it on the table. Food and drink comes and goes, changing her size. Animals appear in this bizarre tale, some of which are now extinct. Alice is often lost through either strange landscapes and her own puzzles.

Alice is a tale of a girl lost in though, and meditating in a dreamstate of confusion. She's assaulted by many weird characters including the Queen of Hearts, who wants to kill her. The dream turned into a nightmare, where Alice was being chased out of the illusion. Alice chased the white rabbit into the illusion first. She also passes into the same illusion/dimension later on in "Alice Through the Looking Glass".

The story of "Alice in Wonderland" is based on a real girl named Alice Liddell. For reading about the rest of the story and her adventures, check out: Alice in Wonderland     wikipedia page.

Growing up I was often exposed to fairy tales, stories and chocolates, and BUNNIES. My mum read to me tales of Peter Rabbit and Flopsy. I used to have my own pet bunny named Tabitha. My biological mother was working as a Playboy Bunny girl at that time. There was bunny stuff everywhere. I watched cartoon shows with bunnies on it. Bugs Bunny was on all the time. I also ate rabbits, both chocolate ones and meaty ones in nice gravy!

Despite their reputation as breeders, rabbits have never been reported to have rabies. They've never given humans any diseases. Now rabbits and hares are quite different from each other.

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The picture is art by Guchico source Pixiv