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A strange bear

In North Carolina, a three year old boy disappeared in the woods. Casey Hathaway was three when he played outdoors near the home of family. He then vanished into the woods. It was January and extremely cold, and when it was night time, the temperatures went below zero. The weather became freezing when icy rain fell. The little boy was nowhere to be found, and a search couldn't find him. People assumed he would be dead in the frigid temperatures of the woods. Unexpectedly, he was found alive in the woods three days later. A woman was walking her dog when she'd heard cries, so she alerted people to the sounds. Soon a team of rescuers discovered Casey alive and huddled under a thorn bush. He was cold and it was unusual that he's managed to survive all alone in such a cold place. When asked how he survived in the woods, Casey said that a bear had looked after him.

This is remarkable. Bears don't behave like this, according to Chris Servheen, who's a bear researcher from the University of Montana. "I've never known such a thing to happen. Bears don't do that." Servheen doubts the story of Casey, and thinks the child imagined a bear. Then how was this boy kept alive in the middle of a wood in freezing temperatures, unless he was cared for by a bear, or something else that Casey presumed was a bear. Now what could this be?

1. Bear.
2. Human
3. Bigfoot
4. No one at all

It might be important to look at this page about bears in Native American folklore:
Native American bear meanings

If Casey had really encountered a bear, it was an incredibly magical experience and this bear was special. But if he only fantasised about the bear, like the university guy thinks, then a vision of a bear in spirit form, perhaps a divinity, showed up to protect the child from the freezing woods. Others think Casey met a Bigfoot creature. Only the boy knows exactly what happened.

Violet Dark  

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Edit by Rayne = The art at the top is "Dream Bear" by Emily Whinfield Martin

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Do werewolves eat chocolate?

Hello, I'm Charlotte Woods.
There's a debate going on out there, should werewolves eat chocolate? Not really. The reality is that chocolate is poison to dogs including wolves. It gives dogs something bad called Theobromine poisoning. It is toxic. Humans are able to tolerate food that would be poisonous to dogs like chocolate and other foods like nuts, tea, coffee, alcohol and grapes.
Werewolves should hate chocolate, right? True. It would be similar to how it affects dogs and wolves. A number of people have food allergies towards nuts and even cocoa. So not all humans tolerate the same food everyone else can eat.
Candy makes me choke. I avoid coffee, alcohol and grapes. I really don't like fruit anyway because it leaves my mouth feeling bitter and gives me a tummy ache. Nuts are like stones and I don't eat them. Chocolate in small amounts is fine but a lot makes me ill.
Don't feed dogs chocolate or any of this:

Written by Charlotte Woods and posted on She Wolf Night by Rayne Belladonna.

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She Wolves Night

Hi! We're She Wolves Night, because this is like a pack! We're wolf therianthropes, pagans and we all have a creative side. While I was absent for ages from blogging, I had a friend assist me with posting her film reviews. She was adding excitement to this blog that was full of my essays and storytelling. So here are the contributors to this blog from now on, the 2nd November 2019:
Rayne Belladonna.
Charlotte Woods.
Violet Dark.
Wolf Girl Night.

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"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack."


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Cynophobia is a name for a phobia of dogs. While some phobias are considered irrational, the fear of dogs has some basis of reality. Dogs are able to turn on their owners, for example. The person suffering cynophobia will experience panic and fear as soon as they see a dog, no matter the size or breed. While many people growing up with dogs and love having dogs as pets, they don't empathise with a person who has cynophobia. The dog owners in the street will blame the cynophobic person and even belittle them. An understanding is needed. It must be said that a person with cynophobia can become very ill when experiencing a panic attack, because their heart becomes affected by so much fear. Some people have fainted, shaking, breathing problems or even heart attacks. There are officials that believe those who suffer cynophobia are mentally ill and unnatural but this is very wrong. Those officials have lost touch with nature. Dogs have been bred by humans for thousands of years. The point is that having cynophobia is part of being human, just as much as being best friends with dogs. Most people with cynophobia are children or people not used to being around dogs. The dogs themselves come from the wolf and this may cause a primitive instinct that triggers off cynophobia in some people when seeing dogs, because it's the prehistoric genes that are responding to it. Cynophobia could be linked to lupophobia, a fear of wolves and werewolves.

Links about this subject:
Cynophobia article at Psych times
Why are some people afraid of dogs? 

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Links to my other blog and friends blogs

These are links to my friend Wolf Girl Night's two other blogs:
Path of Werewolves and Blood Strawberry.

Now I want to point out again that I was the original owner of this blog, and last year I allowed Wolf Girl to run as admin. Now I've returned. To stop confusion, this is back as my blog to manage now. And I also have another blog called Storm Valkyrie.

Anyway hope that you're all enjoying the rest of the Summer holidays.


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Thanks Wolf Girl Night

A big kind thanks to Wolf Girl Night, who spent the past 17 months as admin to this blog while I was focusing on other things. I could've left the blog on hiatus but she stepped in and took over while I was away from here. She kept this blog going for me for longer than I thought.

This is for you Wolf Girl Night:

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We answered your werewolf questions (Part 2)

Here are some more answers from us, Rayne and I (Wolf Girl Night) who answered questions about werewolves. I'm adding out answers in different colours. We will hope to have been quite interesting.

Question: A werewolf is a man at his paramount best and worst. How would you describe its female version?

Rayne Werewolves are traditionally seen as men. There are female werewolves. In answer to your question, a shewolf can be a woman at her paramount best and worst. Watch “Gingersnaps” and the link with female puberty, menstrual cycle and werewolves.

Wolf Girl Night - It would be the same for a female. Among werewolves there are males and females.

Question: Why am I attracted to male werewolves even though they do not exist?

Rayne Sorry but I’m not sure what you mean. You mention that you’re “attractive” to male werewolves but then go onto say that they “do not exist”. Either you’re attracting men who look like werewolves (big, hairy, macho, sharp teeth, animalistic) or you’re saying that in fiction you’re drawn to male werewolves. If you mean that you’re “attracted to” male werewolves, then that’s perfectly understandable and normal. Some girls like wolfy men! There is the saying that women go for bad boys because of the Dark Triad idea in psychology. Other than that, you’re not much different to all of the women who like vampires but you like werewolf men.
Wolf Girl Night - Because you're a weirdo. No one should be attracted to male werewolves, as they are extremely dangerous. 

Question: Why are so many modern vampire and werewolf stories wrapped around sex and romance?

Rayne It removes the horror element from vampires and werewolves. Always werewolves are associated with evil, slaying of innocent people and being eaten by werewolves. Werewolves have had a very bad reputation for centuries now. It’s been a favourite in horror, scary, video nasties and nightmares. So it’s kind of going through a metamorphis and changing its image. Werewolves are becoming heroic and attractive, instead of creepy, scary and frightening. It’s the times that’s changed.

Wolf Girl Night - It's the sign of the times. 

Question: Why is werewolf fiction so popular, while there are no werecats or other animals?

RayneMostly because wolves are often associated with the full moon, and not cats and other animals. The full moon is often the main focus of the werewolf stories, because it happens in cycles. Werewolves have been a main part of European folklore of many countries for many thousands of years. It’s found with the Lyceons of Greek mythology and the ferocious Viking warriors Ulfhednar. The Vikings also had Berserker warriors that were bearlike, although it could be traced to ancient prehistoric bear cults. Apart from wolves, the werebears are less known. Bears haven’t been much of a threat towards people as packs of wolves have. Wolves have been always linked to death, and show up during the most desperate times. The age old saying “keeping the wolf from the door” means to have enough food and not go starving. It’s got to be mentioned that wolves have appeared in streets during times of famine and plague when so many people died. The unburied dead became food for the animals. Werewolves are also in folklore all around the world. The traditions of the Native Americans respect the Wolf as a teacher and the Wolf is part of the Medicine Wheel. However, the darker side is when that force is used in witchcraft and dangerous people transform into werewolves. The Skinwalker legends are similar to werewolves. Wolves have a good reputation in some places. The people from the Steppes and far East of Europe, Mongolia and even parts of China believe that they descend from divine wolves. That werewolf belief is actually mystical as opposed to scary. The Japanese farmers had shrines dedicated to wolves, who they believed were guardians and protectors of the land and folk. The people gave offerings in the way of food. It’s in the Abrahamic faiths that the wolf is regarded as a demon so lots of werewolf fiction is influenced by the religious beliefs, upbringing and interests of the authors. Oh and cats aren’t considered frightening.
Wolf Girl Night - Firstly werecats and other were type animals have appeared in a lot of fiction. There are a lot of films that I can think of with lycanthrope creatures other than werewolves. Kitsune or werefoxes are popular. Werecats though mean the Big Cat varieties have such very huge popularity. Its just that other thing other kinds of lycanthropes such as the cats are not regarded as scary monsters like the werewolves. A lot of were-animals (other than wolves) are magical creatures, or superheroes and super villains. Before anyone says his name, Wolverine isn't a werewolf. Wolverines are a mustelidae species, relating to weasels and badgers. Wolverines don't belong to the canis lupis groups. For this reason, werewolves have more appeal to the dark side and horror genre.       

I'll leave it here for now. I will post some more another time. 

Howls ^^   

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We answered your werewolf questions (Part 1)

Here are some answers from Rayne Belladonna and I (Wolf Girl Night) who answered questions about werewolves. It was quite fun.

Question: Do werewolves really exist?

RayneThere is one way of discovering that. Honestly don’t do it. Go to your nearest wildlife nature reserve, the biggest forest you can find. Cruise around on your car for a while in the evenings until nightfall. Make sure you fill up your engine with enough fuel as you don’t want to run low.
Wolf Girl Night - Yes they do. All you need to do is research it in your library and you'll come across real life cases. There are reports of strange sightings of dog headed people called Dogmen. Start in the cryptid section, and work your way into history and crime statistics. Find out about real werewolves and you'll often come across infamous killers or animals that terrified local residents. Look at what happens during a full moon and what the police have stated. Check out many subjects on berserkers and wolf headed warriors. Look for articles about the mysterious cynocephaly.

Question: Why are white werewolves born?

RayneThey just become born. There isn’t a “why” because colour can appear in some werewolves and not in others. Maybe this has something to do with the personality or the traits of the individual werewolf. I don’t believe that for one minute that white werewolves mean they’re all females because this isn’t true. In horror films, female werewolves tend to be white as in “Ginger Snaps” and “Blood and Chocolate”. White associated with feminine innocence and bridal gowns, often the reason female werewolves are white in films. There are male white werewolves with supernatural and abnormal traits as you would find in “Wolf’s Rain” and as in the case of Jon Snow’s Ghost direwolf in “Game of Thrones”. White wolves are often linked with snow and the arctic, Winter season and the far north. White werewolves then are not all female and not all of them are from snowy icy terrains. They can be the blondes of the pack (family) or the mystics.
Wolf Girl Night - This is a vague question. Most werewolves are born human, and the majority of lycanthropes become wolves during a full moon. If you want to look for werewolf children, then go no further than your TV and select a cartoon channel. Werewolves come in different colours, but they are ingrained in folklore tradition pretty much all over the world.

Question: Is there a werewolf equivalent of Dracula?

RayneThere isn’t really but you will find a load of werewolf heartthrobs in paranormal romances. “Teen Wolf” ()the TV series) with Tyler Posey as Scott Mccall, is sort of the werewolf who is nice. In “Twilight” there is Taylor Lautner as werewolf Jacob Black. Jason Behr in “Skinwalkers” is considered a hot werewolf. Mason Lockwood in “Vampire Diaries”. The werewolf Alcide Herveax in “True Blood”.
Wolf Girl Night - There are a few heart throb werewolves. Those are Jacob Black of Twilight, Scott McCall as played by Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf, Alcide Herveaux of True Blood and Lucian Greymark of Shadow Hunters.

Question: If a dragon and a werewolf had a baby, what would it look like and what would it be called?  

RayneDifferent species can’t breed. A dragon is not the same species as a werewolf. Basically a dragon is a type of reptile. A werewolf is sort of a canidae and a human. Wolves and humans are different breeds entirely but a werewolf is a monster. Perhaps the only time this is possible to breed a dragon and a werewolf is when the dragon takes human form and mates with a werewolf. Then you’re going to have to think that the dragon is a shapeshifter who can turn human. When dragon and werewolf are in their human forms, they can breed. The result would be a type of hybrid called something like Chimera.
Wolf Girl Night - I would call it FFS!

Hope you enjoyed reading our replies. I will post some more soon.
Enjoy the hot Summer!
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Thriller series 4 ep2 "Nurse Will Make It Better"

Unlike previous reviews I've made, this one is a review of one of the best episodes from a British TV series called Thriller that was made during the 1970's. It was an ATV (Associated Television) series made by Brian Clemens. Nurse Will Make It Better is the second episode from series 4. It stars Diana Dors, Michael Culver, Patrick Troughton and Ed Bishop.
Also the entire series is worth checking out and binge watching.
The whole Thriller series is underrated and just brilliant little gems, about different stories from crime to the paranormal. Each episode is different but this particular episode, Nurse Will Make It Better, is one of the scariest.
An injured bed ridden girl is so angry that she frightens away the nurse, so a new one arrives in the eccentric form of Bessy Morne. When the patient is miraculously healed, strange things happen and the family are clueless, except the sister of the girl who had the injury becomes suspicious when the household dog dies. Bessy is keeping a certain "box of tricks" in her room and she knows when someone pokes around to look inside of it because she's not just an ordinary nurse.
I roll out an 8/10 for this.
Not a horror film but this TV episode comes close to it.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Meet the gorilla crow

Now for something light hearted and weird.
All over the internet is a video of a crow that looks and acts like a tiny gorilla.
Is this a sign of hybrid animals spawning up all over the world? Or is it just a freak of nature? Well have a look at this small clip and judge for yourselves before continuing to read.

The reason is that according to experts, crows like to rest in the sun by sitting on a folded flap of their wings! This has made the perfect impression. That crow isn't going to fight helicopters on top of the Empire State Building anytime soon!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Goddess Athena and Medusa

Many people believe that the goddess of art and wisdom punished a rape victim. The story of Medusa is the one that most people are aware of, that she was a priestess raped by Poseidon in the temple of Athena. She was transformed into a monster by an "angry" Athena, according to this story. It's the later version by the Roman poet Ovid, written this some time between 43 BCE and 17 CE.
Medusa as a character has been around since ancient Greece and had always been a monstrous gorgon. She was born that way and had gorgon sisters called Sthenno and Euryale.
Early worship of Athena was as a snake goddess. She's also linked to weaving and spinning. Again there is another story about her changing a beautiful mortal woman named Arachne. In that story, Arachne made works of weaving art and the goddess destroyed it, followed by Arachne committing suicide. Athena felt deeply sad for her, so she brought her back to life in the form of a spider. This was done out of remorse and not as a punishment. It shows here that Arachne was given a chance to live again to continue weaving by spinning webs. This is also a story about reincarnation.
Going back to Medusa, the later version by Ovid that seems popular today has demonised the goddess Athena. If people want to take that version literally, instead of seeing Athena as a cruel goddess punishing a woman for getting raped, maybe consider that Athena was doing Medusa a favour. Athena gave Medusa the power, because Medusa could blind people just by looking at them. She was so frightening that she would never be attacked again!

Posted by the girls of She Wolf Night blog
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Admin change over

This blog will now have a couple of admins for a while, myself Wolf Girl Night, and Rayne. I will post a link to my other blog. It's called Path of Werewolves.

Wolf Girl Night's blog link to Path of Werewolves and come visit there.
Eventually the link to that will appear in this blog's list.

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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Where did Drogon take Daenerys?

My answer to the question "Where did Drogon take Daenerys?":

It’s a metaphor just like many other things in Season 8. One very obvious being the white horse in a burned Kings Landing which seemed to appear there for Arya. Suddenly in the next scene in the next episode, Arya is without the horse. The writers put that little religious bit there for the audience to get chilly and excited.
The other metaphore (and the most powerful looking scene in Season 8) was when Daenerys in episode 6 who looked as if she had wings. It was a strong reminder of the Disney character Maleficent. Both Daenerys and Maleficent could be one and the same? Both are dragon queens.
This is what the image resembled, because it was revealed to us that Daenerys is the antagonist and had just destroyed Kings Landing, killing many innocent people. It’s basically telling us all that Dany was the true dark one here.
Drogon felt duty bound to deal with his mother’s body. As a Mother of Dragons, she meant so much to him throughout his life. Drogon was always able to understand Dany like there was a real mother-child connection. In a way there might’ve been telepathy also like close loved ones experience sometimes, but not everyone does, and this is how Drogon and Dany came across.
So where did Drogon take dead queen Daenerys? This was another metaphor. Some might say that Drogon just took her to Old Valyria. Perhaps there’s more to it. Like with all works of fiction focused on genres fantasy, sci-fi and horror, once the main evil characters have died, the ones who supported them just leave and don’t come back. I believe that, going by the world of Ice and Fire itself, Daenerys brought the Long Night to Westeros and Kings Landing using fire. Her death and Drogon taking her far away East, is a complete end of the supernatural war against humanity. The Night King was one threat, and Daenerys was another.
(Posted by Rayne originally published on Quora)
Image of Daenerys and baby Drogon was made by Rayne using Azalea Dolls

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Dating ET's

Hi, this is Rayne and I'm back as co-admin of She Wolf Night. I want to start off by posting something light hearted and weird. Dating Extra Terrestrials! I know but it's my first ever post for 16 months on this blog, and I often write out there stuff. I couldn't post this on my second blog Storm Valkyrie, which is basically about spiritual matters and Mother Nature. I copied and pasted this from my entry on Quora, which has become buried under the piles of posts.

In the Star Trek universe, there are so many inter galactic relationships even though Captain Janeway had a go at Harry Kim for having sex with an alien. The discussion centred around sex with aliens introducing a disease or cause terrible damage on DNA. It’s a protocol ignored by the entire Star Treks.

Aliens would come from a different world culture. If you were going out with a Klingon, you may have to respect their traits even though it comes across as strange. If you wanted to date a human/humanoid alien from a different world (like Arda from the “Lord of the Rings” world or Planetos from “A Song of Ice and Fire” world) then no reason why precautions shouldn’t still be taken. Who knows what DNA will be passed if someone ended up starting a family with an alien.


The picture at the top of this post was made by me using Azalea's Dolls editor.

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News on the blog

Wolf Girl Night here.
I've returned from holiday and had a howling of a time.
While gone, I was thinking of opening a different blog under another name, and handing this one over to the original owner, and then I asked. She said that she's fine with that.
So in the following few days or weeks, the blog will be returned to Rayne. I will keep you posted as to what my new blog is when its ready.
I've enjoyed posting on here for over a year now and I've been filling the blog with film reviews most of the time. Before that it was neither about film reviews or werewolves, but about myths and some of her own creative writing. I made it into a werewolf/film review blog.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Robots in Greek myth

Silver and gold dogs with the daughter of King Alcinous 

The animated sci-fi series Ulysses 31 is based on Greek mythology but set in the far distant future, when characters are space travelling and there are plenty of robots. It wasn't quite far off from real Greek mythology, as there are a load of robots in there!
Robots are also automatons and the word Automaton comes from Greek and actually by Homer. The Greek god named Haphaestus was a fire god as well as a metal worker and a blacksmith. He created tools and weapons and many robotics, which include:

Golden Tripods that were automatically moved around Olympus on wheels.
Kyon Khryseos was a dog made entirely of gold and was a robot who guarded Zeus during his childhood on Crete. When Zeus reached adulthood, he sent the golden dog into the stars that became the constellation Canis Major.
Bronze bulls at the kingdom of Aeetes.
Fire breathing mechanical horses that were called the Cabeirian.
Khryseos and Argyeos The metallic guard dogs of the palace of King Alcinous. One dog was made of solid silver and the other dog was made of solid gold.
Talos, made of bronze. A giant crafted into the shape of a man who was the protector of Crete.
Kourai Khrysai who were also called The Golden Maidens of Haphaestus. They were beautiful and each had their own intelligence. They were helpers in the palace of their maker and learned various crafts and skills.
The Caledones more women robots. Originally they were created as golden statues, then given voices and the ability of movement. As life was given to each of them, the Caledones were then capable of breeding with humans.
Pandora was interpreted as the "first woman" but she was really one of the automatons in Greek myth. She was a beautiful robot who was crafted by Haphaestus. Pandora was made the owner of a weapon in the shape of a jar that was later called "Pandora's Box".

Further reading:

"Gods and Robots" by Adrienne Mayor
Theoi Automatons

If you liked reading this post, add a comment or just tick a box.
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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Scream, Pretty Peggy

Scream, Pretty Peggy is a 1973 television horror film, directed by Gordon Hessler, and stars Bette Davis, Ted Bessell and Sian Barbara Allen. This is a thriller and not a supernatural film but it certainly doesn't matter because it feels strange. A student named Peggy wants to get a job working as a house keeper, after she answers an ad in college. The house where she works is full of statues, because Jeffrey the artist lives there with his mother, who just doesn't want anyone there. Peggy demands things because she admires the artist, who she's known about for years as it turned out (stalker?) and the creations by the artist are weird. There are mysteries about what's all been going on. Anyway this isn't brilliant and it feels predictable but nice to watch during a rainy evening.
I rate this a 3/10.
Most horrible piece: Well, nothing.
Question: Why did they advertise for staff if they really didn't want outsiders in the house?
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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Satan's School For Girls (1973)

This low budget horror film was made for television in 1973, called Satan's School For Girls. It was directed by David Lowell Rich and starred Kate Jackson, Pamela Franklin, Cheryl Ladd and Lloyd Bochner.
This feels like a thriller for a while, setting the pace when a girl called Martha is found dead and is thought to have committed suicide but Martha's sister Elizabeth isn't convinced. Elizabeth is the only surviving relative and she goes away to look for what led to Martha's suicide. She visits the Salem Academy for Women and becomes curious when she sees a painting of a frightened woman that resembles her sister. She wants to look for more clues, and one wonders who's hiding in the basement.
The film depict formula of unrealistic traits of women in many horror films, such as investigating creepy places in the dark, standing in a window at night during a thunderstorm, putting trust in everyone in an institution full of weirdos and telling people ones secrets. 
I rate this a 5/10 but that was only because it didn't have much tension and was slow in places.
Creepiest scene: Crazy teacher with the rats..
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Monday, 20 May 2019

The Mad Queen

The scene of the mad Queen in the finale "Game of Thrones" was most stunning. When I first saw that scene, I almost went bananas because it looked as though Daenerys Targaryen was transforming and spread a pair of demonic wings. In fact no, the camera made it look that way because the dragon Drogon was situated right behind her. It revealed to us all that here was a demon queen who just returned from her angry blitzkrieg on Kings Landing.
The new queen of the 7 kingdoms walks on top of a broken stairs overlooking the burned city. Her hairstyle looks so reminiscent of writhing snakes that she appears like a Medusa figure. She then gave a blasting and glorious speech to her army, as a dictator would do, in the ruins of Kings Landing. Daenerys killed perhaps a million citizens but, in her own view, she "liberated them" from a "tyrant". That tyrant was Queen Cersei who was dead under the rubble as Daenerys gave that speech. Despite the bad things Cersei ever did, she tried to protect her city from Daenerys but she'd made the fatal error of underestimating the power of a dragon and it's owner obsessed with the Iron Throne.
 It was then established that Daenerys was seeking world domination. She saw it as "liberating" all people from the world of tyranny. If this means burning cities and killing millions of innocent people as she did with Kings Landing, then Daenerys has got to be the most dangerous woman in the world of Ice and Fire. More dangerous than the Others.
The Night King was immortal, a type of demigod of ice, who was a necromancer, and was filled with anger because he had once been a normal human man who was transformed against his will, thousands of years ago. After his destruction, we had to contend with the next battle boss. The Night King didn't kill as many people as Daenerys had done. Everyone thought it would be the hateful queen Cersei. We were later confronted at the second-to-last episode of "Game of Thrones" with the true antagonist evil:

Daenerys Targaryen.

It came as a shock to everyone because the majority of viewers didn't expect her to do what she did. But there we have it. She was the ultimate baddie, with a massive army backing her, and a devoted dangerous dragon who is like a B-52 Bomber. And after seeing the horrors she inflicted on innocent people in Kings Landing, we see her without remorse and no pity. Her only relative alive, who we all came to know as Jon Snow, plunged a sword into her heart and fulfilled the Nissa Nissa prophesy, sacrifice her for the greater good.
The most mysterious ending of Daenerys happened when her dragon was so upset to find her dead, that he melted the Iron Throne. It was the object of Daenerys' hearts desire: to sit on that throne. Like poetic justice, when dragon fire formed that throne, a dragon destroyed it finally. By the ending of the Iron Throne, means to finish the Targaryen dynasty forever, and an end to the Seven Kingdoms.
The dragon Drogon was named after Daenerys' dead husband, Khal Drogo.
This dragon carried the dead queen off into the mist over the sea, and was never seen again. According to some, Drogon was seen in "The East" but we can guess only as there isn't going to be a Season 9. What will happen to the body of this mad queen? Will Drogon take her back to Vaes Dothrak? Or Asshai when the eggs were first discovered? Or to the ruins of Valyria? I guess that we'll never know the answer to that one.
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GOT Season 8 Episode 6: The Finale

This was the last ever episode of "Game of Thrones." I will post a review but it contains spoilers so don't read on if you've not watched it yet. The episode begins following the destruction of Kings Landing, and Tyrion finds his dead siblings. Daenerys is truly power mad, while saying that she wants to take over the whole world. Things couldn't get worse, until Jon puts an end to her reign of terror. Drogon burns the Iron Throne, and carries the dead queen off across the sea. The Seven Kingdoms become Six, because the north is given independence. Jon is sent to the Nights Watch so he can be reunited with Ghost and the wildlings go back home to the far north. Westeros has two rulers now. One is Sansa the Queen of the North, and the other is Bran the Broken, the King of the 6 Kingdoms. Arya leaves Westeros to start her quest to look for land far West across the Sunset Sea.
What did I make of the finale episode?
It wasn't a bitter sweet ending. It was unsatisfying.
A disappointing end of a great show that lasted almost a decade.
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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Is Westeros stagnant?

Stagnant society... 
Maybe not for long.

Many have asked why this world of Planetos is stuck in the Middle Ages. It must be mentioned that Westeros has already got the means to develop better technology but strife and many wars prevented that from going ahead. On our world, China created black powder in the 9th Century and from this, the fire lance was made, and soon other weapons had been invented, while the earliest types of guns appeared from the 15th Century. So in Westeros, and other places,  it isn't gunpowder they have but wildfire. So we can imagine that some bright spark will use the knowledge of wildfire to develop firearms in their future. That world has lost technologies such as Valyrian steel and glass candles. Why hasn't anyone considered making bikes or trains, because they do have wheelchairs for the disabled. It might be that they will, as anyone can guess, because in our own history, the Romans had the knowledge of steam engines but this technology didn't kick off until so many centuries later that started the Industrial Revolution. In our own society we had a stagnating period for thousands of years although the wisdom of high technology sat there in old books, just as it might in that world because the Citadel have a vast and private library.

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Monday, 13 May 2019

GOT Season 8 Episode 5: "The Bells"

This episode called "The Bells" was a total blast. SPOILERS ahead. Don't read if you haven't seen the episode and want to be surprised.
It began with the armies preparing for another war. Meanwhile, Daenerys is grieving the death of Missandei and refuses to eat. It's soon discovered that the "spider" Varys betrayed her, and was executed. Further on, she tries to rekindle any hope of love and desire with Jon Snow but he refuses, because she's his aunt. As soon as she's rejected, the fury inside her becomes increased. The war starts with Drogon setting fire to scorpion weapons, and the armies fight within the city. Tyrion tries to help his brother and sister, by rescuing a captured Jaime and telling him where to depart from the Red Keep. Jaime looks for Cersei. Daenerys uses her dragon to burn down the whole city, and kills anybody, even innocent people that are there. Jon Snow becomes extremely upset and tries to get his army to cease fighting. As dragon fire rages through the streets, Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark make it through and look for their targets. Overall the episode was mad. By the end of watching that, most fans of Daenerys Targaryen will be feeling sick and put off this dangerous character. 
Total feelings: The deaths of all those innocent people in Kings Landing was dreadful. Daenerys is more evil than Cersei.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Part 2 review "The Last of the Starks"

This is an actual review of the episode "The Last of the Starks." I previously mentioned Ghost in my last post "GOT Season 8 Episode 4" but didn't review the episode itself. This post will do just that. After the war, there is a funeral and all of the dead are burned, including those sadly missed. Then there is a feast in the hall, at Winterfell, and things get cosy with Brienne and Jaime, and people have too much to drink. Gendry is legitimised as a Baratheon and made lord of Storms End, which is fantastic but he's rejected by Arya when he proposes to her. She's not the kind of woman to settle down with a family. She heads off with the Hound, towards Kings Landing. Tragically, on the way to Dragonstone, a dragon is killed by a load of scorpion missiles from Euron Greyjoy, magically lurking at sea again as he did teleporting at sea in S7. After the loss of her friend Jorah, her dragon Rhaegal, a large number of her armies dead, she also loses her best friend Missandei. The end scene shows how evil Cersei really is.
Did I like this episode? No I didn't.
Sad howls ^^

Monday, 6 May 2019

GOT Season 8 Episode 4: "The Last of the Starks"

This isn't a typical review of an episode that I've been talking about before. On the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 4, called "The Last of the Starks", I want us all to look at Ghost. Because this episode is probably the most upsetting one, in fact so far since the past few years, because we witnessed a cold dumping of this spirit wolf by his owner, Jon Snow. In previous seasons, Ghost stayed beside Jon, defending him, sitting beside Jon's body after he got stabbed. He is part of Jon in the books in many ways that the same is for the wolves of each of the other Starks. Ghost even helped against the fight in the Great War against the White Walkers. It left Ghost with minor injuries as there is blood on his fur. Ghost never appeared in Season 7, which led to an outcry among fans. Ghost was always in the show before, with Jon, but had only a background appearance in Season 8 with nobody acknowledging him. When Jon discovered his true parentage, and that his father is Rhaegar Targaryen, he changed his feelings towards his family, Daenerys and Ghost. He just walked away from Ghost and told the wildling Tormund to take him. Jon said that Ghost is a direwolf who will never be at home in Winterfell, despite the fact the castle has stone wolves, statues of wolves in the crypts and a direwolf banner. Then a scene went to a sad whimpering Ghost. Jon is out of character now as he's become neglectful of Ghost. The series has become different since the showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, got rights to take the rest of the story ahead of the books, because the books are unfinished. The latest series features Ghost as an extra and Jon having no interest in him, not even a hug goodbye. This is a shame. It's shameful. Here's to Ghost! Three cheers to Ghost, the forgotten hero. 
Howls to Ghost!

Monday, 29 April 2019

GOT S8 Ep3 : "The Long Night"

This is a review of Game of Thrones episode "The Long Night" Season 8. This post contains spoilers and don't read anymore if you haven't seen that episode and choose not to find out anything yet.
So the army of the dead have arrived, and everyone is preparing for the ultimate war. It's dark, and the Dothraki are the first on the frontline to go ahead. They ride their horses after an impressive scene and along with them are Jorah and Ghost. It feels creepy when they vanish and only few horses return. Everything is set at night in the dark. The Night King sent up clouds of ice fog so the dragons with their riders Daenerys and Jon Snow can't see. The rest of the episode is fully fighting with some real shocks and, of course, many unfortunate and sad deaths.
This episode was just a massive war zone.
Howls ^^

Monday, 22 April 2019

GOT S8 Ep 2: "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

Here is my quick review of Episode 2 of Season 8 "Game of Thrones" so if you dislike spoilers, avoid reading. The show is produced by HBO and this episode was directed by David Nutter.
The episode continues from last week, and Jaime Lannister is in the great hall at Winterfell before an audience including Sansa, Jon and Daenerys. Daenerys reminds Jaime of how she and her brother talked about killing the man who killed their father. The atmosphere grows tense, and not just with that because overall things are easily settled and both Sansa and Jon agree to let Jaime fight for the living. Daenerys often seems to be at loggerheads with Sansa and yet Sansa is loyal to her family and the north, which she's also responsible for.
Arya wanted Gendry to make an obsidion weapon for her, but to be honest, its dragonglass, not metal, and it was mentioned by other fans of the show that glass forging is entirely different to metalwork smithing. Okay Arya was flirting with Gendry last episode and there seems a lot of sparks flying, now Arya is a grown woman and not a kid as she was seasons back when she was with Gendry in earlier episodes years ago.
Tormund arrives and there is a scene on the battlements as the Watch remembers. Everyone is now fully equipped and preparing for the great war.
My ratings don't matter. What counts is that this episode is fun.
Best things: Wait and see
Howls ^^

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Patience Worth

Here is a mystery from the early 20th Century about a suburban housewife from St Louis in Missouri. She was called Pearl Curran and her life had always been quite ordinary until she decided to use a Ouija board while having tea with her mother and friends. Back in the early 20th Century, it was fashionable to play with Ouija boards and dabble in the occult. Pearl might've been quite skeptical approaching this at first as she regarded it as "silly".
When the pointer announced the name of a spirit called Patience Worth, the women became excited about using the board for much longer. Pearl especially grew to enjoy communicating with Patience Worth, who identified herself as an English woman of the 17th Century. Pearl wrote literature while she was being channelled by this spirit. Some of the works by the spirit of Patience Worth include "Hope Trueblood," "Rain Song," and "The Sorry Tale."
For more of her writings go and visit this website:
Patience Worth website
A link to see other authors, including Pearl Curran a.k.a. Patience Worth, who wrote on behalf of ghosts and spirits:
Guided by Voices
For more info about this mystery go to:
Prairie Ghosts: Patience Worth 
My view:
This could all be a matter of overactive imagination or stepping into character mode. It might even be that a spirit wrote through Pearl and other spirits might've helped people create literature in the same way.  
Howls ^^

Monday, 15 April 2019

GOT S8 Ep1: "Winterfell"

Here is my quick review of the first episode of Season 8 the final season for "Game of Thrones" so if you dislike spoilers, avoid reading. The show is produced by HBO and this episode was directed by David Nutter. The opening credits are spiffing and new. The arrival of Daenerys and her army arrived at Winterfell along with a host of other characters including Jon Snow, Jorah and Tyrion. It was very reminiscent of the beginning of Season 1 epsiode 1 when King Robert arrived at Winterfell, and even the music was the same. There were a lot of reunions and also tense ones throughout the episode. Fan favourite predictions have actually happened regards to Jon. It was a distressing moment for poor Sam when he heard tragic news. One can't help but feel sorry for him. The Golden Company are at Kings Landing but something disappoints Cersei. Need I say more about the Greyjoys? A gruesome and horrible message was left by the Night King using that spiral sygil again. As always, it finished with a very interesting cliff hanger.
Overall feeling of this episode: OMG! What are they going to do now?
I shall review the next episode next week.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Easter howls

"Easter is coming and the bunny's getting fat, 
please put a penny in the old wolves hat!"

The Easter holidays are here and time for egg decourating, eating chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and toasted hot cross buns (the rhyme for that song inspired me to make one at the top of the post). If you like wolves and you also like Easter, feast your eyes on this game:
Wolves Life 3, Roblox
There is also this rather nice book:
"The Easter Wolf: An Easter Fable" by Adele Bishop LINK
Howls ^^

Thursday, 4 April 2019

The mysterious green children

The Green Children of Woolpit is a mysterious event that has become legend. The story began in the village of Woolpit, named after being a site to trap wolves in the Middle Ages. During the 12th Century, two children who were completely green in colour, materialised from nowhere. They were a brother and sister, with a diet of just raw broad beans, who were discovered by villagers near the wolf pit. They both didn't eat anything apart from raw broad beans and the children spoke a strange unknown language. A local man named Richard de Caine, had guardianship of the green kids and fostered them. Soon, the children got used to eating other food and this made the green colour disappear. Both children were baptised. The brother soon became unwell and died. His sister grew up to learn how to communicate in English, and she was able to tell her story. What she said was intrigueing and eerie.
The girl claimed that she and her brother came from a world of twilight, where the sun never shone but wasn't completely dark either. Their world was all in the colour green, and it was called St Martin's Land. The children were tending to animals belonging to their father, when they heard a loud noise and went off to investigate it. They'd entered a cave, and soon emerged into the village of Woolpit. The girl eventually became an employee of the de Caine household, but she was considered "wanton and impudent". Another source shows that Ralph de Caine had named the green girl Agnes and she soon married a soldier Richard Barre. The green girl became Agnes Barre in name.
Some people claim that the green children were aliens, or faefolk, or that they were just abandoned feral kids. There is always an air of mystery about them and people in the area talk about being descendants of the green children of Woolpit. Agnes Barre is listed in geneology and family searches dating back to the 12th Century.
Whatever the answer is, we'll never know.
Howls ^^   

Friday, 29 March 2019

Oracle of the Shapeshifters

This is a review of a deck of oracle cards that I highly recommend.It's called Oracle of the Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish. It's full of beautiful artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
There are 45 cards and a booklet with guides of the cards and their meanings.
During a New Moon and a Full Moon, you can use these cards for a stronger reading from the spirit animals. As a beginner, you may draw out one card each day, to get a feel of this deck. Some may want to draw a card once a week or once a month at a Full Moon instead. Or you can make a variety of spreads in threes, fours, fives, ect, during a Full Moon if you wish.
The shapeshifter oracle cards have revealed so much insight and wisdom, advice and messages in reaction to my queries that this deck seems to know me personally!
The cards are beautiful and they're designed in such an earthy way that it's like touching wood and stone. I rate this deck a powerful 100/100 for it's magic, beauty, depth and accuracy.
Howls ^^

Monday, 25 March 2019


Coraline is a 2009 kids horror animation directed by Henry Selick. It's based on a book by Neil Gaiman. Supposedly for children, it's very dark and grim. Coraline is about a girl who moves into a house with her workaholic parents and finds a secret passage that leads to a neighbouring house, where perfect copies of her parents live, except they're not the same at all. She thinks they're better than her real parents except they have buttons for eyes. The Other Mother soon wants to sew buttons on Coraline's eyes to keep her there out of "love".
I rate this 7/10 for its creepiness.
Coolest bits: The talking cat.
Howls ^^ 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

The Night Queen

The final season of Game of Thrones will be on our screens very soon. The actual trailer was released a couple of weeks ago. I plan to review each episode when I watch them. So check out this blog for my feedback on it.
What brings me to talk about this last season of GOT is just a theory about what the Night King may be after and this might be the mysterious Night Queen.
Also it's possible that he's looking for a potential baby boy. Baby Sam who was supposed to have been given to the Others but now Baby Sam is a bit too big now, so the Night King is probably not interested in getting him. So instead, he may be looking for someone else. Okay the actor Vladimir Furdik, who plays the Night King, said in an interview that the Night King is after a "specific target". Many are saying that this "target" might be Jon Snow or Bran Stark.  It could be a queen to give him sons? It's said that the Others can't procreate although we don't really know this.
There is the short clip of Queen Cersei crying during the new trailer. Many have guessed she's had a miscarriage or that she's been betrayed. It may be something else, and its much darker.
"Cersei the Night Queen" is a fan theory thats been around for a while but it's starting to make sense. If not for the TV series then the books.
There is a prophesy made by a witch called Maggy the Frog, who Cersei met when she was a girl. Maggy told a young Cersei that she'll have three children, not four. The three children will have gold crowns and gold shrouds. After her tears will drown her, the valonqar will wrap his hands around her pale white throat and choke the life from her. Interestingly, Maggy also told her that she'll be Queen, until another younger and more beautiful will cast her down and take all that she holds dear. Going by that, many have easily interprated it as Daenerys fighting a war for the Iron Throne. But it might again be a lot more supernatural and to do with the Night King and Long Night. If Cersei is the Night Queen, then it explains why she would be slain by the Valonqar and also the younger more beautiful other queen casting her down. That makes two individuals who'll end Cersei as queen. A number of many clues have hinted on Cersei being the Night Queen. This is all just guesswork. We can only wait and see.
Tin foil hat off now.
To read more:

Interview with Night King actor LINK 
Maggy's prophesy LINK 
Cersei as Night Queen article on Inverse LINK 
More during the finale LINK
Did you enjoy reading this and want to see more like it from the Wolf Girl? Post comments and let me know.
Howls ^^

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Werewolf Music

Here are some songs that are about wolves and werewolves:

Iced Earth - Wolf
Metallica - Of Wolf and Man
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon
The Cramps - I was a Teenage Werewolf
Type O Negative - Wolf Moon
Thin Lizzy - Old Moon Madness
Styx - Witch Wolf
Rainbow - Run with the Wolf
GBH - Lycanthropy
Sonata Arctica - Full Moon
Radiohead - A Wolf at the Door
Fever Ray - The Wolf
TV On the Radio- Wolf Like Me
Florence + the Machine - Howl
Michael Hurley - Werewolf
Phosphorescent - Wolves
Manchester Orchestra - Wolves At Night
Bon Iver - The Wolves
The Black Keys - Howlin For you
Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf
Young Heretics - I Know I'm a Wolf

Howls ^^

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness is a 1992 film of the Evil Dead series of films starring Bruce Campbell. This film is the most comedic of the Evil Deads, but less of the Horror genre and more of a Fantasy. Ash is stuck in a Medieval time and needs the Lovecraftian type book "Necromonican" to get to his own time. Of course, there are problems, monsters and witches, that have terrorised the human population for a long time. This film borders on the ridiculous and has its share of other stories fed into the mix, such as Gulliver's Travels. I vote this film a 5/10 but even that was nice of me!
Howls ^^

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Crazy Springtime games 3

This is the third part of "Crazy Springtime games!".
My next review is on the game Dragon Cave by Wow Escape. This is a nice looking game although easy puzzles where you seek an item of treasure but have to get passed dragons. The music is Medieval and the puzzles are extremely easy. If you're not used to these type of game then you could use paper and pen to write down the clues and remember where things might be.
Next is King Viper by Wow Escape. This one plays eerie music and is set in a rainforest with large snakes. You need to find a stone in order to get out of there.
Howls ^^

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Crazy Springtime games 2

The season of Spring has just appeared around the corner, so I plan to make a post about a bunch of pleasant Spring themed games. This is more prettier than what I normally post about, because these games are puzzles and they appeal to my brain. Lycanthropes need puzzles.
The first is Pinky Rabbit Rescue game by Games 4 King. This is very easy and just needs pen and paper or good memory, to look for clues and add objects to their shadows. Once you've done that it will give you items. Many doors need unlocking. These G4K games are dead easy to play but they're always such eye candy levels with pretty artwork.
Secondly is Flower Fantasy Escape by Wow Escape games. This is cartoony with fairytale graphics and will entertain kids, but also adults can have fun playing it too. The object of that game is to remove the crown from a queen bee by solving riddles, puzzles and collecting objects. There are plenty of flowers and bugs to use here, but the game is short and not for you if you're looking for a vast super levelled game. 
Thirdly is Cherry Blossom Escape by Big Escape Games. The story is that you're lost inside a forest filled with cherry blossom trees so you have to find a way to get out. There is a lot of pink colours in this one and it's a larger game than the other two that I listed on here today. It's got a slightly harder series of puzzles and hidden items.
Howls ^^    

Monday, 4 March 2019

Crazy Springtime games 1

It's that again. GAME REVIEWS! Spring is almost here now and a plethora of games to play and review. Today I will review this game called Fruits Fairy Forest game. It's a point-and-click puzzle game designed by Wow Escape Games. The object of the game is to find a way to free a fairy trapped in a garden. You have to find fruits and open puzzles to find more clues to find more fruits. Collect the items and solve the riddles. This game is pretty nice and full of giant fruit houses and gardens. Some items will be hiding. The music is very soft and sweet, and the game is quite relaxing actually.
There is White Rabbit Escape created by Games 4 King. Same rules apply here and you need to rescue a big bunny rabbit. Like with most G4K games, the music is always the same and the sound effects are off putting. Depending on which G4K game you choose to play, the puzzles are very easy to do. While the levels on G4K games always have nice artwork, it feels like they were designed for children. However, all ages can enjoy them. These are for you if you just want to pass the time.
Howls ^^

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn is a 1987 sequal to Evil Dead. Directed by Sam Raini and stars Bruce Campbell. The film summarizes the previous film when Ash and his girlfriend vacate to a cabin in the woods and finds a tape recorder with a spell that raises the dead. Ash is confronted by his possessed girlfriend who tries to kill him and isn't human anylonger. Soon a group shows up and one is a daughter of the archeologist who lived in the cabin and found a mysterious book. That strange book unleashes the evil forces.
Silly comedic horror film but you've got to admire the gross make-up and special effects. All around a fun nightmarish film to watch.
I rate this a 7/10.
WTF moment: The trees!
Howls ^^

Monday, 25 February 2019

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a 2018 reboot of the 1980's TV animated series She-Ra, Princess of Power. The latest series is made by Dreamworks and created by Noelle Stevenson. This particular new adaption is a different type of series altogether. Not tied with He-Man, who is the brother of She-Ra in the original 80's series. There are many changes done to this. I grew up watching both He-Man and She-Ra in the eighties, so I came across many criticisms of the 2018 reboot made by a lot of Youtubers and written comments on other websites.
I've watched the entire first series of the 2018 Dreamworks She-Ra and must say that I absolutely love it. The series and storylines are powerful and not by formula. The animation itself in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is beautiful and like art nouveau has come alive. The style of the characters are anime, and yet every single character including the extras all have their own individual looks and personalities.
A girl named Adora  becomes She-Ra when she discovers a magical sword that was destined for her. That sword changed her life forever. Raised in a dreary castle of The Horde, trained as a soldier to fight "bad princesses", she discovered that the Horde are actually the ones doing evil in the world. She becomes friends with people in Etheria and soon discovers that one of her new friends, Glimmer, is a princess. Meanwhile, her old friends from The Horde are not interested in saving the world and they don't care about the lives of innocent people. That also meant her best childhood friend Catra turned into her most worst enemy.
I rate this 10/10
Bonus surprise: Swiftwind!
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Sunday, 24 February 2019

The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead is a 1981 horror film directed by Sam Raimi. It stars Bruce Campbell who plays Ash. This is the second of a series of Evil Dead films. Despite the slightly comedic themes of the sequals later, the original film, The Evil Dead, was more serious. If it was ever meant to be funny, then humour in 1981 was so awfully dark.
Ash, his girlfriend, sister and other friends go on a car trip to a remote isolated cabin in the middle of the woods. The cabin is very old and the friends raise demons by accident. The demons themselves hover outside in the dark, choosing the women to possess first and bring about their sheer bloodthirsty evil. Pretty atmospheric with eerie dark smoke, creepy looking moon, sound effects and nasty trees.
I rate this gruesome and macabre film a gory 6/10.
Scariest moments? The eyes!
Howls ^^

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Frozen 2 teaser

Disney has released the teaser trailer of Frozen 2. It's due to be released on the 11th November 2019. The voice over actors of the first film Frozen will return for the sequal.
Disney haven't revealed anything about the story in Frozen 2, but everyone is making theories and ideas based on the teaser trailer. One of the most noticeable features is Elsa's new type of ice powers that help her to walk on water. The look on her face as she makes a run towards the sea shows a level of determination or anger. Is she merely training or is she trying to go somewhere? The waves throw her back to shore.
The following scene shows Anna standing on a balcony and looking very worried at these mysterious lights hovering outside. There is a crystal effect to them. It's either Elsa's ice powers gone wrong, or its totally something else.
The next clip shows a rather mean looking Kristoff and Sven racing through a very Autumn woods with other reindeer for company running along with them.
The next scene shows an injured looking Anna sat at the bottom of a cliff. While just after that, Anna is leaping over rocks. Her hairstyle has changed a lot since the first film, as it's in a Medieval braided crown and no shocking white streaks anymore.
The next clip shows Elsa using her powers to protect Olaf from purple flames. Could this hint at a dragon? Is Anna with fire powers? Or is there something else?
The next following scene shows an unknown girl in a wood, looking at an unknown boy flying up into the air from a leafy wind. We just don't know who they are yet.
The next scene shows Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf looking at a red Autumn scene. In preparation for later in the year with the season. The trailer shows the title and so on with a falling leaf, and then finally, Anna, Kristoff and Elsa walking into a misty woods and something is behind them because Anna grabs for Kristoff's sword.
To see this trailer, click here:

What do I want to see? Elsa and Jack Frost meeting and becoming a couple. Anna developing fire powers. Learning how Olaf came to be. Elsa and Anna discovering more about their parents and their long lost brother Tarzan. There might also be revelations coming together as easter eggs were laid out in other films including the first Frozen that other princesses made an unofficial cameo appearance although they might not have been them at all. Some believe that Rapunzel is the cousin of Elsa and Anna.
Howls ^^

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Shocking star secrets revealed

This is a style of writing I've not done since teenaged years, so bare with me. I've read hot information about uncovered secrets of the stars that are amazing and disturbing.
The first one I shall discuss deals with the princesses Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen. These sisters that we've grown to love and watch and sing along with have a long lost brother. Their brother is Tarzan! It's also been confirmed that Anna and Elsa's parents didn't die at sea. Instead, they were shipwrecked on a tropical island and had a baby boy. Sadly though, the parents were killed by a leopard or a tiger. Many have speculated on this for a while because of the physical resemblance to the parents of Tarzan and parents of the Frozen girls.
If that isn't enough, more revealed shocks about celebrities. Superman "the Man of Steel" was surrounded by zombies, and these are all of the victims of disasters that he failed to help. It might be seen as just an effect but really, Superman is troubled deeply with guilt for not being able to save everyone. So therefore, he's haunted. This shows itself in Batman v. Superman film.
We've already been told that Dumbledore of the Harry Potter series is Death in person. That much has offcially been confirmed as true.
Other shocking fan theories that could be true: