Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Trina Spaka-Zvezda

I'm anxious right now. The alpha werewolf, Vadik Okhota, gave a frightening speech at the community gathering last night. He wants to personally slay anyone who opposes him and tries to leave the village of Yad. He's a big powerful man with tattoos on his face. I'm scared of him.
The village we live in a village by a thick forest. We're cut off from the rest of the country and the entire world. We only have radio and some internet access but this is limited to the few. Vadik controls it. He decides who uses those things.
He does enable us to have fresh water running through out homes. The well is unused, but we've got a resevoir buried deep underground, filtered and clean. Our food source... we eat from the (infected) animals we hunt. Sometimes we grow food in green rooftop houses. It's all purified. Vadik gave us warmth and health. He's looked after us werewolves in the Chernobyl exlusion zone, and he's built this village and others throughout the deep irradiated forest.
We have our own country now. It's got no name as yet. It might be called Vadik's Land! We're werewolves and we can be free from everyone who would rather hunt us down. Atleast we're safe in here so others can't get us.
But Vadik, regardless of the wonders he's done, is powerful and strong. I've seen him kill my own father when I was only small. Vadik has a temper, and he's in charge. He's the biggest werewolf throughout the exclusion zone, and the most dominant and frightening in the world, I believe.
He turns into a wolf every night and prowls the forest. He is always awake. That man never sleeps. He can read minds too. I forgot to say he's telepathic as well as a helicopter pilot. As a wolf, Vadik is a very large ferocious black wolf with red eyes.There's something hellish about him.
I've never been under his watchful gaze. I'm not important enough. I'm just a silly teenager in the school that grows vegetables and cooks medicines.
There are thousands of other werewolves settled inside the Chernobyl zone. I live just a mile from the border. I have friends in the outside world though and sometimes I meet them. I've got internet friends too that I talk to when I'm on there although it's just 30 minutes each week.
Vadik's children have a TV set in their rooms. Vadik's family live in a castle that Vadik built 30 years ago. I've only watched the TV when I'm visiting the cafe. The rest of us werewolves live like peasants, given what we're given. No phones, no electrics, just basic things.
Okay time is coming up now. I told you my story and how it is living here in isolation. One day I hope to leave, but not until Vadik's reign is over. It mights be a long time. He won't let us go. I'm proud to be in Fenrir's Daughters that helps us all meet and talk to each other. The officer said Vadik wants me offline, as it's someone else's turn.         

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