Sunday, 17 March 2019

The Night Queen

The final season of Game of Thrones will be on our screens very soon. The actual trailer was released a couple of weeks ago. I plan to review each episode when I watch them. So check out this blog for my feedback on it.
What brings me to talk about this last season of GOT is just a theory about what the Night King may be after and this might be the mysterious Night Queen.
Also it's possible that he's looking for a potential baby boy. Baby Sam who was supposed to have been given to the Others but now Baby Sam is a bit too big now, so the Night King is probably not interested in getting him. So instead, he may be looking for someone else. Okay the actor Vladimir Furdik, who plays the Night King, said in an interview that the Night King is after a "specific target". Many are saying that this "target" might be Jon Snow or Bran Stark.  It could be a queen to give him sons? It's said that the Others can't procreate although we don't really know this.
There is the short clip of Queen Cersei crying during the new trailer. Many have guessed she's had a miscarriage or that she's been betrayed. It may be something else, and its much darker.
"Cersei the Night Queen" is a fan theory thats been around for a while but it's starting to make sense. If not for the TV series then the books.
There is a prophesy made by a witch called Maggy the Frog, who Cersei met when she was a girl. Maggy told a young Cersei that she'll have three children, not four. The three children will have gold crowns and gold shrouds. After her tears will drown her, the valonqar will wrap his hands around her pale white throat and choke the life from her. Interestingly, Maggy also told her that she'll be Queen, until another younger and more beautiful will cast her down and take all that she holds dear. Going by that, many have easily interprated it as Daenerys fighting a war for the Iron Throne. But it might again be a lot more supernatural and to do with the Night King and Long Night. If Cersei is the Night Queen, then it explains why she would be slain by the Valonqar and also the younger more beautiful other queen casting her down. That makes two individuals who'll end Cersei as queen. A number of many clues have hinted on Cersei being the Night Queen. This is all just guesswork. We can only wait and see.
Tin foil hat off now.
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