Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Darcy Faoiltiama

Hello, I'm a princess of an ancient tribe belonging to the Faelad realm, in Ireland. My father was from Ossory and a great warrior, who did time in the tank regiment as well as working for the wolf king alpha, Laignech.
 I've never met the great wolf king. Father talks little of him and seems, not humbled or afraid, but trying to protect us all. It's like a secret pact he's involved with. Father is paid well, and his employer, this Laignech is wealthy.
Laignech has a reputation among some of the wolf people. My friends say he's an immortal. He lives within the hills and mountains. He's a descendant of a powerful cosmic wolf that takes the form of a man when he visits the world.
I can do without myths. I'm just here to look after my dying mother who has cancer. Yes, werewolves get sick too. We're not immune to cancer. She rejects chemotherapy and prefers the subtle medicines of our great grandmothers with herbs and magical soup. I don't have the ingrediants for that.
It's a matriarch secrecy that only a chosen few women are allowed to understand. My mother is of that select craft. I'm not.
I'm a boring princess wolf girl with red eyes and brown hair. My hair sparkles blue in the moonlight. The family want me to sit pretty, that's all.
At the moment, I'm waiting to get a confirmation letter from Cork school for ladies. I've been selected to join the school where I learn etiquette and old languages, even ogham and runes. It's more of a mystic course but the school itself is ordinary and average.
I will be away for three years. Father wants me to go. He just wants me out of the way so that he can do his imperial warrior work and mother can teach herbs and witchcraft to my sisters. My brothers want to join the navy and airforce. They met the mysterious king.
I can transform into a wolf every full moon. When I'm a wolf, I'm purely a wolf, and I have no memories of being human.
I'm 18 and a member of Fenrir's Daughters.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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