Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Sheba Cherika

Well, this isn't proper of me talking to you about this. For many generations my family haven't said a word to strangers. We don't talk openly about what we are, especially in these times.
Our family have hidden away in private for centuries. I'm not comfortable telling you my story.
Not sure why my aunt said it's okay because this is filled only with our kind. Werewolves.
Okay now, I begin.
I grew up with my grandparents and two cousins. I'm 20 years old now.
Each full moon, sometimes, I hang around in the green plateau, blending in with the wild dogs and wolves. We trust one another.
When my family and friends join the midnight freedom in our second skins as wolves, it's as though the earth is channelling through us. I can't bring that sense of wonder back to me in my human form. When I'm a wolf, my soul is too. When I'm human, my soul is human. There is two of me. So you see, we can't stay in the village at night during a full moon.
My parents were killed as wolves. They remained wolves in death.
A priestess came to visit my grandparents once and told them that my mother and father roam the land in wolf forms. It was how they died. But mother appears as a woman in my dreams. I know spirits of the dead communicate with us in our dreams.
I plan to go to the private library and it's built inside a large baobab tree trunk. Why do you laugh? The books and scrolls were once part of a grand library from the Aksum period.
My grandmother read once in a book found only in that secret library. It said that on top of the mountains in this country, is a path leading up to the moon. Yes, laugh sometimes at that.
Now I must go and find out if that book is in the library. That book is very old.
This part of Ethiopia is full of mystery. Not far from here is the Gudit stelae field with ancient monoliths across the terrain. It feels eerie but it's where many of us werewolves congregate at certain times but not every year.  I sense lots of spirits there.
Now I must go. Don't breath a word of this to anyone else.

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