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Fenrir's Daughters: The Blaze Sisters

The three girls had their own bedrooms in the black Victorian house. They lived there with their parents and older brother.
Just outside the house, when the moon was full, the girls enjoyed playing dark astronomy in the tree house until midnight. Father implemented werewolf rules, ordering them inside near dawn, and keeping the girls within the walls of the property even if they transformed.
"I bring home the bacon," father said.
"And I help dad with hunting!" added their brother.
"I stay in the house protecting you three" mother always said musically.
The three girls were bored.
"When can we come with you?" asked Jade, the tallest of the three sisters.
"When you're older and stronger," growled father.
Jade was inquisitive, and at fourteen years of age, she was already five foot seven. Her yellow eyes sparkled like her mother's. She had pale blonde hair, almost similar to the full moon's glow in the garden fishpond. She asked too many questions.
Pamela was sixteen and the most loudest and wildest of the girls. She often howled, screamed, yelled, swore and cussed. It made her angry because she wanted to frighten the local cats in the neighbourhood but her parents didn't allow her to go outside at night. During the day, she chased cats, wild hares, deer and birds. Her hair was deep red like her father's hair.
Golden haired Amy was fifteen. She had knowledge of the occult inherited in her, passed down through generations of Witch Wolves, with the wisdom and magical abilities of a lycanthrope sorceres. She couldn't teach this to her sisters because it didn't work even if they tried.
It was Amy who convinced father to let her go with him during a hunting night. The two other sisters were not allowed. Did Pamela and Jade envy Amy? No. They each had their own way. Pamela enjoyed being silly, causing trouble, argueing, making jokes and telling stories. She was popular at school and loved hiding her werewolf secret from her human friends. She loved partying and having fun, and most of all she didnt care about hunting nghts. Jade loved reading books. She had big dreams of becoming an astronaut!
The girls were individuals and had their own personalities but together, they ganged up on their big brother Azure and made fun of him. He was strong, in his twenties, and didn't care what his sisters said to him. All he wanted was to meet the beautiful Haru again, his werewolf alpha princess girlfriend from Japan. He regarded his sisters as just stupid children.
The three girls went into the tree house another night. Pamela opened a bag of beef flavoured cookies, while her sisters drew pictures in books.
"What are you both doing?" Pamela asked.
"I'm just finishing my homework," sighed Jade.
Pamela and Amy laughed. They knew that Jade was fibbing. She was drawing pictures of handsome boys and spaceships. Amy was drawing stars and scribbling numbers. She counted something, and her sisters didn't understand her inner work, because it was magical and occult.
"What's Amy up to?" asked Jade.
"I'm interested in the princess that Azure is seeing."
"Is that what you're writing about?" Pamela asked now.
 Amy continued counting, and it was minutes until she answered the question. "Sort of."
It was her ability to understand magic, foresight and numerology that told her that princess Haru was not for Azure. Haru was from a powerful family protected by lunar energy in the form of great extinct animals. Haru was destined to be married to another, by her family's own choosing. For the present time, Haru was teasing their brother Azure because he was a thrill.
"It's not good," Amy told her sisters. "Haru is untrustworthy."
The sisters discussed ways of going about telling Azure to forget Haru. They settled on chatting with him over breakfast. It would not be easy. He might not listen to them.
All three sisters are of the Blaze family and they, along with their mother, are in Fenrir's Daughters, a vast international club for werewolf women and girls.
((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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