Friday, 12 February 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Sarah Bellabonna Lobo

It's so gloomy and wet tonight. The moon is a frosted crescent, but it doesn't matter. I can become a wolf at any moon phase.
Others consider me "sweet" as a flower, because of the pale silvery fur and puppy blue eyes.
In my human shape, I'm not so strong or agile. I'm limited in how fast I can run. I suffer too much flu and coldsores on my lips.
In my ancestral castle now, my fine yellow hair is plaited and my fingernails keep breaking. My family are away hunting.
We're of the gammas in the social heirarchy of the werewolves.
We live in north Spain.
I'm 19 years old, I've got two big brothers and one little sister.
There is another side to me. I produce a poison comes from my bite.
A few years ago I was walking through the Irati Jungle, which is often dead cold. I was sipping icy water from a rivulet when something a stone hit me on my thigh. There was a horrible man there, half hidden in bushes. He threw that stone at me but he was armed with a rifle. He stood up and pointed the rifle at me.
On instinct, I jumped at him and pushed the rifle away from me, that was fired off. The bullet hit into the trunk of a tree.
I grabbed the man's arm with my jaws and bit hard. I tasted his blood and so I let go of him. I fled quickly. The man wasn't stupid enough to chase after me.
Then the following week, I heard that a local hunter had been in hospital treated for a toxic infection made from a wolf's bite. That would be me. Apparantly my bite nearly killed him.
Now I warn you not to come near me when I'm a wolf.
My bite is poisonous and lethal.
I'm careful with others, especially with my boyfriend Raul when I kiss him, I need to kiss carefully. Yes he's a werewolf, but not like me.
My trait is rare. I've been given the nickname "Belladonna" by everyone in the werewolf community here.
I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, a helpful place full of werewolf girls and women that come and tell stories online or in paper. Others will give you their own stories that are weirder and cooler than mine!


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