Thursday, 4 April 2019

The mysterious green children

The Green Children of Woolpit is a mysterious event that has become legend. The story began in the village of Woolpit, named after being a site to trap wolves in the Middle Ages. During the 12th Century, two children who were completely green in colour, materialised from nowhere. They were a brother and sister, with a diet of just raw broad beans, who were discovered by villagers near the wolf pit. They both didn't eat anything apart from raw broad beans and the children spoke a strange unknown language. A local man named Richard de Caine, had guardianship of the green kids and fostered them. Soon, the children got used to eating other food and this made the green colour disappear. Both children were baptised. The brother soon became unwell and died. His sister grew up to learn how to communicate in English, and she was able to tell her story. What she said was intrigueing and eerie.
The girl claimed that she and her brother came from a world of twilight, where the sun never shone but wasn't completely dark either. Their world was all in the colour green, and it was called St Martin's Land. The children were tending to animals belonging to their father, when they heard a loud noise and went off to investigate it. They'd entered a cave, and soon emerged into the village of Woolpit. The girl eventually became an employee of the de Caine household, but she was considered "wanton and impudent". Another source shows that Ralph de Caine had named the green girl Agnes and she soon married a soldier Richard Barre. The green girl became Agnes Barre in name.
Some people claim that the green children were aliens, or faefolk, or that they were just abandoned feral kids. There is always an air of mystery about them and people in the area talk about being descendants of the green children of Woolpit. Agnes Barre is listed in geneology and family searches dating back to the 12th Century.
Whatever the answer is, we'll never know.
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