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Golden Girl Project: Marilyn Monroe

She is an icon of the 20th Century. A definate sex symbol and screen goddess. Considered a "blonde bombshell" as was coined in the 50's for beautiful women with peroxide hair and glamour girl features. Marilyn has always been regarded as a Goddess. Some people identified her with goddesses of love and beauty such as Aphrodite, Venus and Freya. However, although she appeared stunning and wonderful, off camera was a very complex, dark and mysterious individual.

Marilyn's birth, life and death is covered in mystery. No one knows exactly who her real father was. Like half gods and demigods in mythology, or few great historical figures, they too had unknown fathers. Their fathers were said to have been gods or unproven kings. Alexander the Great believed that he was the son of Zeus.

Marilyn was a mortal woman but her life on earth was incredible. People only guess at her work by looking at her both technically as an actress and model, and as a pin-up starlet. There's more though.

She was like a dream come true fairytale princess. She was a reminder of the goddess Herself, tapping into the psyche about lost forgotten ancient goddess cults and worship. Looking at her is like looking at the woman/women you love, such as sister, friend, mother, daughter, lover, teacher, nurse, nanny, maid, aunt. And these women we love remind us of the goddesses that we used to warm to. Some people love Madonna or the Virgin Mary. Some used to love, or do love, Aphrodite, Freya, Artemis, Brigid, Isis and many more powerful goddesses. Some people love Freya because She reminds them of someone or something. (Perhaps your mum reminds you of that special magic?) Marilyn Monroe invoked a sense of love within us. She didn't start this as I'm sure plenty of other actresses, dancers, singers, even queens and other famous women invoked love.

To me, Marilyn Monroe is probably the very first symbol of Girl Power. She might not be the feminists typical example of womanhood, but Marilyn Monroe liberated women. In my view she did. She wasn't a typical woman, housewife or mum of her day. She was a career girl, an outdoorsy type, adventuress and a social butterfly. She was an independent woman. She created her very own style and image and also reinvented herself. She broke the ice with her expressions of sensuality, linking sexiness with class. She would really fit into modern times and yes she was quite ahead of her time.

Sadly Marilyn Monroe lost her life at a young age. She was 36 years old when she died. She was driven by the pressure around her, and roped into a different harsh world compared to the one that she enjoyed earlier on. Officially it's said that she committed suicide but there is always alternative ideas and conspiracy theories. No one will know exactly the answers of why or how she died. Yet she still invokes a warm sense of femininity, love, free spirited and independence. Most people don't realise this but she was artistic and poetic. Here is one poem that Marilyn has written:

"To the weeping willow
I stood beneath your limbs
and you flowered and finally clung to me
and when the wind struck....the earth
and sand--you clung to me."

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