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Fenrir's Daughters: Zoe Glacier

It took hours for the train to arrive. This isn't the transportation I want, but I have to accept it just to meet my aunt and uncle at the next station.
Once I got on the train, I shuddered. Not with cold, mind you. I felt worried that any minute I wouldn't be myself. On the train I could shapeshift now it's so late. This was unthinkable.
The train began to move and it would be, oh no, four stops until I reach my destination. That isn't good.
As it slowly pulled along the track, I found my reserved seat, and closed the curtain as if hiding the view might make it better. It didn't.
A woman with a trolley came and asked if I wanted anything to eat and drink.
"No thanks," I said. I was hungry and thirsty but not for the stuff in the trolley. I wanted fresh rain water, and raw meat, some cooked liver and sheep's eyeballs. I couldn't stand human food. Other werewolves I know can tolerate it, some even prefer it! I eat a carnivorous diet. I have done since childhood and it's always been this way.
The moon is full and rises above the trees, so bright it glows through the curtain.
People sit near me, and one fat man plonks right next to me. I cover my face and hide my shame.
I can feel my heart pounding. As the train rumbles along the track, my heart throbs and beats fast. I begin to feel hot. I sweat a little in my hair and on my hands. This is the start of the shapeshiting process.
The man next to me orders a cup of steaming coffee and some chocolate biscuits. Oh that smell makes me feel very sick. I cover my nose, but my sense of smell is growing intense now. I can't block the smell of sickly black coffee and it's making me gag. Please don't vomit! I have to get off. No, I must meet aunt and uncle.
I stand up and fat man notices me get up, although he winks at me.
"Excuse me, I must use the ladies room," I said. He apologised and gets up to let me out.
I don't want to go and sit there again on this journey. I feel free now. But I must reach the cubical and shut myself in. What am I going to do?
The train stops at one station and I hear a crowd of noisy passangers getting on. Crikey! What now? I feel sore in my joints, and my mouth hurts. I get a severe toothache, followed by stomach cramps, all the effects of shapeshifting. I feel safe in the cubical, and once I become wolf, there is no pain or sickness. That dreadful phase finished. Now I must get out.
I can't open the door because I bolted it within, and as wolf, I cannot perform the simple task of unlocking this door. Damn! I can't stay in here throughout the night. I see the red emergency button and I use my nose to push it.
Minutes go by, and I think the button didn't work. Then the bolts suddenly clank open by an outside mechanism. A member of train staff opens the door and its a man in securty guard uniform.
He's startled at the sight of me.
He then blows a whistle. "Dog in the toilet!" he shouts.
Another man appears. I hear them converse about me being shut in the cubical and they want to look for the owner who was "negligent" enough to lock me in there. I haven't got an owner. I can't speak.
I try and escape along the aisle but a man grabs me by the tail and fixes a collar round my neck with a lead attached. Charming.
The train stops at another platform. A load of people leave, and I've got two more stops to go. I spend the rest of this wretched train journey tied to a metal bar so I can't get away.
"Dog is there! The owner isn't coming forward."
"Someone dumping their dog on a train perhaps?"
"Most possible."
"We can contact the animal rescue to collect the animal and then we'll try and locate its owner."
I'm an it now? Animal rescue to get me?
The conversation is bordering on stupid until a woman points at me and screams out: "That is a wolf!!!!" she yells. Lots of people want to oggle at me.
"Don't be daft! that is a husky!" a person replied to the screaming woman.
Needless, the train staff leave me and discuss calling the animal rescue to pick me up at the next stop.
Well, my journey needs to stop before it can get complicated. I managed to escape once I was off the next stop and the man let go of the lead, and I ran through a shocked crowd of people commuting home from work.
I travelled through a town, and reached the outskirts.... then a long time passed. I made it to my aunt and uncles' village. I knew where they lived and I found the house. I resumed my human form soon after I got there even though it was dark and the moon was up. It would be twilight in an hour.
The run here from the train station took ages.
I sat down on the front door step and a cockerel sounded for the dark morning.
Well I must've fallen asleep because aunt and uncle woke me up! It was brighter, and the birds were awake singing a heavenly chorus.
"My Zoe! What happened to you?" they asked.
I told them all about it. Then I added: "This is your fault! You wanted me to go on that train."
Aunt and uncle were sorry. "W're sorry dear but we were hoping you would hide until we came and looked for you." What a laugh.
I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, I'm Zoe and 17 years old.  

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

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