Friday, 27 May 2011

A whimsy reading from me

Here is something I posted on another website:

The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland is back again. The first one Eyjafjallajjokull, or the "Glacier of Icy Mountains", erupted in March 2010. A year later in May 2011 the volcano Grimsvotn erupted.

Some people see it as a spiritual event instead of a natural disaster. There has been a lot of tectonic movements lately. A lot of religious people are inclined to view it as a punishment. Others think it is part of global warming.

Whatever it is will cause disruption anyway.

Here is a rune I've drawn about this:

Two rune divinations about the subject twice came up with Perthro rune. This is a fate rune. The first attempt using a single rune on my board showed an inverted Perthro in North position.

In the light of the situation, I don't think the rune can tell us the answer. Nature happens. There's a purpose for everything and what will come will anyway. Take it. Ride the storm. Go with the flow. Get umbrellas. Acceptance. Chance.

There are those extremely worried about what will happen in the future. Recently people freaked out thinking the end of the world was coming. Now some are looking at 2012. Even pagans are wondering if something drastic will happen. My answer, as well as the runic answer is:
What will happen is going to anyway. The seasons change. We get old. We have to go to bed when we're tired. Someone's going to lose that contest but someone else will win. Someone could get ill. Someone could win the lottery. In the future, the solar system is going to alter when the sun supernovas. Look at it this way, another star will be born. Does it matter? No it doesn't. Next century another volcano should erupt. Next week, there might be a lot of rain. The point I'm making is what the rune position was at the time and this is my interpretation of it.

Oh and another thing. I did the second rune reading a different way that's unconventional and not traditional. The result was the same almost.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Three pups

There were three of them,
Three children,
Playing around three trees.
Three birds sang,
Three stones
Three mushrooms,
Three beds of flowers,

Three pots of jasmine, clematis and rose.
Three apples,
Three types of laughter,
Three clouds in the sky.

Three houses on the horizon.
Three ships at sea.
Three figues: young, middle and old.
Three names, three houses, three flowers, three children.
Three darling sunsets as the children kept playing for
Three days.
Three nights.

Far away Three great rivers.
In the distance,
Three of mountain, ice and fire.
Three fairies
Three maidens,
Three cats,
Three calves,
Three bottles of water.

Three roots of the Great Tree.
Three crowns,
In the Undeworld there are the
Three headed hounds
and three howls.
Before Ragnarok are Three severe Winters.
Then in Summer Three trees with three times apples.

Out of this, three young wolves play and dance in the meadow. Innocent of the world, they share the sacred value.

Mystical Numbers

Friday, 6 May 2011

War Against Terra

At a time when earthquakes, floods and other kinds of havoc (natural and human) is going on all over the world, heathland fires blaze like whirling red patterns appeared across the British Isles.

It was the dryest April in historic record (according to the news articles) resulting in an outbreak of fires in the countryside. Link to images Some have been deliberately started by vandals.

During this period as Spring's flaming wheels bring Summer, as well  as migrant animals, birds and fish appear too. We're bombarded by massive stories that rock the world at the same time.

Over the weekend during the season of Beltane was also the calm of the royal wedding. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, married Catherine Middleton, now the Dutchess of Cambridge. It's been like a fairytale romance between Cinderella and the prince by the way everyone went on about it.

Everyone wondered what dress she would be wearing. The wedding dress turned out to be a disappointment to many people because it looked too old fashioned and Victorian style. The way she seemed in that dress reminded me of both the Stepford Wives and Gothic Lolita. It was eerie in a way.

Everyone forgot about everything going wrong in the world and tuned into this royal wedding on TV.  The globe watched England, as England was quietly burning in the landscape. As all this chaos in the world happened a lot so far, there was this wedding and that bride in an innocent lace white dress.

Around that time, we had stories of war and mayhem. Earthquakes, floods, firestorms, tornadoes, warfare, rebellion...and a royal wedding. Some blame it on humanity and pollution. Is it nature altering or going through a cycle? Or is this a human manmade war against the Earth, a.k.a Terra?

The element of Fire is associated with Summer. As Summer is here now, marked by the storms and anger of nature, with fiery dances in the British Isles' wilderness. May the land be blessed with rain at once and put an end to these angry flames.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Emerald - Wolf of May

The birthstone of May is Emerald.

For those born in May, it is often considered a lucky charm if wearing the Emerald to represent their birth month. Some would consider that the birthstone doesn't fall into place with the zodiac. The birthstone is a seperate element and has different meanings, while the zodiac is shaped by the stars.

"For those who were born in the month of May the Emerald is the traditional birthstone. The May birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Emerald is associated - loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the May Birthstone Emerald are memory, clairvoyance and faith. The healing properties of the May birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the eyes, fertility, the spine and headaches. The Emerald is also used to enhance mental capabilities."
Source for this here.

Read more about the special qualities of this birthstone here.

The "Emerald Wolf" is a birth totem for people who were born in the month of May, whether they are Taurus (20 April - 20 May) or Gemini (21 May - 21 June).

May born Taurus people are strong but unruly.
May born Gemini people are warm but flimsy.

The beginning of the month of May starts with the very ancient pagan tradition. It's got different names, mostly called May Day and Beltane. The May Queen is usually a legendary figure who has been said to fight with the snow queen of Winter. She's a symbol of the fullest Spring and many girls are selected to represent the May Queen, dressed in flower crowns. It is also well considered that the May Queen is the beautiful love goddess Freya. The Maypole dance is a fertility rite and it symbolises both phallus and the sacred tree of life, also called the World Tree. 

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The above painting is "Wolf in Spring Blooms" by Frankie Paquin