Sunday, 3 March 2019

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn is a 1987 sequal to Evil Dead. Directed by Sam Raini and stars Bruce Campbell. The film summarizes the previous film when Ash and his girlfriend vacate to a cabin in the woods and finds a tape recorder with a spell that raises the dead. Ash is confronted by his possessed girlfriend who tries to kill him and isn't human anylonger. Soon a group shows up and one is a daughter of the archeologist who lived in the cabin and found a mysterious book. That strange book unleashes the evil forces.
Silly comedic horror film but you've got to admire the gross make-up and special effects. All around a fun nightmarish film to watch.
I rate this a 7/10.
WTF moment: The trees!
Howls ^^

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