Monday, 8 February 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Emily Moonstone

Good evening. My name is Emily Moonstone and I'm 40 years old. As you're aware, I'm a member of Fenrir's Daughters. It's an international circle of female werewolves such as myself. For years I've kept that part of me hidden from friends and associates. I don't want them digging too deep into my private life. I'm a Beta in the werewolf structure, and married to a Beta werewolf who's in the marines. He uses his genetic traits in combat. I use my gnetic traits to help others. Especially my day job, I run a hospice and care for the sick and disabled. At night, I run a secret business. Well, it's not a money making scheme. I do this to help others worse off than me.
I breed dogs. These are not ordinary household dogs. They're not dogs who would be fit enough in work. These are supernatural dogs. I raise abandoned supernatural hell houn pups. I've got over thirty shuck puppies in my back garden. I raise them, and when they're old enough, I send them off on their way.
Occasionally I've helped a regular stray dog in distress. I've even handled poorly foxes and given them health. I can petsit your dogs for free, and I promise to keep them away from the supernatural types at the back garden. Your dogs can stay in the enclosure at the front, with a spacious yard, and warm kennels.
Do I lose dogs? No of course not. I make sure that each dog has a collar with name tag. I feed all of them at specific mealtimes, then take them on walks. In the daytime, my teenage sons and daughters will look after them. Yes, and they're trained to care for dogs both normal and paranormal.
What about food? I give dogs the food you prefer your dog to eat, but we stock bagloads of biscuits of many types, including chewy treats. We've got meat, tins of freshly homemade dog food with a mixture of meat and vegetables. We can get regular brands of tinned dog food if you want.
What about the dogs health and safety? Our property is one hundred percent safe. We have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, you name it. We've got cctv cameras, a secure gate, grass, decent flooring and insulated walls. The dogs will be comfortable and safe. We've got training in medicine also.
How many? We don't look after more than 10 regular dogs due to space, but on average, we only get up to three dogs every week. The most we've had is 6 dogs being cared for when their owners are on holiday.
Will the pets be frightened of the supernatural dogs? Yes they would be, except we keep them away from eachother. We've got a special wall so that the supernatural dogs can't go beyond this. I made sure that the demonic pups can't and won't enter the house or escape from the garden. In future I plan to move the supernatural dogs into a more isolated place in the countryside, a few miles away.
You don't have to entrust me with your loveable dogs at the moment. I wanted you to know what we have. I'll give you a tour but I won't let anyone near the garden. Supernatural dogs can be very scary.
((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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