Friday, 26 April 2013

Experiencing Blue

Today everyone is wearing blue in schools because the blue is for anti-bullying week. The colour blue has many different meanings and associations, politically, culturally, spiritually and in nature itself. There is the blue sky. Forget-me-nots are blue. The sea looks blue. Water is associated with blue. Blueberries and plums are blue. Blue is the colour traditionally for boys but blue was originally the colour for girls.

This blueness of energy can expand further so that it's visible during daylight than other colours. In darkness, red becomes more visible as this colour is tighter and blue fades. There are many shades of blue from darkest indigo to the palest periwinkle. Blue is often considered gentle, cool and soft. Electric blue tends to be a sharp reminder of vivid lightening power.

Does blue have a dark side? Well it does and it has a light side. All colours have dark and light.

Several years ago, I encountered a female spirit that was entirely blue in colour. She first manifested when I was using a pendulum. She left messages, reminding me not to speak to the dead or use any magic as this upset her. The spirit didn't want me to wear any blue as it offended her. The entity described herself as being able to fly, winged, change size, produce tornadic energy and open doorways. She claimed to have always been around. That sounds bizarre now, and some people will laugh. She turned threatening whenever I wore blue, made some artwork or even mentioned her to other people.  She started behaving like a poltergeist. I was becoming really scared of her. My pendulum was destroyed by my boyfriend who thought I was dabbling in the occult. I suppose I was but it was accidental. This entity went away after I consulted in the higher ones (gods) and then regularly wearing my Thor's Hammer. She was scared of Thor. She was afraid when I had anything to do with my Heathen path. Eventually she was totally gone.

Why was she the colour blue anyway? There is another thing about this story. After this spooky experience, I started having throat problems like severe coughing and then being sick. I got a return of whooping cough (that I suffered as a child) and then bronchitis arrived. Since then I've been getting bronchial issues. Last year I had thyroid cancer, which has been treated. I've no thyroid glands left. I discovered that the chakra colour of the throat and specifically the thyroid gland, is blue! Also this is called the Vishudda Chakra, or the throat chakra.    

The benign blue fairy from the "Pinocchio" story used to have turquoise hair. There are sightings of blue coloured ghosts and orbs that were reported by people. Some are friendly and others are not. There's the famous Blue Lady ghost of Moss Beach in California, USA. Some of the Hindu gods and goddesses are blue in colour, as they're said to rule the sea and sky. I doubt that the entity I had was either a goddess or the Blue Lady. Perhaps she was more so a manifestation of either forthcoming illnesses, an entity of someone that never actually lived, in a way a scrap of energy feeding off emotions.

Anti-bullying week means dress in blue. Don't regard BLUE as a sinister colour. There are reasons for blue. Mostly, everyone and everything shares the same universe and we're dictated by the spectrum, dark/shadow and light and sound waves. Blue is the also the colour for cleansing and healing from pain, trauma and abuse. Blue is the colour of distant love, compassion and awareness, dreaming and the Aquarius sign. Blue is related to sadness or deep sorrow or nostalgia. Blue, good or bad, is above and below.      

By Rayne ("SheWolf Night" blog)

(The image on this page is "Vishudda Chakra" by Athos Luca)

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