Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Crazy Springtime games 2

The season of Spring has just appeared around the corner, so I plan to make a post about a bunch of pleasant Spring themed games. This is more prettier than what I normally post about, because these games are puzzles and they appeal to my brain. Lycanthropes need puzzles.
The first is Pinky Rabbit Rescue game by Games 4 King. This is very easy and just needs pen and paper or good memory, to look for clues and add objects to their shadows. Once you've done that it will give you items. Many doors need unlocking. These G4K games are dead easy to play but they're always such eye candy levels with pretty artwork.
Secondly is Flower Fantasy Escape by Wow Escape games. This is cartoony with fairytale graphics and will entertain kids, but also adults can have fun playing it too. The object of that game is to remove the crown from a queen bee by solving riddles, puzzles and collecting objects. There are plenty of flowers and bugs to use here, but the game is short and not for you if you're looking for a vast super levelled game. 
Thirdly is Cherry Blossom Escape by Big Escape Games. The story is that you're lost inside a forest filled with cherry blossom trees so you have to find a way to get out. There is a lot of pink colours in this one and it's a larger game than the other two that I listed on here today. It's got a slightly harder series of puzzles and hidden items.
Howls ^^    

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