Saturday, 3 February 2018

Bad Moon

"Half man,
Half wolf,
Total terror."

The movie "Bad Moon" (1996) directed by Eric Red, starring Michael Paré, Mariel Hemingway and Mason Gamble. It's based on the book "Thor" by Wayne Smith.
The true hero of the film is Thor, the loving family dog who protects his owners from a vicious werewolf. There is plenty of 90's cheese, pretty landscape and forest scenes and awesome gore.
A man struggles to come to terms with his condition, that he becomes a werewolf every night. In this particular werewolf film, it doesn't matter what phase of the moon it is, because turning into a werewolf will happen any night.
He uses every means necessary to stop himself from attacking his sister and nephew by handcuffing himself to a tree so that when he becomes a werewolf, he can't be set loose.
Bodies have been found in the forest, all ripped to shreds. The sheriff says that no human could do this. But for some reason people blame it on the dog! Thor is removed from the house and put in a dog pound. The werewolf doesn't care anymore and hates his sister bitterly.
Can Thor escape and help his owners? Go and watch to see what happens.
I rate this film 6/10.
Joke part: The scene of the werewolf urinating on Thor's kennel. It's sort of a canine way of giving the finger.
Howls ^^

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