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Fenrir's Daughters: Haru Mun'ookami

My name is Haru and I come from Japan. Ever since I was very little I knew that I was part of the mysterious Moon Wolf clan. I only had to see what happened to my parents to know this was my destiny and it was frightening for me back then. Children are afraid of monsters. Now I'm a monster.
Every full moon I'm no longer Haru the girl but Haru the Moon Wolf. I turn into a lunar white wolf, and can see much better than I do as a human. My senses are stronger. My body is different. I'm more powerful as a wolf but as a girl, I'm fragile as a paper doll.
In some werewolf traditions of far eastern Asia, families associate each of us werewolves with a rock and a plant. The rocks are associated with the werewolf, and plants with the human side. My family have made my wolf side associated with the gemstone beryllonite, and for my human self with the flower sakura cherry blossom. The beryllonite represents my Haru Moon Wolf side. Sakura cherry blossom represents my human self.
I have no sisters, just two young kid brothers, who are in school. I left school a while ago.
My parents wish for me to marry a man from the Forest Wolf clan. He's in his late twenties, very handsome and he can summon fire and water from thin air like a sorcerer. He and his family come from Aokigahara, a dark place that I hope never to enter. If we marry, I don't want to be in there.
I don't think I want to marry him yet. It's too early to debate about this with my parents. Now I've come to Europe as a tour with a dancing group, and met a very handsome werewolf named Azure. We like eachother and he comes from an ordinary suburban werewolf background. I've seen his home and family. They're lovely people, except that his three kid sisters have been quite rude towards me but still they're all pretty and full of energy.
One day, my handsome werewolf friend Azure came to see me in the room I was renting. He seemed flushed.
"What's the matter Azure?" I asked.
"Don't worry about it," he said. What was there to worry about? There had to be something.
His eyes were so shiny and yellow as the sun. His golden hair was emitting heat.
"My sisters are trying to come between us," he said.
"What do you mean?" I asked, smiling. It was all funny. What could those three little girls want to interfere with my friendship with Azure?
"They believe you're going to betray me with someone else in Japan."
I laughed.
How did those kids know about my parents contemplating on marrying me off to a Forest Clan werewolf? They hadn't really talked about it with anyone except me.
"Ignore them," I assured Azure.
We went out for some nice food in a restaurant. We ate squid. It rained and we kissed under my lacy umbrella. There was rain and clouds that night during a full moon and we transformed in quiet together. For days it was like harmony and bliss. During the day I was working with the dance troupe and in the evenings I spent it with Azure.
At the weekend, I was taken to Azure's home to meet his family again. His parents like me. I could tell that the sisters were up to no good.
"I will be going home next week and I don't think Azure will come with me", I told the sisters. "We shall write to eachother".
The sisters found it funny. They said "He'll grow bored with you!"
Honestly, the sisters are very clever, but they've got me all wrong. It's their brother who they should concetrate worry about, as he is adventurous and a hunter. I don't know what the future will bring for us. Only fate can tell.
I don't want any bad blood here so before I leave Europe, I give Azure's family a thankyou gift of flowers. As I wave goodbye, and kiss Azure goodbye, the sisters of Azure gaze at me from their upstairs tower window. I could sense nothing but mischief and playfulness about them. One day they will grow to be very interesting, powerful women werewolves.Do I wish to be part of Azure's family and be object of the sisters fun and games? Or do I marry a werewolf from the sinister forest?

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